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Who Are You?

Edward agreed to change Bella and it starts during the transformation. But When Bella wakes up, she forgets everything, even who she is or who Edward is. *Dramatic Musice*

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8. Jasper 2.0 and a family meeting

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A family meeting has been called, mainly for the reason of the treaty and how the werewolves have declared war against us basically. I sat on a couch, in-between Emmett and Jasper. Rosalie and Alice were sitting together on a giant beanbag, and Edward was in an armchair, by himself. Esme and Carlisle were together on the smaller couch side-by-side. Carlisle stood up and cleared his throat, even though he didn’t need too.

“While we were out hunting, Edward and Bella, and I ran into the La Push werewolves. They know we changed Bella and they aren’t happy about it one bit. If we stay, we are going to have to fight the werewolves, and they only gave us a week to get away.” Emmett let out a growl at the mention of were wolves. Rosalie felt appalled that a few mangy dogs were bossing us around. Other emotions played in the air. I tried to ignore them and let Carlisle finish.

“Bella, just to tell you so you don’t feel left out, we had a treaty with the werewolves of this area. We were not allowed to go to La Push and we could live here as long as we didn’t bite anyone. But we changed you, which was against the rules, and so now they want to fight us.” Carlisle told me. Then he continued.

“I am afraid that we have no choice but to go.” He announced in a calm tone.

“Why can’t we just fight them?” Emmett said.

“I don’t want any fights from our family going on ok? Besides, you have all graduated, and I can’t play my age any more. It is time we move on from this town. Who is in?”

“I don’t really want to go… but I am in.” Said Alice.

“If I can’t fight them then why bother staying.” Emmett replied.

“I am tired of this dump of a town, the sooner we leave the better.” That was Rosalie, I had a sense she didn’t really like me that much before I was changed.

“I just finished cleaning the entire house! But I guess we can leave, depending on how much there is to clean. The bigger the better.” That came from Esme, she must be like a stay at home mom with nothing to do all day but clean and perfect things.

“Cool…” That was all that came through Jasper’s lips. He didn’t really seem to feel like part of this.

“I am up for, just tell me when are we going to leave?” Edward asked.

“I think we should leave in five days, that will give us packing time, and time to call a moving truck, and time to say goodbye to Forks.” Carlisle said. Everyone, but stuck up Rosalie seemed pleased, until they all started feeling different emotions, such as sadness, happiness, joy, impatient, worried, and nervous. There were so many of these things hanging around their auroras. I could handle it, I kept on wishing for calm to spread around everyone. Everyone immediately calmed down, and so did their auroras. Jasper must of done this, since that Alice girl claims he is able to control moods but he seemed surprised by the calm over us.

“Thanks Jasper, we all need that calmness.” Alice thanked him.

“But I didn’t do anything, I was to busy thinking. It wasn’t me.” Jasper replied in a confused tone. Everyone turned to me. I shrank back into my seat.

“I guess it was my doing, your guy’s auroras were going all haywire so I wished you all calmed down and it happened.” I explained.

“Bella, I think you power is that you can see and feel and control auroras.”

“But I thought all vampires could…”

“No, only a select few have your powers or similar powers. For example, Jasper can control emotions. He can also feel them to, but since you do the same to auroras, you can see more. For example a snobby person would have a snobby aurora and a snobby mind. Do you get what I am saying?” Carlisle asked.

“I think… well I guess I do.” I replied. The ability to control auroras. Sweet.

“Plus, I think you are able to know why people feel that way so…” Carlisle continued only to be cut off by Alice.

“You are basically a Jasper 2.0!!!!!!!” She squealed excitedly. I didn’t know Jasper that well, but I knew what his powers were and I knew that Alice was really fun. She must have been, like, my best friend or something. She must have been hurt when I told her I didn’t remember her.

“Calm down everyone, meeting is over with the conclusion that we are leaving in five days, only the best or most useful furniture will come with us, start packing and now go.” With that he waved his hand at everyone and took Esme’s hand and left. Rosalie ran away quickly followed by Emmett, who was annoyed by Rosalie leaving with out him. Jasper walk up the stairs with Alice gibbering on and on about something of little importance. Only Edward and me were left.

“Bella, I am sorry if I freaked you out earlier. Lets just forget about it.” Edward replied in a beautiful tone. It might be hard to forget how he told me he loved me so suddenly, but I can try to forget, or never bring it up again.

“It’s ok Edward. Lets just say it never happened.” I winked at him, than he stood up and lead the way to his room, which I would be staying in with him.