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Who Are You?

Edward agreed to change Bella and it starts during the transformation. But When Bella wakes up, she forgets everything, even who she is or who Edward is. *Dramatic Musice*

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9. Packing

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After being lead here by Edward, I was once again in the room I woke up in a while ago. Now that vampires do not surround me, I actually can get a look around this room. One wall was lined with CD’s, and one wall was a giant window. It was amazing to look at. So much glass, so bug, so exposed. I awed at it. Pretty, I thought like a deer caught in the headlight.

Soon, I turned around, the rest of the room had a leather couch, a walk-in closet, a bathroom (now shared by me and Edward I guess). I think vampires use bathrooms to shower. On the floor there was some expensive middle-eastern rug lying on the ground. It was round with a warm feel to it. I notice that everything in this room was expensive, really expensive. Everything in this house must have coasted so much. This house probably was as pricey as building a city. These people must be loaded big time.

I looked down at my too big clothes. They were designer clothes, and the kind of designer that could have their own TV show because they are important enough to be able to demand these prices on a simple design. The fabric was so soft, I felt really comfortable in it. I was hardly aware Edward was in here, too.

I stood in front of the CD wall, after staring out the window wall, and looked through the CD’s he had. My god, did he have a bunch of music. He had lots of varieties too. It varied from The Phantom of the Opera too My Chemical Romance. Even though I never even heard of any of these before, I could see the date they came out. The CD’s on the wall appeared not to be organized by alphabetical order or band or date, but randomly placed. Near the top I could see a row of records. Below the records I could see a collection of cassette tapes. I started digging through the music studying all the titles sand the songs the CD had on it. I wonder what they would sound like.

As I tossed CD’s around, I noticed someone was behind me. I whirled around to See Edward catching all the CD’s I tossed in a cardboard moving box. He noticed me looking at him.

“Hey, don’t stop. You’re helping me pack my music.” He made puppy eyes. I just shrugged and turned around quickly and continued. When he made those puppy eyes I felt like hugging him. I hardly know him! I took a deep breath and continued on my work. I finally went through all the CD’s. I didn’t feel tired like I expected, but instead I felt full of energy. It was only my mind that was board.

“Hey, Edward, is there anything else we can do. I mean, this is getting kind of boring.” I complained.

“Sure, lets go and watch some TV with Alice and Jasper in their room.”

“Ok, I guess.” I followed Edward, who was chuckling at me for reasons I didn’t know into Alice and Jasper’s room. It was extremely decorated and kind of girly for a guy to be living in the room but I guess Jasper loves Alice so much that he is puts up with her girly ways. Jasper was relaxing on a couch with a remote in his hand watching a flat screen TV while Alice was trying to pack up her closet. Judging by the amount of clothes she had, packing up her closet would end up being a multiple day job.

I sat down on the couch between Jasper and Edward to see what they were watching. A movie about vampires showed up on the screen. The whole time we were watching it everyone was laughing but me even though it was a scary movie. As the movie went on I asked questions to double-check what vampires did. Whenever the movie vampire changed into a bat I asked if we do that and everyone laughed harder than I ever heard people laugh. The night went on like that as a marathon of vampire verses werewolf movies raged on.

Some where in the earlier morning Edward disappeared only to show up again at dawn telling me that he wanted to show me around Forks. I quickly agreed for Jasper and Alice began kissing and I thought they need privacy. Edward took my arm and pulled me into the forest.