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Bridging the Gap

so... Charlotte is a kid whose Dad moves her to (surprise surprise) La Push as he believes to have fallen in love with a woman who lives there. whne she meets her new step-brother Embry and his friends, will there be a spark between her and a certain reasently returned runaway wolf...? yes there will be. but as if finding true love at sixteen, leaving your beast friend and moving to a new county isn't enough, Charlotte has a problem, but can she let anyone help before it's too late? Note:DO-NOT-OWN

Note:i own nothing, Fanfition Pizza, Veggitarian, extra cheese, hold the law suits.

1. Introduction-(to charlottes life.not really intro)

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I still can’t get over how selfish Dad is. Even as I sit here, in this cab that smells so bad I can’t pretend this isn’t the cold hard truth, I’m still reeling.

This all started about nine months ago, when dad and I found out why mom was always visiting our mechanic. Turns out, the car wasn’t broken but the marriage was. Soon after, mom filed for divorce, I moved in with dad and mom moved in with Jose’. It was okay, I picked the apartment, it’s one that was cheap and classy and best of all in my best friend’s building.

Her name is Lydia but I call her Lids. She’s got dark hair but also bits of purple in it to match me. She’s tall and has really nice hips and a flat but toned stomach. She’s the hottie out of the two of us. I swear, if I swung that way... but I don’t so it’s fine.

My name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie. Or Chuck like Lids, but only when she’s mad. I’m shortish with wavy and curly red hair half way to my elbow. I also have purple in my hair but I'm not gorgeous like her, I'm stumpy without any curves. Im the fatty.

Anyway about four months ago, I got sick of watching dad mope around our apartment so I told him to go out to the nearest coffee shop and not come home until he flirted with some nice lady.fourtunatly, dad was so sluggish back then, she simply didn’t have the energy to both comply with my demand and ground me so he left and me and Lids watched a movie on her flat.

Later that night, I was getting worried, it had been hours since I kicked Dad out. Where was he? I was beginning to regret my forceful dating strategy. Dad called cell, he told me her met this really great lady named Dorothy. He said she was only in Toronto for a couple weeks, that she lived in the states, Washington.

So over those weeks Dad repaired himself. Or maybe Dotty helped. Over the past four months Lids and I noticed a change until one day he gave the great news.

“Charlie?” he called me and Lids from my room. “honey, I have some big news.” I remember this day, it was burned into my head, I remember the snake in my gut puking acid all over my intestines. Or so it felt. “sweetheart, you know I wouldn’t make any rash decisions unless I thought you would get the best end of the stick possible right?” bullshit. “so Charlie, I’ve asked Dotty to marry me. We’re moving to Washington.” I froze over. I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move or speak or pay attention as Lids asked my dad when and if she would be able to visit. That day sucked. Eventually when I regained control, I ranted at dad and screamed so hard Mrs. Lemmings from the sixth floor came down and asked that I stop.

“Lydia, you know it’s not an option for you to live with that Hussy and her Grease-Monkey.” Dad hates mom and Jose’. Mostly Jose’ though.

“I just can’t believe your willing to uproot me at the first sight of your happiness. What about me? How will I see Lids? I’ll miss her!” I growled packing up all my things. i always hate packing fortunately for me I was too lazy to unpack from moving here except for removing the odd item I needed.

“yes dear, I expect you will but she can come down for summers” dad has a knack for making things stay the same with his words, not improving but not sucking anymore.

"HOLY CRAP RICHARD!" i cursed forgetting my best friend's presence until i heard the door click closed. "YOU CALL YOURSELF A PARENT BUT YOU NEED ME TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. THEN, THE FIRST SECOND A WOMAN ACTS INTERESTED YOU MOVE TO A NEW COUNTRY JUST 'CAUSE YOU'RE FINALLY GETTING SOME!" it tool about as long as to say it to completely regret my most resent words, i slapped my palm across the circle of my lips.

"NOW WAIT A MINUTE MISSY!" he always calls me 'Missy' when he thinks he's in control. "THE SECOND WE GET TO LA PUSH, YOU ARE SOOO GROUNDED CHARLOTTE LOUISE MAXWELL." he boomed.


"For me honey, just do it for me." he looked at me me with those stupid pleading eyes as his voice softened.

"Fine but once I'm ready for college, I'm so out of there."

and so it was my poor negotiation i blame for my current situation, feeling sick, miles up in the air and and under the frighteningly watchfull eye of this sever year old girl across the aisle on the plane. i'm completely serious, this kid hasn't looked away, not even when the Amanda Bynes movie started playing over head forcing my to turn up my iPod further. Had she never seen a pissy teen girl ready to turn the entire flight into a red stain on the linolium floor? Look the hell away susie, look the hell away.


i drag my suit case containing my stuff for the week, hoping the rest of my possesions will follow in the timely fashion the moving company had asured me. Dad is clumily trailing behind his behind, not entirey (or at ALL) getting the hang of the luggage we'd rarly needed until now.

finally i reach the exit doors, relasing me from this evil terminal. once outside i pulled over away from the doors to breath. mmm. so maybe this wouldn't totally suck. nature isn't always so bad, i got to Lid's cottage all the time. yeah, just think of this as...indoor camping.

"Hey, Maxwell right?" asks a deep voice from beside me. i turn around shocked to find a russet coloured boy towering over me. i nod, i can feel my eyyes drying a bit from the side they are popping out. "Cool, so then you must be Charlotte."

"yeah..." i trail off, still wide-eyed that this strange boy knows my name. "wow, i didn't realize small towns talk THAT much..." i mutter knowing this Kid wouldn't hear me over all the cars in the parking lot driving away.

He laughs. "no, my names it Embry Call. apparently I'm your new step-brother." he finishes with a smirk, turning to meet Richard who only now showed up.

STEP-BROTHER? DORTHY HAS A SON? IM NOT GOING TO BE AN OLNY CHILD ANYMORE! somehow despite the yelling going on in my head i hear 'Embry's' introduction with dad. "Hello, you must be Richard, Sir." i hear, as he grins "my names is Embry Call, I'll be your Driver this evening" he laughs even though it's four-Thirty six, acording to the watch mounted on the brick wall of the arirport.

i look at the boy in question. he's really very tall, compaired to me, mostly because i'm a little bit short. his Hair is what i'd call medium 'boy's traddional' length of hair. just VERY messy. he has a rather sharp face. it makes him look strong and serious but still very shy.he has a Blue T-shrit on and green kakis.

"....So Charlotte you coming?" Embry must have said something.

"huh what?" i ask, still uncomfortable with the prospect of sharing a bathroom with a boy.

"Well, i was going to take you and your Dad to my house now?" he asks, consideratly nervous. aw, if he's the guy, what the heck! have i sibbling shouldn't suck too hard.

"yep, sorry" i grope the air for the handle of my bagage. noticing it's in Embry's strongly muscled arms. he packs it in the waiting car. i can see Dad, akwardly tring to manuver his bags into the vehicle.

Dad attacks the the silence of the speeding car with repititive fatherly questions consering his education, hobbies and school chums.

"Well actually Sir-" Embry begins only to be cut off by dad, insisting to be called 'Rich'. "Rich, then" Embry continues, "i'm a Junior but I'm considering droping out of Highschool" i hear through my pounding headphones. Uh-oh i think. Dad is a strange fellow, he can be pushed around but certain things really 'flick his switch' as he fondly says.

"Not finishing High School Embry?"He asks agast. this is proving very much more entertaining than the music playing, i turn it off leaving my headphones on my head. Dad still can't believe it if there's one thing that Dad values greatly it's Education. "Are you sure Son? does that really sound right to you? in your heart i mean?" he thumps his left ribs incase we wern't sure exactly which heart he might be taking about.

"well it's just this job i have, real important. the town elders are cool though. they actually help with the job." he is being weirdly ...change-the-subject-ey.

so i ask "then what are you an assasin?" Dad and i laugh despite the intense proffession i brought up. i see a dark and regretful look on Embry's face as he breaths "Close enough" so quiet i'm not sure it was real.

"well here we are, the place." Embry gestures to the small house looking asthough it could not possible contain a boy a big as Embry and his mom and me and Dad. "MOM!" he yells at the house.

"Yes darling?" calls a jokingly high pitched husky voice from inside, soon followed by a big burly body. it's laughing loudly, making the word 'laughing' seem like an understatment, more like booming.

"Oh hey Quil." Embry greets the Boy. this 'Quil' is little bit shorter than my Step-brother (wretch). he's got a very dark buzz-cut an dark happy eyes. "This is my new Step-sister, Charlotte." he gestures to me shyly smiling.

"Hi there Charlotte!" Quil near yells.

"hi" i say faintly with that same wide eyed look i felt when i met Embry about an hour ago. "you can call my Charlie " i offer my list of nicknames. "it's what my friends call me."

"so where are you from?" belts Quil as Embry get's Dad's and my stuff from the car.

"Toronto, Embry should i help you?" he shakes his head as he takes the baggage up the steps gracefully as though it weights nothing. the door opes just as he reaches the door on the porch, out walks a slender woman with long silky black hair i've never met. she walks to Dad, kisses him on the cheek then strides over to me. before she gets here i can see her face, it's rather flat with her son's dark skin and and some wrinkes around her eyes including forhead worry lines which are visible through her middles part. she has large lips that pull back into a smile. as she near closer yet i hear Quil is still talking to me. ooops. he's saying how exciting it is to know a Canadian. that's when She gets here.

"Hello honey, you, pretty thing must be Charlotte! i'm Dorothy but,please call me Dotty. it's nice to meet you." i smile a nod an try not to struggle to hard as she pulls me into a tight hug. when people call me pretty and things it always makes me uncomfortable. "Quil, you take her to the Guest Room, that's where Embry is, then take her out to see out town." quil smiles at his friends mother and pushes me forward. as i'm dragged away, i notice i look on Dad's face, he looks mad. then i remember, I'm supposed to be grounded. but he doesn't push it infront of Dotty ad Quil.

Quil shows mr up a short staircase to a floor with three doors. he takes me to the first one, it's wooden, much like everything else here. he opes the door grandly and shows me a room with me bags in it. it's complete with a closte, chest of drawers (wooden of course), a night table, a chair and a bed made with floral printed sheets. i notice they match the curtain blowing in the window. the window shows a large strong looking tree. bloosoming in cherries.

"Well Chuckie, how'd you like it?" he asks chuckling.

"i on't remeber offering that as what you may call me." i raise my eyebrow at him.

"well i like is. it's fitting, your little, like a doll, and you're totally wacked in the head" he chortles. "okay chuckie, let's go get Embry then we go Sight Seeing!"

"i still don't like Chuckie, and by the way, I'm not little, well not doll sized it's not my faoult your a damn tree giant..." i mutter not for Quil to hear.

"Am not!" he counters imaturely. god what is it with these people and they're crazy good hearing? i wonder as we close my door and make our way to the end of the hall. "Embry?" he calls knocking on the wooden door. i hear a muffled 'yeah?' which Quil takes as a good time to barge in.

"Dude!" Embry narrows his eyes "privacy" i look around his room which is very very messy, even for the average teenage boy, i've seen Lid's brother's room on occation. damn, speaking of Lids i was going to call her once we arrived. i decide to interrupt the arguing married couple in my mids.

"okay Ladies, i've got to call my frend, i promised i would when i landed" i explain then continue using a bit of self esteem i've been mustering. "can you two not tear eachother apart while i'm gone?" i joke finding nobody laughs. instead the boys share a look similar to the one i saw on Embry in the car. wierded out i walk out of Embry's room to mine. i locate a phone although it is coral cloured and a rotary. i spin in her numbers.

"Charlie? is that you?" Lids sounds far away, like i haven't seen her just this moring when she walked me to the taxi.

"yeah! omigod. it's so dreary here. no sun." i answer

"that's great honey, no need for your SPF 75 sunscreen anymore!" she laughs "but seriously how's the new step-mom and the step-house?" i can practically see her smirk.

"and the step-brother" i say.

"WHAT?" she explodes "did you know Dorothy had a kid? i'm so sorry. is he okay? how old is he?"

"he's real nice. kind of shy and quiet and strong and polite. totally your type." i laugh "yeah and i met his friend Quil a little while ago, he's like HUGH, really they both are. tall tall tall! the three of us are going out to show me the town. as per Dorothy's recomendation the second she met me."

"that's weird, like that you didn't know about the kid." she giggles " and he sounds like a total Fox."

suddenly my door is opened and the boys burst through. "Uh oh listen Lids, they jst barged in my room, i'll have to call you bac-" i could finish what with Embry grabbign the phone from my hand.

"Hello there, i gather you are this Lids she speaks of." Embry spoke politly in to the receiver. i hear a muffled answer which i couldn't understand. it sounded a bit like "not to you". "well Lydia then, Charlotte has to go." i heard more muffled speaking on her end. "right then. i'll tell her" he promised, Quil tapped his foot anxoiously. "okay, okay, bye." i guessed the next noise what a 'bye' also. "oh, and by the way Lydia? I am a 'total fox'"