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Bridging the Gap

so... Charlotte is a kid whose Dad moves her to (surprise surprise) La Push as he believes to have fallen in love with a woman who lives there. whne she meets her new step-brother Embry and his friends, will there be a spark between her and a certain reasently returned runaway wolf...? yes there will be. but as if finding true love at sixteen, leaving your beast friend and moving to a new county isn't enough, Charlotte has a problem, but can she let anyone help before it's too late? Note:DO-NOT-OWN

Note:i own nothing, Fanfition Pizza, Veggitarian, extra cheese, hold the law suits.

2. Chapter 2

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After snickering (on my part) and mercilessly mocking (on Quil's) I find myself in the Call's or, I guess, my kitchen, watching the boys devour the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

"Holy crap," I gasp, watching the food disappear faster than the words come out of my mouth. The two of them, giants, just look at me, look at each other. and then snicker.


"Okay, so here's Paul's house." Quil leans out of Embry's car to gesture to a small house almost entirely camouflaged by trees.

"Who’s Paul?" I ask growing tired of the tour of their social lives.

"He’s a friend. You'll meet him at the beach tonight," Quil assures me.

"What? What beach?" I ask. It occurs to me now that I have very little control over my new life. After that breakthrough, I ask myself, "Why would I want control?" because I don't know anything about this place. I wouldn't know what to do with any power.

"Ah, right. Well, I forgot there's a bon fire tonight on First Beach. It’ll be real fun. We eat and listen to Billy Black tell the tribe legends and we eat and sit around the fire and eat and stuff." As he says this I notice an adorable glint in his eye, remarkably similar to that of a small child on a national holiday. "Plus Claire is coming tonight!"

I wonder who Claire is. For him to get that excited, she must be a girlfriend or something.

"Yeah Charlie, you should come if you're, you know, all settled in," murmurs Embry.

"Yeah, I'd like that," I state over the ferocious wind.

"Oh, look over here, that's our Alpha's place-" Quil looks very wide-eyed like he has said something bad. "Erm- I mean he's the oldest and biggest and most um... mature out of our group. Hence the name Alpha." Quil tries to cover up his slip but I am still unsure of what he's covering for.

"Yeah, he lives with this girl Emily. Well, actually, they're getting married," explains Embry, lightening the mood of our little car. "She's like, the most amazing cook ever. You can meet her tonight then fall in love with her food then too." He laughs.

"Yeah, maybe." I shrug, not fond of the idea of being pressured into eating. Can they not see how fat I already am? Why must they taunt me? I don't want to think about this right now. I need to change the subject, something lighter please. "So is there some reason you are only showing me your friend's houses?"

"Listen, Dotty mislead you," Quil yells over the wind rushing through his open window. "In all honesty, there is not really all that much to show you. I mean had this been a real tour, you'd have seen such memorable landmarks as...as.... Embry what's around here?"

"Nothing man, absolutely nothing," chuckles Embry, slowing a bit. "Well ladies and gentlemen, if you'll look out your right hand window, you will see the crappy convince store, home to the finest Slushies in La Push. Just beyond the store you will find Quil's shack." Embry laughs into an invisible microphone in his hand.

"HEY EMBRY! YOU'RE SO DEAD!" Booms Quil, balling up his fists and flexing his rather impressive muscles. Embry starts parking the car in the gravel pit used as a parking lot.

"What are we doing here?" I ask, trailing behind the mountainous boys.

"Grub." Quil happily pats his stomached as he says this.

"What?" I ask, confused. "We just ate though, at the house." Please not another situation where I stand awkwardly not eating.

"No Chuckie, A) that was a couple hours ago, B) WE ate not you C) you'll soon learn us La Push boys will take absolutely any opportunity for food." Quil chuckles.

The door jingles as we walk in, revealing a fairly grubby looking 24-hour convince store. Ah, home sweet home.

"So kiddo, what'll it be? Candy or chips?" Embry pokes my shoulder and I am uncomfortable. I hate physical contact.

"Oh, nothing for me," I say. I cross my arms over my flabby torso self-consciously. Sometimes I wish I could just cover myself up entirely so nobody would have the horrible misfortune of being face to blubber with my stomach.

"Whatever," Quil says although I can't be certain of what he said due to the chips he is dropping into his mouth.


After truly taking in the recently purchased junk food and thickly coating the picnic table we found, the two animals consume about half as I look away.

"Here. This is for you." Quil dangles a gummy worm in the air.

"No thanks. I’m not fond of gummy things." That's a lie. Gummies are my favorite. Especially sour kinds.

Embry shrugs at Quil. He then looks into the shop window, concentrating on the clock. "Yikes! Quil, we have patrol in half an hour. Afterwards, it's the bonfire." He says the last bit for my benefit.

"Shit. Let’s swing by your place and drop Chuckie off, then you pick her up for the fire," Quil says with a strange maturity I didn't realize he had.

"Wait! What’s 'patrol' and where are you going after 'patrol'?" I ask, dumping massive amounts of candy wrappers into the garbage can. I am willing to ignore my new nickname if there are more pressing matters at hand.

"Oh, it's work. Sort of," answers Embry quickly.

"I’m picking Claire up afterwards, to bring to the fire." Quil face is covered with a dreamy smile as he thinks about this Claire girl.


"See ya later, Chuckles!" Quil booms as he and Embry run into the forest, claiming a shortcut. Whatever. I open the door to find Dad and Ms. Call (who I doubt I can ever call 'Dotty') sitting sickeningly close on the couch, not watching the TV.

"Oh. Honey. I didn't think you kids would be back so soon." Dad tries to stop his cheeks from staying so darn red.

"Well, I did. The guys are busy. I'm going to change and stuff," I say very vaguely

"Ah, of course. Those boys. In fact everyone in the pack is like that: busy," laughs Ms. Call.

Pack? What exactly is 'the pack'? I wonder, so I ask.

"What pack? What are they busy with?" I feel a questioning look spreading across my face.

"Oh, I thought they would have told you all that. Hmm. Oh..." she murmurs achieving a confused look for Dad. "Well dear, do you want to use the computer? Or maybe the shower or... do you want something to eat?" I shake my head as I hear these words coming out.

"I'm going to my room," I state as, true to my word, I go up the stairs and to the correct door. I hear my feet betraying my weight to those downstairs. The thump-creak follows my every shift of weight. Disgusted I go to my bed and lie down. I think about that weirdness with Embry and Quil when I mention stupid things. The freak out and freeze up. Like I know some secret. But I just feel like saying 'Guys! I don’t know! Stop worrying and tell me!', but I know they won't. They don't crack as easy as Dad does. I can just tell they're strong. All I can hope is that some of my questions will be answered tonight, with the rest of the 'Pack'.


After my shower I slowly and carefully tread down the hall to my room.

I stand in front of the mirror, clad only in a towel, which fails to cover all of my extensive stomach. I hate the way it looks. I hate the way my body ripples when I walk. Or move. Or do anything. I feel huge. I lift my fingers to wipe away the tear in my eye and move my mind to more pressing matters: what will I wear?

I open my suitcase and look inside. There is a multitude of shirts, which are tight around the bust and very loose on my abdomen. My clothes are all alike. Dark with minimal colors, fitted at the top, and baggy at the bottom. The rest are all plain, huge tee shirts.

I don't like shorts. They expose too much. And skirts I rarely wear. Unless with pants or thick leg warmers. I risk nothing.

When I am dressed (in a black cotton dress with a high waistband and fading blue jeans) I fold the remainder of my clothes and put them in the drawers in my room. I sort everything, which calms me. I like having a place for everything. It reminds me normalcy is possible, even when it feels impossible.

After unpacking my other possessions onto the top of the dresser, I open my door and sit on the stairs in anticipation. The sky is darkening. It’s just after the time normal people eat. I hear the clinking of cutlery and dishes. I hear Ms. Call ask if she should call me down. Dad says not to and that I wouldn't come anyhow because I don’t eat much. Poor him, he is so oblivious. The conversation continues about how glad they are to be together, finally. Screw them. I hate that Dad has a love life I and I don't. Guys aren’t interested in blubber. I don't really blame them.

Now I hear the door open. I see big feet walk in. they are dirty and bare and dark skinned.

"Charlie? You ready?" Embry calls. I go to my room and get my bag. It contains anything I may need. My safety net. My sanity. In case they hate me and do not speak to me and ignore me. I yell down that I'm coming. Together we tell our parents goodbye and walk back to his beaten up car.

"There’s a pretty big group of us." Embry drives into the evening. "But I suppose it's good you're meeting them so early. You know? I mean, you'll probably be seeing a lot of each other. You and the rest of the pack, I mean."

"Yeah, it sounds great. I'm really looking forward to it." I am, you know. This isn't even a lie. I am looking forward to new people and new things, I guess. I'm sure it'll be fine anyway. Even if the pack hates me, Quil and Embry don't seem to, even if he is my brother practically. And Lids will visit me next summer. And with any luck, the rest of the pack will be just as nice and friendly as the boys I only met today.

"You coming?" Embry's standing at my door, his long arm is gesturing out. I guess I got lost in my head. I didn't even notice the car stop.

"Oh, yeah. Sure." I grin. "I'm not scared."

He looks at me then grins back telling me to 'keep that attitude up’; he tells me I’ll need it.

We walk on the beach, which I’ve never seen. It’s beautiful. Like sorting, it reminds me everything's okay.

He leads me to a huge fire with equally huge people all around it. Being the only other person I know, I see Quil first. He's standing beside a little girl. She looks about three years old. She has dark hair in small pigtails. Her eyes look very old, though. Like she has one of those rare, wise souls. She’s very sweet.

I wave to Quil and he tears his face from the child long enough to wave back. He brings the little girl over to introduce to me. By now I have acquired quite a few peoples' stares. I feel self-conscience under their eyes, so I adjust my dress and distract myself with the lovely little girl being chased by a huge boy.

"Quil!" She squeaks when his enormous arm binds her enter body. She has been caught and I feel a smile slip onto my face as I watch Quil watch this kid like she is the most precious person imaginable.

"Claire honey, this is Embry's new sister, Charlie," Quil whispers in her tiny ear. "Charlie, this is my dear friend, Claire." He gestures to her as if she is the pride and joy of his existence. It’s really heart-breakingly adorable to watch, but also provokes a sharp pang in my chest. I know I will never have someone as devoted to me as Quil seems to be to Claire.