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Bridging the Gap

so... Charlotte is a kid whose Dad moves her to (surprise surprise) La Push as he believes to have fallen in love with a woman who lives there. whne she meets her new step-brother Embry and his friends, will there be a spark between her and a certain reasently returned runaway wolf...? yes there will be. but as if finding true love at sixteen, leaving your beast friend and moving to a new county isn't enough, Charlotte has a problem, but can she let anyone help before it's too late? Note:DO-NOT-OWN

Note:i own nothing, Fanfition Pizza, Veggitarian, extra cheese, hold the law suits.

3. Chapter 3

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Embry does his best in his sweetly awkward way to shuffle me around his circuit of people.

"Damn Embry, you sure have a lot of friends!" I laugh FINALLY sitting on a log around the fire. He laughs too. Soon he leaves to speak to a new acquaintance of mine named Seth. Emily and Kim, who I’ve also just met take his place and envelope me in a conversation that I enjoy. Despite a small issue I have with making eye contact with those I’m speaking to, I talk freely and recklessly. I haven't felt this close to someone since Lids. I have to keep reminding myself that was merely this morning.

"Charlie, here," Embry holds a hot dog at me. "Take it." I raise me hands up to say no thanks you.

"Thank you Embry but I’m really not hungry." I smile. Trying to get away.

"Yeah you must be stuffed from...oh yeah you haven't eaten today.” he raises an eyebrow at me. "'Lydia told me to make sure that you eat 'ATLEAST one meal a day.’” he mimicks her voice. "So I let lunch and snacks slide. Now is time to eat."

"Fine" I growl, snatching the hot dog out of his hand and moving to sit on a log beside Seth.

"Hey, Charlie right? Um you going to eat that?" Seth points to my hot dog. I grin and tell him that he can have it.

I turn to my other side as Selh wolfs down the hot dog.

Emily has long scars across her face, which is still very lovely. I wonder what has happened to her but I fear we are not yet close enough for me to ask her about them so I make sure not too let my eyes linger on her cheeks.

"My scars huh?" Emily raises her eyebrow at me. It’s strange the way she read my mind. I suppose she's just in practice from many people staring at the lines that seem to cross out her face.

"Oh yeah, I’m sorry" I apologize "do you mind me asking...?"

"Not at all. Don’t worry sweetie" She says and I don't worry, not with this safety lingering in the air. "It was a bear attack. I got scratched. Sam saved me but he still blames himself for not coming soon enough, to truly save me." she turns her head and sends Sam a look that I can't see well because I am forced to look away due to the love I feel between them. It’s just too much.

“I’m sorry Emily, do you mind if I take Charlie here, away for just a moment?” Embry looks like this is actually a question. Emily smiles so he leads me away.

“What’s up?” I ask then he guides me back up to the food table, which is a huge, but unattractive plywood structer.

“Here, you veggie Charlie?” Embry grabs a plate and loads some chicken wings into a scoop to place on the plate.

“No” I tell him.

“How ‘bout fries? You like French fries? Or salad? Or hot dogs? Or chips? Ketchup, salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion? BBQ?” Embry points the different items in a speed I didn’t know he was capable of.

“No Embry, I’m fine really.” I try my best to assure him.

“Actually, you haven’t eaten all day. Your friend, Lydia made me promise you would eat at last once a day. This is it. If you don’t, I’ll have Quil feed you just like he feeds Claire.” His thumb pokes over to Claire sitting happily on a log around the fire staring excitedly into Quils eyes. Quil kneels at her tiny, kicking feet, ready to fly the full spoon into her joyful little mouth like a fighter jet. His hand swoops around her head making her giggle. He makes little zooming noises and Claire clamps her sweet little mouth around the next spoon full flying her way. “It can be arranged Charlie”

“Fine.” I grab the stupid plate and throw on some salad, a handful of chips and 5 celery sticks. “Happy?” I stomp back to my log with Emily. She gives me a look but I ignore it. She’s almost laughing.

Suddenly everyone tensed at once. I look all around me confused, the other girls, except for Leah, look trustingly into their boyfriends' face. But I don't have anyone to look at and I still hear nothing. My hair whips around my head as I look everywhere around me.

Then I can hear the rustling in the bushes.

Jacob's POV:

This really had been going on to too long. Okay? I knew that. I knew that it was stupid to leave my life just 'cause a girl didn't want me. Turns out the northern regions don't offer much support to a teenage Werewolf with a broken heart.

So I had decided to return to my home, roughly two months after my escape. I had wasted the entire summer licking my wounds in Canada. I’ve been missing the pack like crazy, not just the team aspect, more the friendship and brotherhood with the guys. Being a 'lone wolf' had its serious drawbacks.

I race through the woods that would lead me home, green and brown are all I see for miles. Kilometers speed behind me. I stop. What if they didn't want me back anymore? What if they thought I was an asshole fore abandoning them?

Well I know I can count on Leah for that kind of attitude but the guys would be different, wouldn't they?

I wonder if anything had changed while I’d been at the top of out continent. Had anybody new imprinted? Had they gone to Bella's wedding? I really don’t know but I know it hurt to think right now. I let my mind go blank, letting myself only think about the green flaking by, the beat of my filthy paws against the soil, my feet repeatedly packing the ground down.

As I near my home, I stop. As if to ask myself if I’m sure this is what I’m want. Well I guess the Pack is a bit obligated to welcome me home with open arms and at least if they have nasty thoughts, I don't have to know about them...until we phase and it becomes abundantly clear...fine. I remind myself. It’ll be cool.

I realize now that I have been in hearing range with them for hours and nothing. Not a word. That’s weird, I realize. Guess there's a meeting at Sam's. Mom Emily's cooking...god the diet of a wolf sucks when you have been exposed to the culinary masterpiece that is Emily's French toast.

Now I’m in La Push. Ahh, I sigh to myself. Home finally. I decide to check out the beach before figuring out whatever the meeting at Sam's is about. I run to the beach for a last moment alone with myself. A final farewell to the peace and quiet.

But it's far from quiet. In fact, it's actually quite loud. A party maybe. I growl, maybe that stupid Mike Newton fella is with his old crowd. Maybe it'll be someone to take aggression out on.

It’s not though; it's a Pack bon fire. They’re sitting around the fire laughing and eating food. My rumbling stomach makes me take another step forward, bushes shake, my presence is officially known. I see Sam, not well but he looks right at me. "Jake?" he asks. The whole pack is turned to me now too. My friends and family all peer and squint into the thick woods in which I hide. I’ve made things hard enough for them. I step out of the over grown forest. Within the second, a sharp female scream pierces the air. There must me a normal girl with them. Likely not an Imprint because she doesn't know about us. So I act like a wolf. Just as I have for the past two months. I don't look at her, against my instincts. Don’t want to freak this poor kid out.

I smile faintly. Imagine, your sitting around a campfire listening to scary werewolf stories then a HUGE beast walks out of the trees. She must be shitting bricks. I hear Sam. "I'll go scare him off.” he promises the group then runs of towards me. "Jake" he whispers. "Are you finally back? We’ve missed you." I nod. I am home. He turns and runs back to Emily at the fire and returns with the spare pants she always brings everywhere. "Here you go Jake, come join us.” I phase and dress.

"Hey everybody" Sam gestures to me. "Jake's come to join us"

Charlotte's Point Of View.
The 'Alpha', Sam, drags a boy over to our log circle. He’s tall, very tall and muscled. And shirtless just like nearly every other guy here. He has wild dark hair which looks soft and strong. In fact that's the best way I can describe this guy. Soft and Strong. But also very sad. Like tortured but not like an Emo Band. Just like someone who is suffering but he looks ashamed of his sadness. What’s his problem I wonder?

"HEY JAKE!" yells a chorus of these massive La Push boys. They run at him and tackle him to the sandy ground. He smiles lightly and shoves them off. He is really very attractive. I want to talk to him and impress him somehow but I can't. I’ll just screw things up with words. I always either embarrass myself with my awkwardness or my painfully bad looks. That was something Lids had been helping me with, confidence. Being less awkward. I’m still not good like her.

And now it's not just the boys hugging him but the girls and the old men. The tribal elders, Embry had said. Everyone, embracing 'Jake' like they haven't seen him in years. Emily sits back beside me after delivering her hug. I lean over and ask, "What's going on?"

"Oh that's Jacob Black, Billy Black's son.,” she points discreetly at the old wreathed man in a wheel chair. "Sweet kid." she clicks her tongue. "He ran away from home a couple months ago. I guess he just got back.”

Ah. A dramatic return. How very nice I think rather snidely. Well I wouldn’t have to if he could get over himself! Seriously since like 5 minutes ago when the guys released him from their tight love holds, he had gone into solitary mode and has not come out. He’s just sitting there, a couple logs over, watching the fire like it’s a depressing but captivating novel he just can’t put down. He barely answers when someone speaks unless it’s a direct question.

Appalled by his behavior, I stare at him intently. Watching Claire and Quil try to make him laugh with a silly joke. His russet cheeks pull up a bit until the shape looks similar to that of a smile but not really.

Its like he’s the king but the saddest one ever and mostly everyone here is the court gesture trying to awaken him majesty from his divine depression. Embry says hello and slumps down beside the boy and tries to make small talk in his quite akward Embry way until he gives up when Jacob sticks with mono-sylabic answers. He spots me with Emily and comes over

“Charlie, have you met Jacob?” Embry asks happily. I tell him no, I haven’t. I don’t tell him I don’t socialize with assholes. He drags me over to Jacob’s massive (and bare) feet. We all stare at them. “Jake, this is my brand-new step sister. Her name is Charlotte.”

“Hi Char-mughf” Jacob mumbles my name until it’s just a starng long slur. I frown down at him. Refusing to waste my breath. Embry looks exasperated.”Listen Embry” Jacob addresses my brother souly. “I just got here, I might go home and see Billy. I missed him like crazy. You guys too…see you tomorrow?” I am totally astounded my the sheer amount of words that tumbled out of his mouth. I think Embry is too.

“Yeah man mos deff. Do what you’ve gotta do.” He punches him lightly. “Hey everybody, Jake’s out.” Everybody spins, mid-word to tell him good bye and they’re so glad he’s home safe. I just stand there then go back to my seat still with my mouth gapping.

Once the crowd’s calmed and Jacob’s gone I ask, “What was his problem?”
Quil sort of laughs.

“Jake was in this totally dramatic love triangle with this girl in Forks and her boyfriend.” Smirks Leah. She slumps down beside me to continue, “So her boyfriend left her, she turned to Jacob, boyfriend returns and when he does get the girl she still doesn’t want him. So he pushes himself on her and shoves her away. Dumb kid”

“Leah!” Jared punches her back off the log, she got up and shoves him back, they punch back and forth until Sam’s shows up and splits them up. Jared mutters and apology and brings his girlfriend Kim back onto his lap. Leah huffs a big breath and takes off into the dark, cold woods.

“Hey Charlie, why don’t we get home? Kay?” He nudges me off the log and in the direction of his car. Emily gets up.

“Yeah sweetie. It was nice meeting you but it’s late. Embry you better bring her over tomorrow.” She smiles and hugs me in a very comforting way.

The drive home is dark. “Embry, why does Sam feel bad about Emily’s face when it wasn’t even him, it was a bear? Does he feel guilty for not being there to protect her? Doesn’t he get that bears are very dangerous and he probably couldn’t have done anything even if had had been there?”

Embry just stares out the dashboard into the night. “It’s different for them Charlie. Sam was there and he’s very strong so he feels like he could had thrown that beast off of her but in reality you’re right, he couldn’t have.”

Finally I slide into bed, the blankets are soft with age and
the gentle warmth of the end of august. I sigh contentedly. I had I pretty long day but it was good, unexpectedly. My new family is nice, my brother’s my new best friend, his friends are nice and I have my own room. A knock comes from the door. It’s Dad, who pokes his head in.

“Hey Charlotte.” He greets me smiling awkwardly. I tell him hi back. “Sorry we haven’t really spoken since we got here. I’m happy you moved with me instead of going back to mom. But I would have understood you know. If you don’t like it here, I’ll fly you home.”

“Dad,” I stop him and smile. I sit up in bed. “I’m happy here dad. It’s great. Don’t worry.”

“Alright kiddo. See you in the morning.” He closes the door so that no light gets in, just the way I like it at home. I hear the old stairs creak and groan under his weight as he travels down them.

“G'night everybody!” calls Embry from his room. I hear sliding metal and know he’s opening his window. Could he be sneaking out? A shift in weight. I throw off my covers and scamper to his door. I knock twice. No answer. I open up and there’s Embry pretending to sleep.

“Where are you going?” I ask him in a hushed tone.

“Out to meet the guys. Secret meeting.” He sighs throwing his blankets off to reveal his cut-offs, not pajamas.

“What? But you just had a secret meeting. At the fire. ‘member? There were ghost stories and hot dogs?” I creep closer to his bed to hear well.

“This is different. I’m sorry Charlie. I can’t talk about it. See you tomorrow. We’ll go over to Sam and Emily’s. It’ll be fun Charlie, you’ll see.” And with that he jumps right out his window. I gasp, stifling a scream.

“Embry! What was that? Are you okay?” I hear a faint ‘peachy’ float up to my ears before the boy runs very fast into the forest. Whatever I decide. Boys are freaks.

“Rise and shine!” my eyes shoot open to find Quil and Embry throwing my door open. “Time to get up and put some clothes on.”

“What time is it?” I ask groggily.

“11:56” Quil looks at the alarm clock on the bedside table I didn’t know about. We’re having brunch at Emily’s!”

“Fine, I need to get dressed so you two, get out!” I start to shove at them, pushing them in the direction of my door. They are pure warm iron. Neither budges an inch. Must be all the late night running.

I decide on a black short dress that hides my butt, jeans that hide my calves and a huge plaid shirt that hides the rest of me. I arrange my unruly curls into pigtails and grab my bag. “Lets go.” I tell them.
Of course the boys need to eat before we go over to Emily’s for breakfast, then we’re on the road. Houses blur together outside my open window. We slow to a roll outside a small reddish house.

“ Sorry Chuckie. Time for a pit-stop.” Quil says, opening the door before Embry kills the engine.

Together we walk to the door. Embry knocks, Quil leans comfortably against the wall, and I tighten my jacket around myself. “Where are we?” I whisper. But before I can be answered someone with a deep gravely voice calls from inside and tells us ‘it’s open’.

We walk into a very small house with very warn wooden furniture and a very comforting smell clinging to it. I look around and recognize Billy, from the fire last night in his wheelchair in the kitchen.

“Hey Billy. We’re heading up to Emily’s for some food. Thought your boy might join us.” Greets Quil.

“Of course the invitation is extended to you swell.” Embry adds politely.

“No no, I’ll let you boys have fun together without an old fart like me.” He laughs a deep happy sound. “Ah, you are Charlotte right?” He looks at me.

“Yes,” I barely squeak. “I am.” I can’t possibly say more. I don’t want to chance saying something awkward.

“Well naturally, Jake’s still sleeping. I think he’s happy in his own bed again.” Everyone smiles. “But please be my guest, go on and get him out of here. It’ll do him good to get back in with the pack.”

They ignore my quizzical look and shoo me towards the stairs. I walk up first with Quil and Embry following. They point to a door.

“In there,” says Embry “you wake him up. That should be funny.”

I knock on the door rather timidly. “Hullo? Jacob?” They gesture for me to go right in. I make a face. They snicker, open the door and push me in.

Jacob’s room is small. The door clicks closed as I fall on it after tripping on the shirt he wore last night. I wade through piles of ripped shorts and t-shirts until I make my way to his head.

I jab my finger at him. “Jacob?” I’m feeling a little uncomfortable. I can hear Embry and Quil laughing right outside the door. Another jab, I repeat his name. Again an again until I’ve progressed to full on shaking his shoulders. They are smooth and very warm. His face looks sweet and peaceful in the little light that filters through his thick curtains. It almost seems like a shame to wake him. “Jacob? Wake up Jacob!” he buries his face deeper into his pillow I can almost make out the words ‘go away’.

“No Jacob, I’m not allowed to do that, I’ve been sent in to wake you up.” I report.

“Huh?” he asks still in his pillow, slowly he turns his face to me. He squints then he eyes go wide. “Red”. He breathes and strokes my cheek softly.

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