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Should I be afraid?

Demetri pays Bella a visit. Wouldn't you like to know what happens? Read.


1. Chapter 1

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I walked into the beautiful room with the white piano. Carlisle and Esme were curled on the sofa, too involved in the television program to notice me standing there. Emmett stood in the kitchen doorway with his back turned to me. He seemed to be having an argument with someone. He was too tall for me to see over him to tell who it was. I guessed Jasper. I already knew where Edward and Rosalie were. They were out hunting, preparing for the long trip everyone knew had to be taken. I dreaded it. I looked around the room and noticed I didn't see Alice. "Where's Alice?" I asked.

"Good morning. Sleep good, honey?" Esme hopped up from the couch and started to head toward the kitchen. "You hungry?"

"No thank you."

"I'll fix you up some pancakes, then." I didn't bother arguing. I knew it would be no use. Esme treated me like part of her family, her daughter. I felt like it. I spent enough time at their house it seemed I could easily pass. I cleared my throat. "Where's Alice?" I asked again.

This time Emmett turned his head and looked at Carlisle with a worried expression that he tried to hide. He wasn't able to fool me. When you live with a family of vampires you begin to pay more attention to every little detail. My eyes wandered to Carlisle's face. His forehead was creased. He was thinking, but it was also a look of pain. I knew what had happened immediatly. "What did she see?" Nobody answered. This was common. They tried to hide things from me to protect me.

"Where is she, and what did she see?" I asked this through clenched teeth. Carlisle sighed and got up off the couch. "Look, honey, you know we love you, and we would never let anything hurt you. That's why we're doing this."

"Doing what?" I demanded. I was beginning to worry. What if someone was hurt? What if Edward.... I trialed off, unable to complete the thought. "Tell me."

"We refuse to tell you what she saw, but we will tell you that she has gone to get Edward. He will be going with you to Renee's. You will be leaving early so Emmett is taking you home to pack your bags." At this, Emmett headed toward the door to get the jeep started.

"Sit Emmett. You're not taking me anywhere. Not until Edward gets here. Not until I know what's going on." Everyone froze, apparently stricken by my pushy tone. It wasn't anger; frustration. "Now, tell me what's going on."

They knew I would argue with them until I got the answer. I was stubborn when it came to Edward and my family. Jasper didn't even try to calm me anymore unless it was an emergency. I usually chewed him out afterwards. He stepped forward, around Emmett blocking the doorway. "Bella?"


"First you must promise us something."

I hesitated. "Anything."

"Promise us that once you get to Renee's, you won't try to come back. No matter what. And you don't go anywhere without Edward."

This confused me. What was so important that they had to get Edward on guard duty? "O.K. But I'm not promising I'm not going to worry."

"We'd rather you not worry either, but we all know we can't help that. Just please, Bella, don't hurt yourself." I was surprised at the pain in his voice he so obviously tried to hide.

At this point, we heard the sound of the Vanquish making it's way to the garage. I ran outside, still in Edward's T-shirt that was to big for me, and stood on the big, white porch that circled around the front of the beautiful house. Within seconds, I heard three car doors slam and saw Edward, Rosalie, and Alice walk around the corner. As soon as Edward saw me he was at my side in seconds. It seemed as if he had never even moved. He wrapped his arms tight around my waist and pressed his cold lips to my forehead. "I missed you." he said. He backed up to get a better look at me. "My clothes look good on you. Did you sleep here last night. Please tell me you decided to sleep in the bed instead of that lumpy couch." I laughed. I had slept in the bed. After what happened a year ago, the bed was like a sanctuary.

"Yes, I stayed here. I kind of had a raid through your closet. I didn't feel like going home to get clothes. And it's actually very comfortable." He laughed, and kissed me, the lips this time, but it was too eager. I could tell that the trip was putting pressure on him. I remembered our situation.

"Edward?" I pulled myself away from him, not too far though. I loved his body against mine. The embrace was comforting.

"Yes, my love? What is it?"

"What's going on?" His jaw tightened. He pulled me closer, as if this was the last time we would be this close. I felt a hand fall upon my shoulder; Alice's. I turned around to face her to see if her expression matched everyone else's. It did.

"Bella. You need to get dressed. Emmett will be driving you home." I turned to Edward. I didn't want to let him go so soon. Alice caught my fear. "Edward will be right here when you get back. He's not going anywhere. We promise." I turned to him again for reassurance. He nodded and smiled.

"Now go get dressed, Bella. We need to get started. Oh, and, keep the shirt. I'm going to want to see you wear it again." he kissed me again, this time not so eager, and let Alice lead me up the stairs. We walked down the hall to the room on the left.

I loved this room. As Alice opened the door, I could smell the wonderful scent of Edward. The indescribale scent that lingered with him everywhere he went. It was the scent of perfection. That I was sure of.

"Alice?" I asked. My voice sounded weaker than I had intended. "Why?"

"Why what?"

"You know what. Why does Edward have to come with me? Why do I have to leave early? Why does everyone act like something horrible is happening?" She flinched. I could tell my loud tone upset her. It upset me, too. It meant that whatever was happening was very very wrong.

Alice took in a deep breath and sat down on the edge of the big, golden bed. "Bella, I didn't want you to know, but I can see your not giving up, huh?"


"Well, I saw...them." She spat the word like they were parasites or a disease.

"Who?" I had sat down beside her, and my hand gripped hers. "Tell me Alice."

She sighed again. "Them. The ones from the asylum. You know my story, right? At least what I remember anyways. Well, there were a few vampires in the cell next to mine. They were gruesome, hideous things that fed off humans." I winced, and her hand squeezed mine. "There was one vampire in the pack that scared me the most. His eyes glowed the brightest red I had ever seen. His face and hands were covered in dirt. He was very tall and muscular. He could of ripped ten steel bars in half if he had had the chance. Every morning I would wake up to his face pressed against the bars, staring at me with intense hunger in his eyes. The others stayed back in the corner, waiting. I wasn't sure what he had been put in for, but I knew he had a very long sentence to serve, longer than I did."

"After 3 years of this same routine, I began to notice something different. There was talk going through the aslym of a tracker vampire coming after someone kept here. No one knew who it was. The big vampire seemed to be afraid of him. Every time the caretakers would mention it, he would wince. I was grateful for this new tracker vampire. The vampire stopped staring at me after a while. I was glad."

"But then I began to wander. How come once this tracker vampire shows up, he stops. It was as if I was contaminated or something. Then one night, I was awakened by the sound of metal keys hitting the wooden floor. I rolled over on my uncomfortable cot to see who stood there. I couldn't make out who it was because of the darkness. As my eyes adjusted, I realized it couldn't be the red-eyed vampire. The figure wasn't as bulky as him. Then I started to panic. What if this was the tracker vampire?? I threw the thin blankets over my head. I could hear the key turn in the lock and the click that signaled he had unlocked it. The creak of the cell door startled me and I jumped a little. That was a bad idea. Either way, he would have found me. I felt the weight of another body on the bed. He had sat down next to me. His hand reached up to pull the blankets away, and I realized who it was.

It was my savior, Dr. Carlisle. I knew he was coming to take me somewhere safer. I can't believe I had't seen it before. "Don't be afraid." he had whispered to me. "I'm here to help."

"I know. That was all I had said, then, I was in his arms, and he was carring me away from the prison. He took me to the forest at the edge of town and changed me. The pain was horrible.l lived in a cave for three days. The cave floor gave little comfort, but I had to makedo. When the transformation was complete, I set off. I understood the difficulties of being a vampire so I was careful as to not expose myself amongst the humans. A few months passed, and I had found a fairly nice place to stay. Again it was nothing more than a cave, but this one was more luxurious. The walls sparkled with different colors. A stream ran through it, and the water was so beautiful with the reflection of the walls. The sound comforted me. "

"Then, one day I was out on a hunt at night, and I came across this fairly young couple camping out. They had a newspaper in their hands, and I read from a distance the big, bold headline: Man Killed At Local Mental Facility. I planned to come back after my hunting to retrieve the paper for I was interested in this particular thing. I knew the only local mental facilty was the one I had stayed at. I went on my way, caught a few things to bring back to the cave, and returned to the couple's campsite. The paper had been folded neatly and set on the log they had used for a seat. I picked it up and carried it and my meal back to the cave."

"When I was home, I sat in the corner closest to the stream and unfolded the paper. The headline was even bolder when I held it up to my face to read in the dim light of the evening.

Man Killed At Local Mental Facility

26 year old, Sebastian Callaghan, was found dead this morning. His body was brutally

abused. It appeared to be a stuggle between him and someone else. His eyes burned

red, his skin was cold and hard. Investigators believe some sort of chemical was used.

They later found out that a doctor and patient were missing. Police link this to whoever

attacked Callaghan. They aren't quite sure of the suspect, but they are tracking down the missing

people. They are searching the forest tomorrow afternoon, and if nothing is found, they will

widen the search to out of town. The suspect could have possibly fled to a hideout,

somewhere else.

"I threw the paper to the ground. I knew I had to leave then. Where was I going to go? At that moment, I saw a face in my mind. A face I had never seen before, yet seemed to be connected to me somehow. It was Jasper's face, and it was a look of pain. He seemed to be looking for something. I placed this in the back of my mind for then, but as I continued to picture his broken expression, I knew I had to find him. I sat waiting at where I knew he would appear and hummed quietly to myself. I heard the door open to the stuffy little room, and I turned to see the face that had been etched into my mind for days. I casually stood up and walked to him. 'I'm here now. You can stop looking.' I told him." She smiled, but it vanished quickly as she remembered the point of the story.

"Alice, why would he be after you now? Were the others with him? Maybe I should stay to make sure......"

She cut me off with a harsh tone I had never heard her use before. "No, Bella. You are not staying. You are going to Renee's far, far away from here with Edward to protect you."

"But, Alice, what if you get hurt?"

"Bella, don't worry about me. Emmett, Jasper, and the others will be here with me....I even talked to Jacob."

This was serious. They hadn't nogotiated with each other since the war, which now seemed like not to long ago. I was unable to say anything. My mind was whirling in circles, which made it hard to concentrate on anything. I got up from the bed and walked over to where I'd thrown my clothes from yesterday. I pulled them on absentmindedly. I folded Edward's shirt and shoved it into my school bag. "Alice, I'm ready to go." I walked toward the door, but hesitated. "Alice?" I asked without turning.


"I love you, you know that. Please if anything goes wrong, come and get me. I don't care how bad, but I 'm not going to sit behind and let anything happen that will be regreted later. Please, Alice."

"Of course, Bella."