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Damning an Angel

When Bella nearly dies, Edward must make a choice.

Hope you all enjoy it.

2. Chapter 2: Abilities

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How could I do this to her? I know it is what she wanted but...the memory of her screaming, writhing in agony for those three horrible days...I shuddered. It was not my vampire memory that would forever burn the image in my mind. I have eternally damned my angel! How could I?

My mind began to spin in circles before I decided that this was what Bella wanted, so I should be happy. We would be together forever now, a small voice in the back of my head said reassuringly. I left it at that before slowly, still faster than any human, but slower than I usually ran, heading back to the house.

The instant I reached the house, Bella flew into my arms. I embraced her tightly, no longer needing to hold back. She was no longer breakable as glass, human, frail, weak. She was a vampire, strong, fast, and more beautiful than ever. I smiled, and kissed the top of her head. I held her hand as we looked around the house for Carlisle.

We found him in the dining room. He held a large cup in his hands. I could smell the animal blood from within it. I felt Bella stiffen beside me, affected for the first time from the smell of fresh blood. I sighed internally as I watched her try to decide whether or not she wanted it. The latter proved incorrect, though, for when Carlisle held out the cup to her, she drank from it greedily. It was soon empty. Carlisle handed her another cup, and after a few more cycles of this, she was finished. I was surprised. Her appetite seemed rather small. Then again, she always was full of surprises.

Soon, you should see if she has any abilities. Carlisle thoughts said calmly, though he was at the moment talking to Bella about something I wasn't listening to. I tilted my head forward slightly in response, and Bella did not miss it. She looked quizzically towards me, but I shook my head.

"Are you done?" I asked her, though I already knew she was.

She nodded, and walked over to me, taking my hand unthinkingly, naturally. I smiled.

I brought her back to my room, our room, and sat her on the futon next to me. She looked at me, a million questions burning in her crimson red eyes.

We both began to speak at the same time, and we both smiled shyly in response. I let her go first.

"Umm…" she began, looking me up and down quizzically. I, in response, I gave in and looked myself over. I saw nothing wrong.

"Yes?" My voice, though on the outside was calm, had a concerned underlining. Her eyes flashed to something on me that only she saw.

"What is that? And why does it keep...changing colors?"

What on Earth? Well, I guess that would be a yes to the abilities question Carlisle had... but…what was it?

"What does it look like?" I, nervously, spoke at a speed in which a human wouldn't have heard. She reacted to it, her eyes darting to something slightly to my right. I looked over my shoulder, but saw nothing.

She thought a moment about her answer before speaking at the same speed. "Well, there …something… that have been surrounding all of you in many different colors. They look like...auras…they have a cloudy look to them…I don’t know quite how to describe it. It kind of floats around you. Before, when you asked me what is looked like, a new color came in."

Could it be? "Bella, I think you can see emotions."

She looked at me, uncomprehending.

"Well, when I asked you the question, I was nervous, so a new color came up in my...aura…thing…. anyways, I think you see auras in colors, with different colors representing different emotions."

"OK. Cool. Sort of like Jasper." I nodded, and she beamed at me; it took my breath away. Her perfect teeth gleamed in the light of the room. She was so...perfect, an angel of pure beauty. I didn't deserve her.

"We should go tell the others," I said finally, when I could find my voice. She hopped up and we went down to the front hall, where we were soon joined by the rest of my family, no...our family. I beamed, ecstatic at the thought.

"Hi." Bella said shyly. She looked at each of them, taking in their…emotions, just as Jasper could test an atmosphere. He looked, uncomprehending towards Bella, probably checking her emotions, just as she was testing his. When he caught her eye, though, he looked away quickly, nervously.

We waited a moment while all but Carlisle and Alice, who had already seen what she looked like, took in her image. Jasper smiled at her, and his thoughts told me he was glad he was not the only one who would have trouble. I scowled at that. Rosalie stared at her in astonishment and (could it be?) jealously. Bella, could she have blushed, would have been crimson by now. Like her crimson red eyes, I thought suddenly. I pushed the thought from my mind, clearing my throat. The others looked at me, expectantly.

"Bella," I looked down at her and smiled before looking back up to my family, "it seems, has an ability." They looked to her in surprise, waiting.

"I can...I can see emotions in … auras." She stuttered, nervous for the second time in front of my family. She looked to Jasper, smiling. “It works sort of like how Jaser test emotions in the atmosphere, I guess.”

Jasper beamed. Awesome! We have similar abilities!

Bella smiled at him in response.

Alice’s thoughts then interrupted mine.


Alice’s face was in a small “O” of horror, but in all the commotion (of the family welcoming Bella), no one else seemed to notice. I singled out her thoughts, and was instantly sharing her vision.

I was in the forest bout twenty miles from my house. I distinctly smelt wet dog everywhere, but saw nothing. I remembered, then, that Alice couldn’t see them in her visions.

“So, the Cullens took Bella, huh?” I recognized Sam Uley’s voice, but didn’t see him anywhere.

“Yes.” An invisible Jacob Black answered, and I could imagine how his arms would be shaking now. He absolutely loathed my family, no, my species. I wondered if he would hold such a grudge towards Bella as well, but my thoughts were interrupted.

“And you have reason to believe that they are breaking the treaty?” Again, Sam’s calm voice.

“Yes. In the forest by Bella’s house, Bella told me she was planning to become one of the leeches.” Jacob's voice was infused with an odd combination of remorse and hatred. Remorse for her. Hatred for my kind, well, now, her kind, too.

“Then let’s go.” I heard several ripping sounds, probably a transformation, and then the sounds of movement, heading towards our house, at speeds that even I could not reach. If they continued at such a speed, they would be at our house in about ten minutes!

Both Alice and I simultaneously growled, though my anger was more apparent, my roar, it was more of a roar than her growl, filled the house. Everything stopped. They all looked at us, expecting one of us to explain.

“The dogs. We’ve broken the treaty. They’re coming to fight.”