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Damning an Angel

When Bella nearly dies, Edward must make a choice.

Hope you all enjoy it.

3. Chapter 3

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Everything was frozen. Like time itself had stopped. No one moved. All eyes were on Alice and I, though our eyes were fixated on one person.

Bella’s eyes were full of mixed emotion, but exactly what those emotions were was hard to tell…

I mentally sighed. This was the time that I wished that I could know what she was thinking. If I knew exactly what was upsetting her, I could comfort her! But I had no idea if she was upset because we would be fighting, or simply that the dogs were coming in the first place! If I couldn’t even figure out what was wrong, there was no way I could comfort her.

Why is Edward staring at me?

My eyes widened in surprise. That was Bella’s voice in my head, perfectly clear. What was going on? I can’t hear Bella’s thoughts. She is the one exception to mental abilities, so why could I hear them now?

He’s confused? No one has said anything except him, what is there to be confused about? But… it’s not only confusion, there is surprise too… what the heck is going on?

Was it possible? Her resistance to mental abilities was something that applied to Bella as a human, but now that she was a vampire, I could read her thoughts. I smiled in relief. Finally, finally, I would know just what my angel was thinking.

Why is he smiling? Not that I mind, I love his smile, but…the confusion is gone, now there is relief and happiness. Just what is going on here? Why is he laughing!?

I was laughing, unable to hold in my amusement at her confusion. The others all stared at me. I only shook my head. I would tell them later…

I walked swiftly over to Bella, wrapping my arm around her waist upon arrival. She smiled, and I smiled back.

Thank god that my heart doesn’t beat anymore… the whole heart-jumping-out-of-my-chest-every-time-he-touched-me thing was getting really embarrassing. I don’t blush anymore either…

I leaned down, moving my lips to her ear so that only she could hear me, whispering, “But I miss your blushing.”

She gasped silently, turning to look up at me in surprise.

I thought he couldn’t read my thoughts! But, maybe now that I’m a vampire, he can read my mind… She looked up to me now, and I smiled down at her, amused at how quickly she was working everything out. She was much more perceptive than I gave her credit.

Am I right?

I nodded, smiling, and she smiled back, her dazzling face stunning me for a moment. She was more beautiful than before, if possible. I realized then that she really was a vampire then, that I didn’t have to treat her so fragile-like. She wasn’t breakable, in fact, as a young vampire, she was probably stronger than me right now. A small voice in the back of my head wondered if kissing her would be the same…

I banished the thought, trying to get rid of the emotion before Bella could detect it.

Edward, I saw that. Oh, you are so busted! She mentally laughed, and I looked away, embarrassed. Jasper looked at me curiously, and I glared at him to make him look away.

“Um, hello,” Rosalie said, her voice impatient and annoyed ( more than usual). “Are we forgetting that the dogs are coming? Does somebody have a plan, or are just going for the random attack?” she said skeptically.

“Rosalie has a point,” Emmett said.

Carlisle nodded slightly, before turning to me. “How far away are they now?”

I looked out the nearby window, searching. I didn’t see anything. “I can’t find them.” I muttered, confused.

“They have to be there,” Jasper said, coming up to look too. After a minute, he sighed. “OK, maybe I’m blind too… but… I do smell them, and it’s kind of close…”

Alice frowned. “Well, werewolves aren’t invisible. They have to be somewhere, we just have to figure out where that somewhere is.” She closed her eyes for a moment, and, when I looked into her mind, saw an image of the back door opening. “Oh, the-”

Suddenly an overpowering, disgusting scent hit me, and I growled. The others growled, too. Except Bella. She looked like she was fighting with herself.

I don’t want to hate them. They are my friends! Who cares if I am a vampire now, Jake won’t hate me… will he?

I was at her side in an instant. “It’s not your fault. It’s part of who you are now. The enmity is rooted too deep.” She looked up at me, and the sadness was obvious.

A loud cracking sound echoed through the house as the back door was smashed down, and the smell was suddenly overpoweringly strong. A sixteen-year-old boy stepped through the doorway, furious. Shivers were running down his arm at an alarming pace; he was barely under control.

“Jacob,” Carlisle greeted him respectfully, though I knew him long enough to detect the anger underneath, even if it was deeply hidden.

“Dr. Cullen,” Jacob sneered, his face an angry mask. He said Carlisle’s name like he was washing his mouth out with soap. I growled softly, when Bella tightened her grip on my arm.

No, Edward. Don’t, please.

I stopped growling.

At the moment, Bella was out of Jacob’s view. She was hidden behind me, already partially hidden behind the staircase. Jacob glanced at me quickly, looking to see if Bella was with me. He apparently didn’t see her, and his eyes narrowed at me.

Where is she, leech? I know you have her here.

I held his gaze, not speaking.

Where is Bella?

I refused to speak, and the others, noticing our private conversation, kept silent. The shivers flew faster down Jacob’s arms.

Leech, I know she is here. You can’t hide her. You broke the treaty.

“You don’t know that,” I said coolly, finally speaking.

“Oh, don’t give me that crap!” he exclaimed. “She’s here! You broke the treaty! I know you did, and I-”

Jacob cut off suddenly, when a dark brown hand reached over to him, residing on his shoulder. I followed the arm until I found Sam Uley’s face, full of calmness. Jacob turned over to Sam, who was shaking his head slightly. Jacob’s shoulders dropped, his fists unclenched.

Ugh. I hate when Sam does that, when Jake is like this. Sam doesn’t rule his life! He can do what he wants. Not that I want him to fight, but still, it drives me crazy! Bella’s upset thoughts echoed through my head, and I wished that she didn’t keep herself hidden right now, wished that I could comfort her right now.

Sam Uley stepped forward, moving himself in front of Jacob so that he could see us without looking over Jacob’s shoulders. Jacob stepped back wordlessly, his face a stone mask. Bella mentally murmured various profanities upon seeing Jacob’s expression, causing me to frown. I’d never heard her swear before, and now she was, to use the old human phrase, swearing like a sailor…

Sam cleared his throat, trying to slightly dissolve some tension. We all looked at him.

“As you know, we are here because we have a dilemma. We have reason to believe,” My god, he sounded like a lawyer… “that Bella, having seen her last at the car crash, is currently residing with you.” Enough with the complicated speech, just get to the point. I stared fidgeting slightly, moving back and forth at an inhuman speed. Bella glared at me, and I stopped fidgeting, paying attention to Sam’s speech again.

“… so we would like to look around.” Sam finished. Embry nodded behind him, as if to say, “Yeeahh” like a child would. I rolled my eyes. Bella looked disapprovingly at him, and I pressed my lips together to keep from smiling.

Emmett seemed furious. “You think that, just because you think you know something, that… that gives you the right to storm onto our property and ‘take a look around?’”

“Emmett,” I warned quietly.

Look, I’m sorry, Edward. I know that they are right, but I mean come on! They act like they have special rights to look around our property!

“They do,” I whispered tensely.

What do you mean? The treaty didn’t… say that, did it?

I nodded once, and Emmett groaned angrily. He threw his arms up into the air and stormed up the stairs. Rosalie pursed her lips, fighting a smile.

Normally I’m the one to storm away… Way uncool, now it’ll look like I’m copying him… oh well… And Rosalie ran up the stair after him.

Sam Uley looked around the room, keeping his expression calm. No need to get angry. We have the right to look around. It’s all in the treaty. No need to get angry.

Huh. I thought he was the calm one in the bunch. He just keeps himself calm by … well, to be honest, pretty much being a record player… I looked over to Carlisle, awaiting his decision. He would be the one to decide.

Carlisle looked straight ahead, his expression not showing anything. I have no choice, Edward. It’s in the treaty, and if we refuse, we will look guilty. I frowned as Carlisle nodded once. Sam disappeared out the door along with his pack as they searched the yard. Once the door closed again, Bella stepped forward, nervous. I wrapped my arm around her waist.

Edward? I looked at her. Why are you hiding me?

“If they find you, they’ll know that we broke the treaty. And with the treaty broken, there is nothing to stop them from breaking the peace we have held for years.” I said quietly, speaking too low for the dogs to detect.

So… what happens when they look in the house?

She glanced at something by my shoulder, and I didn’t need to look to know I wouldn’t see it. She was seeing the uncertainty around me, just as Jasper did as he stood across the room.

You don’t know?

I shook my head. “We’ll just have to hide you.”

I don’t want to hide from Jake and the others.

I sighed, and brought her closer, trying to comfort her. I held her there for a minute, when I heard Embry’s thoughts echo through my head.

She’s not out here. I guess we have to check the house. Damn it, Jacob better be right about this. We will look like idiots if we don’t find her…

Crap. They’re coming in. Bella looked at my aura, and I didn’t need to explain as I pulled her up the staircase and into my room. There I waited with her, both of us listening as the dogs searched the house. I sighed, realizing it was only a matter of time before they came to my room. There was a pause in front of my door. Bella looked to me, confused, when it didn’t open.

No, she won’t be in there. Too obvious. Sam’s thoughts said calmly. The others walked away, but I still smelt Jacob standing in front of the door, conflicted.

And it would be just that obviousness that would make it the perfect place for her to be. Right, Edward? And the door creaked open slowly. In a flash, it closed, and Jacob was leaning against it, his expression smug as he saw me.

Once he saw Bella, though, his smug smile fell. Instead he looked severely upset.

I had no idea that he felt this strongly about his hatred. But I can’t tell, is it for me? Does he hate me now? At the end, Bella's 'voice' was shaking, afraid of the answer to her question. I shook my head, and that made her slightly happier.

How could she care so much about what he thought, when he was the sole enemy of what she had become?

“Bella,” Jacob whispered softly in greeting. All previous signs of anger had vanished.

No… I knew it was true, but… oh, Bells… now there is no way to repair our relationship… she’s done it, she’s become one of them… I just can’t believe it… Jacob’s thought were accompanied by a wave of depression and disbelief.

“Jake,” Bella answered, her voice just as soft. Jacob slowly looked into her eyes, starting when he saw them.

Blood red? Oh, please, please tell me she’s not like Victoria. I distinctly remember that vampires who drink from animal’s eyes are black or gold, whereas those who drink from humans, are the blood red color of Bella’s eyes…. Oh God, no Bella… does she…?

I growled suddenly, ending the silence that had followed Bella’s greeting. “Of course not, you filthy dog. Young vampire’s eyes are red for the first year – it’s the remains of their human blood,” I spat.

Bella’s face fell then, her eyes staring in disbelief at the dog. He thought I drank from humans? How could he think that? How could he ever, ever think that? Doesn’t he know me at all?Can he seriously think I am a monster? That I would drink from the very people who accepted me into this town on my very first day? That I would sink down to the vile level of drinking from a human? Bella was glaring daggers at Jacob by the time se reached the end of her thoughts. Jacob flinched under her gaze.

“Bella, I-” Jacob began, trying to explain himself.

“How could you ever think that?” Bella asked, her voice still a silent whisper.

“Bells, please.” Oh god, what was I thinking? Of course she wouldn’t…

“Jacob, I think it’s time you left,” Bella said coldly, her crimson eyes freezing over, her voice a winter frost, chilling the boy’s very being.

He stared at her in disbelief, hurt obvious on his face. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He swallowed hard, and tried again. “Bells,-”

“Leave, Jacob. Now.” She was growling softly, and it was a chilling and menacing tone. Jacob flinched, before opening the door behind him and slipping out the door.

“Bella,” I murmured softly. Her face fell when she looked into my eyes, and she collapsed into my arms