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Damning an Angel

When Bella nearly dies, Edward must make a choice.

Hope you all enjoy it.

4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

“Edward, how could he think that? I mean…” she trailed off, not sure how to continue.

“Shh, I know, Bella. I know,” I whispered into her hair.

“Did he…How could…” She couldn’t even form a coherent sentence. I held her tighter, rocking her until her breathing evened out.

I heard very quiet knocking at the door, and both Bella and I looked up to see Alice, half-smiling at Bella.

“We need to pack,” Alice said quietly. “We already knew that we didn’t have much time, what with Charlie becoming suspicious, but now that the dogs know that we broke the treaty, we either have to get out of Forks or engage them in a fight. I’m very sure we would prefer the first.” I nodded once, but Bella seemed shocked by Alice’s news.

Leave? I heard Bella thinking. I knew that we would have to, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. Images of Charlie and Renee flashed through her mind. I’m going to hurt them so much…

Guilt and sadness consumed me. I was causing her this pain. If it weren’t for me, if I had never come to Forks, she would be a normal teenage girl. Even if I had come to Forks, but left her human, she wouldn’t have to leave her family so unexpectedly. It was all my fault…

Bella looked up at me, seeing my grief, and pulled her arms around me. I was surprised. She was the one who was sad, and yet she comforted me? I shook my head, chuckling under my breath.

“Silly Bella,” I breathed, pressing my lips to her hair. “So absurd.” She pulled back to smile up at me. I smiled back at her, before standing up. I pulled her up with me, and, even when she was upright, I held securely to her hand. She smiled wider, before laughing quietly, turning to my large CD collection.


“Well, you can’t take all of these. How are you going to choose?”

I laughed. “Do you honestly think that I composed this entire collection from living in Forks alone?” I released her hand for a moment, only to take it again once I had a deep, square suitcase in my hand. I began pulling down CDs, placing them gently in the suitcase. She laughed.

“You have an entire suitcase just for CDs?” She laughed. An image of myself, jumping up and down on my suitcase of CDs to jam it closed, passed through her mind. I laughed, harder than before. The image looked so comical!

“Your mind is very original, that is for sure,” I laughed, before closing my suitcase, having finished packing it. She looked down, embarrassed, but her cheeks remained pale.

My smile fell in one instant.

The pain of the realization hit me as hard as it did that first time. She was no longer human. I had taken her life, I had killed her, in essence. Because of my selfishness, she would never again blush, never again feel the warmth that was a symbol of her life. Her heart would never again beat, and it was all because I was too selfish to allow her to remain human.

But then, the memory of her after the accident flashed through my mind. Bella, covered in ash and blood, her life fading before my very eyes. I remembered how her blood had tormented me, before in her truck. There was so much of it; I could have killed her then. But something inside me, some blessed force, allowed me to hold my control, to keep myself from giving in to my desires, even up to the very end, when I was faced with turning her myself.

I realized at that moment that I had forgotten something very crucial. I had turned Bella, and yet she had never agreed to become my wife. All traces of pain vanished, and I could feel myself grinning. Bella stared at me, confused by my sudden change of emotion, but I only shook my head at her. I would ask her in Alaska.

Oh my GOD! I heard Alice mentally scream from below me. You HAVE to let me pick out the ring with you!

“Not a chance,” I said quietly, causing Bella to look more confused.

Not a chance? Bella thought. What is he talking about? Wait, Alice is suddenly VERY excited, he must be talking to her. But… what did she see?

If you don’t let me help you, I’ll tell Bella, Alice threatened, a teasing smile in her thoughts.

“Don’t you dare,” I said darkly. Bella’s frown deepened. “You will do no such thing.”

“Edward?” Bella said, looking up at me.

“Yes, Bella?” I said, tuning out Alice’s thoughts.

“Um, I don’t have any clothes to pack.”

Alice was suddenly in my room, a suitcase in her hands. “Yes, you do,” she said. “I’ve already packed you a suitcase.” I noticed how much it was bulging; it looked ready to burst.

“How long have you been gathering clothing for her?” I asked, suspicious. She laughed her tiny, tinkling laugh.

“Since the day you brought her to our house,” she laughed. I glowered at her, but she only smiled at me, before taking our suitcases and disappearing down the hallway.

It certainly looked very odd with all of us taking our cars. Carlisle’s was in the lead, holding most of the suitcases (Emmett’s Jeep, driven by Esme, held the others.) Following the Jeep was Alice’s Turbo, which held Jasper and Alice. Emmett and Rosalie followed them in her car. Bella and I were in the rear in my Volvo.

When Bella saw all the cars lined up, she smiled.

It looks like a parade or something.

“I’m sure it will be quite a shock to see so many cars leaving at once,” I agreed.

Bella opened the door to my car, pausing when she noticed one small suitcase in the backseat. She looked back at me, confused.

“The other two cars were full, and since it’s my suitcase anyways, I put it in my car,” I explained. The truth was, I wanted to be absolutely sure that no harm came to that suitcase. In it was a small black box that held the ring for Bella. Alice and I had gone “hunting” earlier that day, and we picked out the ring for her. Alice had assured me that she would love it.

Edward! I heard Alice thinking, panic in her thoughts. Edward, I just had a vision. Victoria is going to-