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Damning an Angel

When Bella nearly dies, Edward must make a choice.

Hope you all enjoy it.

5. Chapter 5

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Four things happened within a very short time frame then, one after another.

One: There was a loud snarl.

Two: Rosalie’s car flipped over.

Three: I veered the car to the right to avoid crashing into them, and

Four: Bella started screaming.

“They’ll be fine, Bella, I swear!” I reassured her. Bella’s eyes were still wide with shock, though. I couldn’t figure out why until I heard the one word she was screaming in her thoughts.


I looked back to the road in panic. Sure enough, Victoria was right in front of the car, snarling as she flipped it over. The world tumbled around me in a terrifying whirlpool, and Bella was screaming the entire time.

Once the car stopped rolling, I crawled out of the car. I turned to help Bella back in, when I heard a hissing sound from the front of the car. I realized that there was a gas leaking from the car, and I cried out as the car blasted into the air, an aftereffect of the gas hitting the car’s fuel.

“Bella!” I yelled, running to the wreckage that was my Volvo. I had a horrid flashback then, to the event that forced me to turn her. But… she was a vampire now, she couldn’t die on me! “Bella!” She’s not answering me, why isn’t she answering me? I began tearing frantically at the burning car, desperate to find my angel. Finally, finally, I reached her, and gently pulled her from the car.

I had never known such damage could be done to a vampire. Her hair was frail from the flame, and her entire body was blackened from the explosion. She wouldn’t open her eyes, wouldn’t respond to my pleading. Was she… No! I refused for her to die! Not now, not when I was going to ask her to marry me. I looked wildly around me, and found Victoria’s smug face.

You.” I charged for her, snarling. My fury consumed me, and I was not fully aware of my actions as I heard a scream coming from Victoria as I killed her. It was as if I was watching from outside my body.

Once Victoria was dead, I ran back to Bella, who still remained silent. I had no idea if she was alive or not; what is there to check for in a physically dead being? I couldn’t check a pulse, for her heart was dead. I couldn’t listen for breathing, for it wasn’t necessary for our kind.

“Carlisle!” I called out. He was at my side in an instant. “I don’t know,” I said in a hoarse whisper. “I don’t know what to look for.”

As Carlisle began checking over Bella, I looked around me. Rosalie’s car was totaled, but Rosalie and Emmett were both fine. Alice and Jasper were standing by them, seeming shocked into silence. Esme caught my eye, and her expression and thoughts were consumed with worry. I tore away from her gaze, to look back to Carlisle. His expression was grim.

“Carlisle?” I said slowly. He wouldn’t look at me.

Mate for mate, he thought sadly. I roared in anger. No! She couldn’t be dead! She just couldn’t! I just turned her, and we were going to get married and…She just couldn’t be dead!

“She can’t be dead,” I said aloud, my voice breaking twice. Carlisle put one hand on my shoulder.

“She can’t be dead,” I repeated numbly. It felt as if I were hollow inside, as if this were all a dream. A sick, sick dream, but a dream nonetheless. I closed my eyes tight, willing myself to be back with Bella, to watch her laugh, to watch her sleep, to watch her live. She just couldn’t be dead…

“Bella…” I looked down at her, my body shaking with tearless sobs. “Bella, please.” She’s not dead, she’s going to open her eyes, and sit up, and we will just go back to how things were. She’s not dead…

Mate for mate, I remembered. Victoria had planned this, had wanted her dead, had killed her. She had won…

I had to go to the Volturi. I couldn’t exist without her, I just couldn’t…

A flash of a memory, lasting less than a second, came to me. Bella, running to stop me from killing myself before, when I thought her dead the last time. She wouldn’t want me to try again.

But this was different, wasn’t it? She was really dead this time, it was different.

But… I thought she was really dead then, too.

It was decided then. I slowly stood up, cradling my angel’s lifeless form in my arms. Turning to my family, I could hear their grieving thoughts, hear their pity, their sadness, their attempts at comforting words. But I blocked them out. I didn’t want to hear of her death again. It would further rip open my raw wounds.

I couldn’t go to the Volturi, that was certain. Bella wouldn’t want that. So then, I had to simply go on existing, to live my life for her, and only her. I would continue to live for the sake of my love.

For Bella, and for Bella alone, I shall exist.