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Carlisle goes to Destiny Island

PAHAHAHA. The title basically explains itself. Carlisle gets teleported to Kingdom Hearts. NOTE: If you are a Sora fan, think before you read.. He get's burned by Carlisle. I, personally, am a Sora fan, but it was just so much funnier this way.


1. Chapter 1

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Sora's POV

Today was just another normal day here on Destiny Island. Boring. Running around with Kairi and Riku. Riku had gone to go get something to eat when, out of nowhere, a portal opens up.

Kairi shouts at me, "Sora, What is it!?"

"I have no clue!" I yelled back. Then out of nowhere a man in his twenties shows up, "Wha--? Who are you?" I asked, terrified.

"Cullen. Carlisle Cullen," the man said, "but that's Mr. Dr. Dreamy Cullen, to you."

"Okay... Mr. Dr. Dreamy Cullen... Why are you here? Aren't you in that Saga written by Stephenie Meyer..?"

"Why, yes. Yes, I am." he said.

I looked at Kairi from the corner of my eye. She looked dizzy. Was she really about to.. faint?? Oh, God.. I have to get him out of here.. He'll steal Kairi from me! NOOO! Okay.. So what I'm gonna do, is when he turns his back, I'll call Riku over here. Then, we'll both attack him. Perfect. But, wait. What if he sucks our blood or something? Isn't he a vegetarian, or whatever? Would that stop him from killing us if put in danger? I don't know. I figured I'd just ask him to leave politely. If not, then I'd attack.

"Carli-- Mr. Dr. Dreamy Cullen...?"

"Yes, little girly man?" he asked.

Man. He sure was cockier in person than in the books. I realized this wasn't going to work, "How's Bella and Edward?" I asked, attempting to cover up my other question.

"Uhh.. Good. What part of endless love is to hard for you to understand?"

I scoffed, "I don't know."

"So.. Mr. Cullen, if I may," Kairi asked, "how'd you get here?" she was obviously dazzled by his beauty.

"Well.. I was playing this game, and then it froze. So, I got up to see what was wrong, and the next thing I know, I got sucked in here. Pretty odd." he explained.

"Wait. How come she gets to call you Mr. Cullen?!" I yelled.

"Isn't it obvious? Because, she's a girl and, although you are girly, you're still not a girl. It's all a matter of etiquette."

I was ticked. "RIKU!!!" I shouted. Riku fumbled down the beach to where we stood.

"What, Sora?" he asked.

"Will you please explain to this fine man that this is our island, and to please get off NOW?"

"Uhh.. 'This our island and please get off NOW?'" Riku repeated.

I frowned, "Because you're making Kairi love you."

"Oh! The little girly man likes the pretty girl?"

"Yeah. He does. It's pretty sad really..." Riku explained.

"Shut up, Riku!" I whispered. Kairi was still dazzled, at this point laying on the ground, staring at Carlisle.

"I didn't realize. Are you two lovers? Or just a crush?" Carlisle asked.

"They are... They just aren't really aware of it.. yet."

"Leave. Now. Please." I begged.

"Okay.. okay.. You win. Can I at least get an autograph from you, Riku? I'm a big fan of you. Not you, Sora."

I pouted. Riku autographed his PlayStation2 controller, and he left.

Kairi finally came out of her little La-La-Land. She asked, "What was this about me and somebody else not knowing we're in love..?"

I hadn't realized she'd heard that. "Oh, nothing." I said. Riku started to explain, but I quickly covered his mouth

"Man. That doctor was FINE." Kairi exclaimed.

"I know," I spat, "I think we all saw the way you almost fainted."

The End.