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The Dress

Bella contemplates her future on the day of her wedding.


1. Wedding Day Beauty

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Alice pulled on the skirt of my dress, smoothing the remaining small folds. I had my hands clasped together in front of me, and I stared at my french-tipped nails. Alice had spent all morning poking and prodding at my hair, nails, and make up to make sure I looked special for this afternoon.

My wedding.

I felt so old, standing here in a white dress and veil, waiting to go walk down the aisle, to my one true love, my prince charming. We would be together for time and all eternity. We would defy death and be lovers forever.

It was all coming so fast, like a train speeding towards me, going full speed. But, I knew that train wouldn't hurt me, Edward would stop it for me.

"Bella? Bella!" Alice said, waving one of her perfect, manicured hands in front of my face, trying to get my attention.

"Oh-sorry. I was thinking." I said, snapping back into reality.

She gave me a look of understanding, then turned. "Well, turn around!" she said, excited to see my reaction.

Alice had covered all of the mirrors I could have seen myself in, so I could be surprised. I thought it was silly, but she was bubbling over the edge with bouncy excitment.

I turned around, and Alice swept the sheet covering the full body mirror (yet another precaution to keep me from peeking) off, exposing my reflection.

I gasped. Was this the teenage girl who had moved to Forks? The girl who was the mearly human fiance to perfect Edward? Now, I certainly didn't think so.

My dark hair had been curled into perfect waves that fell around my face and down my back.It was pinned up so that my face was perfectly visible. I had a white rose in my hair, along with all of the pearls that had been hand strung into my hair.A long, white veil fell down to my hips with pearls strung through it. My lips looked perfect; they were covered in blood red lipstick that seemed to somehow compliment my pale complextion. My eyes had make up all over them, with just the right colors to make them pop, and just enough mascara to make my eyes sparkle and shine.

But, what topped it off was my dress. It was a ballroom style dress, with layers and layers of silk fabric that fanned out at my hips, cascading its way to the floor. The bodice had intricate lace and bead designs that shimmered in the light of Alices' room.The way it hugged my waist made it look perfect and flat. A small fabric rose rested at my right hip, and sparkled with the lace. The dress looked heavy, yet it was magically weightless, and it was very comfortablev.I turned to look at my back. The back of the bodice was a corset that had intricate beading and a silk ribbon. The fabric gathered at the small of my back, and fell to the floor in soft waves. I turned to face the mirror. I had Edward's bracelet on, and the heart threw rainbows around it.

Alice was standing behind me, her hands clasped together and looking giddy and happy.

"So," she said, her eyes sparkling with excitment ,"do you like it?"

I smiled. "Alice," I said, turning to face her,"I love it."