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The Black Rose

Reine D'aubigne's world drastically changes during the Civil War when she is transformed into a vampire and meets Jasper Whitlock. When Maria, leader of their blood thirsty army becomes suspicious of their friendship, will Reine accept that their only option is escape? Will she cope with the fact that she may never see Jasper again?


1. Chapter One

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Rain. Explosions. Fire. Pain. Pain like lava slowly creeping through her veins. Scream echoes mixed with terrible confusion everywhere; what was this feeling? Reine struggled to comprehend this unfamiliar sensation. Was she caught in the middle of the end of Earth; brought upon the war and the wrath of other beings? If so, why was she still alive?

How could she still be alive with this feeling of poison consuming her body? She laid there in the bowels of the Earth with bullets of rain striking her when she decided that she didn't care any longer.

A sharp jab and a child-like voice finally woke Reine up.

"Good, you survived. Stop sleeping like a lazy idiot and join the rest of your bunk mates." The unnaturally stern voice commanded. She struggled to keep her eyes open and the first thing she felt was a terrible thirst.

This thirst alarmed her; she felt as if all the nutrients in the world wouldn't satiate this unbearable pain.

"My name's Maria and-" Maria was interrupted when a mouse raced passed her and Reine swiftly chased after it.

Reine couldn't understand what in the world she was doing; it was as if an ancient instinct more powerful than her took over her sanity and focused on this random mouse. In a cat-like fashion, she quickly caught her prey and chomped down on its neck. A red substance flowed through her mouth and lessened the terrible thirst.

Multiple snickers came from behind her and she turned around in embarrassment. A group of 10 or less figures laughed and pointed at her. This child called Maria smacked the mouse carcass out of her hand.

"We never drink animals' blood! You are part of my army and you drink human blood." Maria glared at her like she was incompetent. "Jasper, take this girl and teach her our ways of living!" Maria hissed and walked away.

"Welcome to the life of a vampire. You'd better listen to Maria, she's pretty wise and strict, despite her size." Jasper warned in a warm manner. He took Reine's hand and lifted her to her feet.

"V-v-vampire? Wh-what do you mean? Where am I? What happened to me?" Reine whimpered, not understanding Maria, Jasper, or the previous days - or however long she was out for.

"Yes, you have been transformed into a nosferatu, the living dead, vampire, whatever you'd call us. You have been changed by one of the leaders of Maria's army, Lucy. That pain you felt for the last few days was your transformation. It can be very confusing, but I reassure you, it's worth being a vampire in Maria's army. You'd better start drinking human blood, your strength will wane on the weak blood of animals. What's your name? I'm Jasper Whitlock," Jasper smiled, curiosity lighted up his lean, handsome features.

"Reine D'aubigne, my parents are French, but I was born here. They wanted me to get a better education here, so English is my first language. I do speak French, but it isn't very useful here in America outside of text books." Reine replied, thankful that he couldn't see her blushing face in the semi-darkness.

"Stick with me, and I'll show you how to train, eat, talk, and live as a proper vampire." Jasper winked.

Even though at least a million and one questions loomed on the edge of her tounge, she asked one of the most polite questions for Jasper.

"How old are you?" Reine asked.

"17," Jasper replied. "Me too." Score Reine thought privately.

As Jasper promised, he taught Reine the necessary skills to survive in Maria's ruthless army, but not without complications. Reine absolutely refused to drink human blood; her humane beliefs remained un wavered, despite Maria's scoldings.

As a price to pay, Reine had to train twice as hard as the others just to keep up with everyone else's average strength. Sometimes, she had to work triple hard just to keep Maria satisfied with keeping her in her army. After 3 and a half weeks, Reine discovered an extraordinary power that was as Jasper explained; an extra power that rarely other vampires received.

Reine could warp reality! Reine explained to Jasper how using a large amount of concentration, she could make things that couldn't possibly appear, appear or disappear.

"Try it on me." Jasper challenged with a serious face.

Reine concentrated on Jasper and only Jasper; she imagined him right next to a non-existent river. A feeble mental hum of energy that grew stronger and stronger flowed through her brain and as an unknown dimension opened, she opened her eyes.

Right there, plain as twilight, was Jasper looking triumphant and next to a dark, flowing river. Jasper encouraged her to go up to Maria and show her, her newfound powers.

"Maybe she'll finally lay off my back," Reine joked. As Reine expected, Maria showed an uncharacteristic expression of delight.

"Excellent, I knew you had to be worth something," Maria said with a dangerous gleam in her eye.