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The Black Rose

Reine D'aubigne's world drastically changes during the Civil War when she is transformed into a vampire and meets Jasper Whitlock. When Maria, leader of their blood thirsty army becomes suspicious of their friendship, will Reine accept that their only option is escape? Will she cope with the fact that she may never see Jasper again?


2. Chapter Two

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Reine quickly figured out the weak chinks in her new reality warping power. She could create rivers, a herd of horses, and slightly large organisms and objects; but she couldn't keep the illusion-like objects stay in the same dimension for longer than a few minutes. She also discovered that any major change she tried to warp (such as a tornado, hurricane, cliff) in the Earth proved very much impossible. This minor set back did not refrain Maria from using Reine's powers to her advantage.

Maria discovered new vampire and human covens more easily, which pleased Maria very much. As a month slowly passed, Reine felt herself more and more acustommed to Maria's strange ways and she finally felt like she fit in. Despite her and Jasper's drastically different diets and lifestyles, they became good friends and looked to each other for solace and comfort. But, on one cool, breezy night, Reine noticed that something was wrong with Jasper.

"I don't know what it is, I feel this sort of...guilt when I think about all those humans we hunt down. I know that I can talk to you, although I have a bad feeling when I imagine telling this to Maria; I know she'd disapprove. I feel that the life we're living here with Maria is pointless and addictive." Jasper confided with Reine sadly. Empathy and sadness washed over Reine; she wasn't used to seeing Jasper like this. The Jasper she knew would act like he's king of the world and laugh it off.

Shockingly, only one solution could come to her mind that would end Jasper's problems. Leave Maria. As simple as it seemed in her; she knew that there would be no way to convince him to leave Maria. Above all things, he loved to please Maria. Instead, Reine gave him a hug and assured him that she understood what he was going through and how he could go to her any time he felt like talking.

"Thanks Reine," Jasper hugged her back apologetically.

As Reine was playing with some new strategies in her head to defeat the newest vampire coven they found the other day, she noticed that Jasper was leading a small group of their own army into the woods. Her intuition warned her that she should not follow him. He's probably just fulfilling some favor that Maria made him do she thought to reassure herself; but the nagging curiosity still tug at her intuition. Just a little peek she thought as she followed Jasper silently.

As she followed him, she saw shadows in the trees, falling together in a perfect line. What the- she gasped in horror at what she saw. Jasper was leaning over a line of shredded vampire carcasses and creating a fire near a tree. He heard her gasps and his eyes widened in alarm.

"Reine, it's not what you think it-" He stopped when Reine threw herself on the ground and started sobbing tearless sobs.

"B-b-but, J-jasper, how c-c-could y-ou?" She sobbed, staring at him with confused eyes.

"Newborns-" He was interrupted again.

"I don't want to here it!" Reine replied angrily.

Jasper, unsure, backed off but looked desperately concerned. After a solid hour, Reine stood herself up in an unsteady wobble and walked in front of Jasper.

"Try to explain out of this one, I'll listen." She said warily. Jasper led her to a large rock that they both sat at and took a big breath.

"After a full year, newborn vampires' strength wanes and technically, they become useless. Maria likes to...dispose of them and find new blood for fighting..." Jasper explained, struggling to find the right words to say.

"Am I worth more than a year to you?" Reine asked with a pleading stare. Jasper's burgundy eyes softened and he brought his lips to hers in response.

"You've given me more sense and meaning into my life than Maria ever will," He whispered in her ear. Reine snuggled into his arms and wished this moment would last forever.

The next day passed by slowly; Reine felt as if she got what she wished for at the wrong moment. Her and Jasper became closer and for some unlucky reason, Maria paid close attention to them.

"Maria, I'm going to show the rest of the army a new technique that'll fit perfectly with Reine's newest strategy." Jasper said.

"I'll need to join him too," Reine added, hoping her face didn't give her real motive away. Maria gave Reine a quick evil eye and nodded.

As Jasper and Reine walked away, Maria's suspicion was confirmed; those two have gotten more close than usual. This greatly disturbed her, and her future plans to take over Mexico. As long as he stays in this relationship with her, soon enough, he'll shirk his duties and run off with her! I can't have my army broken up because of this newborn she thought fearfully. For the rest of the day, as Maria thought up of sure ways to keep Jasper away from Reine, she sent Reine to do long, pointless favors in the mean time.

The rest of the year passed by as the happiest months Reine would have for the next few decades. In all of her 17 years of living, she never felt such satisfaction being with Jasper and living her new life as a vampire. When the war had reached her family, her father was sent off to fight in it and they were forced to live in poverty. The rest of the town had been abandoned when there were no more jobs available, but Reine and her family could not afford to travel long distances.

Reine had lived with her mother and two younger sisters back then. Reine's mother had sold their last valuable item; an ancient gold watch that had been passed down in their family for centuries. In exchange, they were given a pig and three chickens. Unfortunately, their new food supply didn't last long when Union soldiers raided their house and demanded food.

The Union soldiers took away all of their chickens and pig; they were left with nothing but a small amount of bread. Afterwards, Reine's mother sent off Reine to search for food and water for the whole family. As Reine was searching for this non-existent food, Maria and her gang came by and transformed her into a vampire; since then, she never found her family ever again, no matter how much she searched for them.