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The Black Rose

Reine D'aubigne's world drastically changes during the Civil War when she is transformed into a vampire and meets Jasper Whitlock. When Maria, leader of their blood thirsty army becomes suspicious of their friendship, will Reine accept that their only option is escape? Will she cope with the fact that she may never see Jasper again?


3. Chapter Three

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Jasper's anguish grew by each passing day as another year's mark came hauntingly closer and closer. He had no idea what he was going to do when the newborns' "expire date" came next. He had to save Reine when that day came, but how? Lately when he felt Maria's mood, he felt a strong distrust whenever Reine was near.

The sickening truth became clear right then; it didn't matter how useful Reine is to Maria, she's jealous and she wants to get rid of Reine. The easiest thing for her to do is have me kill her when an official year passes! I can't let her do that, Reine means much more than a regular newborn. I have to make a plan. Maybe even leave with her like I let Peter do with Charlotte 4 years ago.

It sounded simple enough, but he knew that Maria would start a search no matter how long it took. If worst comes to worst, I could kill Maria....but could I really? Is it even physically possible? These swirling, heavy questions terrified him out of his mind.

Could he muster up enough courage to do whatever he can to save her? He had never been in love before; he didn't realize how dangerous love could be. For now, he could only pray that his love for Reine would be just enough to save them both.

The same questions that Jasper struggled with replayed in Reine's head over and over again. Her memory of the time she saw Jasper kill those newborns resurfaced and mingled sickeningly with these questions. She tried to probe different solutions in her mind that might just work; but her mind could only draw up blanks. I forgot, I can warp reality! But how will it fix anything? she thought in frustration.

Maria is as much a danger towards Jasper as she is to her. But she still doubted that Maria would do anything to Jasper; they had been companions for years.

A surprising Eureka thought came to her, so quickly that she gasped an "oh!" A plan that was almost fool-proof formed in her mind, but not without a grim ending if her plan worked. She found Jasper teaching the army how to be invisible to humans.

"Jasper, I need to discuss a very important issue with you," Reine tried to muster up professionalism into her tone, even though in reality, she felt sick to her stomach. Jasper's brow scrunched up in confusion but he nodded, dismissing the rest of the army.

"I need you to use your powers later today to make Maria feel as distrustful and fearful as possible." Reine asked seriously.

"You're not making any sense, did you drink a poisoned rabbit?" Jasper joked.

"I'm dead serious. It is really really important to me if you just do it," She replied anxiously. She clenched her fists and un bottled all of the feelings she had been feeling, hoping that Jasper would take her requests more seriously.

"Okay, okay, I'll do it. And I am taking you seriously," Jasper smiled and kissed her head.

"Knowing Maria, your best chance to carry out whatever you're doing would be to do it now. Follow me." He took her hand into his and led her to Maria's tent.

They stood to the right of Maria's huge tent and Reine mouthed 'Stay there, and use your powers...now!' to Jasper. He winked and concentrated on sending the most powerful feelings of fear and distrust he could muster up.

Reine lifted the tent flap a sliver and peeked through it. Maria looked more terrifyingly angry than Reine had ever seen on a living (no pun intended) creature. Now, I just have to create doubles of us and it should work... she thought impatiently.

As her mind warped reality and created shadowy doubles of her and Jasper running off together away from Maria; she watched out for what Maria was going to do and concentrated on the illusion.

"I knew it, I knew it! I knew you would betray me for that filthy newborn and you're going to pay Jasper Whitlock!!" Maria screamed and she started to chase the Jasper double, when Reine stopped the illusion immediately.

'Run and stay down!' Reine mouthed to Jasper; they ran at a superhuman speed to the training grounds.

"Please do not ask me to do that again." Jasper pleaded, looking frightened. Hysteria choked up in Reine's throat and all she could do was nod. The worst had been confirmed; Maria would go after Jasper if they ran away together.

Reine felt like she was on the edge of a mental breakdown and willed herself to not cry; but vampires can't cry a voice in her head mocked back.

"Reine, are you okay?" Jasper asked, feeling her terror and lightly grabbing her forearms as if she would fall down.

"I need to think." Reine managed to squeak. She gave Jasper what she thought was a reassuring kiss and tried to ignore his concerned gaze that seemed to burn two holes through her head.

Reine went searching for a tall tree in nearby woods to think rationally on. It had been a life long habit of hers to climb a tree and stay there for hours at most to think. As a kid, she'd always do her homework on the limb of a tree when it wasn't raining. The rest of the kids in her class had made fun of her because of it, but she ignored them.

She could always think more clearly and logically when she climbed a tree; it was as if the knowledge of the timeless trees shared a little piece of their knowledge with her. Anyway, the calmness of nature made her appreciate its ageless beauty. She found the tallest tree and steadily climbed to the highest branch to sit on. She gave a huge sigh of relief; her new vampire life sometimes became tiring.

Her supernatural powers allowed her to feel more than she ever had as a human; which meant that even though the passion of living is greater, the sensitive senses of feeling others' emotions became even more heightened.

As I have concluded before, it is impossible to leave with Jasper. But...he could leave without me she thought sadly. It's the only way he can escape. An escape is exactly the thing he needs to cure his depression. I've done all that I can do for my love for him. He needs freedom, Maria is destroying all of the humanity in him, and it would be my fault to be selfish and try to keep him with me.

As much as it pained her to think of leaving Jasper, her only vampire friend, she knew in her heart that there was a better life out there for Jasper...but it was definitely not here.