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The Black Rose

Reine D'aubigne's world drastically changes during the Civil War when she is transformed into a vampire and meets Jasper Whitlock. When Maria, leader of their blood thirsty army becomes suspicious of their friendship, will Reine accept that their only option is escape? Will she cope with the fact that she may never see Jasper again?


4. Chapter Four

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Reine shivered as a gust of wind dangerously trembled the limb she was sitting on. The moon, dimmed and far away, reflected a sense of anguish that filled her very being at the thought of never seeing Jasper again.

As much as her heart begged her to escape this cursed place with Jasper; she knew that it wasn't very realistic that she would travel with Jasper. A fear that nearly diminished her anguish reminded her that she would be responsible for Jasper's death if she didn't force him to leave. A more important question loomed over her thoughts; how would she get Jasper to leave?

She knew that a mere "Oh, Jasper, I forgot to ask you, could you please leave here and possibly never see me again?" wouldn't cut it. She bit her trembling lip and heaved herself off of the limb and a whistle of "WHOOSH" rung in her sensitive ears. She sprinted through the woods, her graceful pace un wavered, even as she looked out of the corners of her eyes and saw an unfamiliar view.

She scanned a huddle of figures with her improved night vision and saw Jasper with two, unrecognizible figures. She gave them a tolerant smile and asked who they were.

"Charlotte." the female said.

"Peter." the male said.

"They're friends of mine, I helped them escape out of here a few years ago." Jasper's eyes looked passed her.

He helped them escape? If they're Jasper's friends, I think they'll help me protect him she licked her lips nervously.

"Hello Peter and Charlotte, I'm Reine," She shook their hands. "May I have a word in private with both of you?"

"Any friend of Jasper's is a friend of mine." Peter said politely. Reine swiftly led them to a secluded bridge that was weathered by usage.

"Jasper is in trouble and I need your help. Ever since Jasper and I became closer," her ears burned hot. "Maria has become suspicious of Jasper. I just found out that she could be planing his assassination. You need to take him away, anywhere else. I'm asking you this because I can't come with him. If we both left immediately, Maria would know that we ran away together. She'll kill him!" Reine cried out.

"Jasper actually asked us the same thing. He told us that Maria told him that the extermination for the newborns will be tomorrow," Peter explained carefully. "He wanted us to help both of you sneak away before Maria gets her hands on you."

"Thank you very much for the offer, but I need to talk to Jasper right now." Reine sighed in exasperation. Charlotte and Peter nodded in sympathy and backed off a little bit.

Jasper's unfathomable gaze softened when Reine snuggled into his arms into a gentle embrace.

"I spoke with Peter and Charlotte, and I don't think that we can escape together," Reine said softly, putting a finger on Jasper's lips when he showed signs of interruption. "Remember earlier, when I asked you that favor? I did that so I could find out what Maria's reaction would be if we escaped together. You heard her, she would kill you without a hesitation. If I leave with you, she'll know that it was my fault you left. You have to leave without me first. This place isn't good for you," She whispered firmly, holding back her pain. "You've become depressed and I hate seeing you suffer like this. There are better places for you to go to, I just know it."

"Reine..." Jasper lightly kissed her lips. She could see the tortured acceptance in his eyes as he understood what she was saying. "You're right, Reine. But this is temporary, I will come back for you." His voice slightly cracked.

"Jasper, I don't think so, I have this terrible feeling that I won't see you ever again." Reine's voice cracked completely and she crumpled helplessly in his arms.

"We will reunite, I promise I'll search the ends of the Earth for you. You are the sunshine in my life; I've never met anyone like you," He promised fiercely, holding her close to him. "Look, here's a black rose that I found while you were gone," He clapsed their hands together and in the middle; a gleam that reflected the moonlight glowed on the curled petals of the black rose.

He slowly took the rose out of their hands and stuck it behind Reine's exposed ear. "Whenever you feel alone, take this rose and think of me." Reine was speechless. Her lips met his and Reine carefully arranged this lovely, sorrowful moment in her mind as her best and worst memory for ages to come.

"I love you Jasper." Reine whispered in his ear.

"I love you too." Jasper replied, sounding like he meant it with all of his being. After a pause, they broke out in laughter at the awkward silence.

"Sorry to spoil the moment." Jasper turned shyly red.

"No, no, the fault's all mine," Reine apologized with a grin. "Just promise me this; never lose that laughter. You're quite adorable when you're shy, the girls might come out and snatch you away from me."

"Glad to be of service, ma'am." He joked, glad to have the heaviness of their conversation gone for now.

Soon after, Jasper and Reine met up with Peter and Charlotte at the bridge.

"The best moment to escape with us would be soon, very soon," Charlotte explained. A queasiness in Reine's stomach replaced the light feelings that she and Jasper had shared just moments before. Jasper nodded with a pained look on his face.

"Reine, do you think that you'll be able to leave safely?" Peter asked. Reine nodded, very sure in her reality warping powers. Her mind powers were humming with courage; it was as if they accepted Charlotte's plan before she did, and were making the final preperations to work at full blast. Jasper was slowly rubbing her shoulders and sending waves of calm reassurance through her system.

"While you and Reine were gone, Charlotte and I found the safest route that Maria won't be able to detect easily. Since we're in agreement, we'll be leaving in a minute or two." Peter reassured Jasper with a swift nod. Charlotte nudged Peter with impatience.

"We've got to leave before dawn." Charlotte said. Jasper gazed into Reine's eyes with endless, loving warmth and they kissed for the last time. It was sweet as their first, and filled with pure lust that both Reine and Jasper hungered for.

"I love you and I'll never forget you. You'll always be my first and last love." Reine said between gasps.

"I love you so much Reine, and never forget that." Jasper gasped back. Jasper, flushing crimson, broke their embrace and hugged her. It was unknown to both Reine and Jasper that their next encounter would be in nearly two centuries.


Stuck in a day dream that had the perfect components of a never ending nightmare-the perfect words to describe Reine's life for the past one and a half centuries since she last saw Jasper. As it turned out, Jasper had told her an outright lie that stuck with her every miserable day.

"I love you too," her throat choked up. "I promise I'll search the ends of the Earth for you."He didn't care about me, he never searched for me these thoughts ran through her head for the tenth time today. Surprisingly, a protesting memory that happened right after their last meeting occupied her thoughts instead.


A faint cry of anger that could be heard for miles startled Charlotte, Peter, Jasper, and Reine. As quick as a flash, Maria and her army appeared with obvious intentions by the way they snarled with inhuman anger. Maria's eyes blazed red with spite as she glared at them all.

"Jasper's mine! Get the rest of them and tear off all of their limbs one by one!" She snarled, lunging forward.

"Jasper!" Reine screamed, reaching out for his arm.

"No, Reine!" Jasper was being dragged off while staring over her shoulder.

A hand viciously slapped her from behind and then she knew no more. Reine woke up, gasping lungfuls of unnecessary, dusty air.

"Jasper?" She whispered, dazed. She goggled around her familiar surroundings. A ghostly, faint breeze whipped through the dying grass in response. "Jasper." She repeated as growing panic strangled her voice.

For all you know, Maria probably shredded him into pieces. He's always loved you, it's just that he can't search for you cause he's dead. another voice in her head soothed her. Guilt and disgust filled up in her head. How could I think that? I'd rather him be alive and love someone else!But, do you really mean that? a voice nagged her.

Reine clapped her hands to her ears, ignoring the whispers and pointing of the humans around her. She stood up and walked out of the bar in annoyance. Besides these bursts of depression, she had really been living a decent life since that terrible day.

She had travelled around the world, marveling at the jungles of the Amazon and the majestic pyramids of Egypt. Later on, when more and more women went to college, she had joined them with delight. She had her Master's degree and even contemplated on writing a book about her experiences as a vampire.

This idea, unfortunately, had diminshed quickly when humans started to treat evidence of vampires as myths and fiction. She didn't want humans to treat her autobiography as a mere novel. She walked down the streets of Sturgis, South Dakota with a smirk on her face.

Although vampires were far faster than these auto devices called motorcycles; the different kinds of people from all around America that gathered here just for a celebration of motorcycles fascinated her. She admitted that they were pretty glamorous in their own way; she had a silver K 1200 LT BMW of her own back in a garage across the street.

She mulled over where to visit next; France, England...Italy! Yes, she'd travel to Italy next and learn what she could there.