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New Dawn

Kimi White is a Native American healer of the Haisla Tribe who just might be enough to erase his pain and open his eyes. But what will happen after Bella hears about this? How's Edward going to react? Most of all, how would Jacob feel about this? Is his life going to revolve around Bella, even when, BETTER opportunities arise? Read and find out =] btw, this is our first story so... dont be too harsh.

We're tired of the Jacob, Bella, and Edward pair. We're deciding to keep his same personality but give him a whole new story (WITHOUT BREAKING THE RULES) check it out if you want to read something different. By WE, as in there are two authors of this story.. so DUH we share an account =]

4. Fight or Flight

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As I lay there in the dark of the night, I tried to glance surreptitiously at this strange man that was laying not more than four feet from me.

He was lying there I knew, but I could barely make out his body’s outline from the darkness that engulfed him all around.

I still was not fully trusting with him, considering the trauma I had just experienced firsthand, but I was glad that he was there.

There was something about him…something that I could not possibly explain with mere words. His body was suited to that of a full grown man and yet his nature screamed something else entirely.

The poise with which he moved, holding himself cautiously, his face streaked with a hidden pain or discomfort of some sort, led me to believe that there was something that happened in his life.

He was so big, clearly stronger than little ol’ me, and yet…he seemed breakable. But… maybe that was just in my eyes.

He shifted suddenly and I saw the barely visible outline of his solid face turning to look in my direction.

Hmm…I guess I wasn’t as surreptitious as I thought. I quickly burrowed my face beneath my arms. I heard a low chuckle coming from his side, but it was so low that I wasn’t sure if I heard it at all.

I let my thoughts wander to my village and I couldn’t repress the tears that started to bud.

Was I too late? What if… But I couldn’t, wouldn’t let that thought finish.

I heard him clear his throat.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

“I can’t keep my thoughts off my village,” I answered, my voice choked with held-back emotion.

“Well. Worrying about that isn’t going to change anything, you know. Wait till morning and then we can see what could be done.”

I contemplated this gently for a while, and then decided his advice may have some truth to it. I closed my eyes and let the darkness close over my lids, soothing and caressing, ushering me into the waiting arms of sleep itself.


Morning came. I sat back watching Kimi sleep. Her face looked so peaceful, I didn’t want to wake her but there was a long journey ahead of us. This trip was going to be difficult since I’ve never actually stopped to “smell the roses” since my leave.

I had a vague idea in my mind where she could have possibly been. A big oak tree. That did trigger a memory but I wasn’t completely sure.

I noticed that Kimi started to awaken, her eyes squinting at the sunlight. I stepped in front of her trying to block the sun out of her face. She opened her eyes, glancing at me. She smiled.

“G’mornin’,” I greeted.

She replied a smile.

“Ready to go?”


I waited for her to freshen up and in a few moments we were ready to leave.

We walked in silence for a while as I scanned the forest distances ahead of her. I was sure we were nearing the tree.

“Why?” I was a little shocked by hearing her.

“Why, what?”

“Why are you doing this? You know, going through all of this taking me back home.”

“I told you before, you’re alone in the forest. Besides, you fell off a rock and was attacked by two men and was stumbling around trying to find your way home,” I finished in one breath. “And, after all this, I don’t think its wise leaving you here in the forest all alone.”

She stopped in her tracks staring at me with a perplexed expression. “What the--, how do you know all of this? How do you know I fell off a rock?”

Uh oh.

“Well, you have a huge cut on your forehead so I was just guessing—“ I tried to play it off, highly doubting she would fall for it.

I was right, she didn’t.

“The cut, okay, but how did you know I fell off a rock. Were you watching me?”

“N-n-no, not like that,” I retorted.

This was going absolutely perfect! Just what I need, for her to run away from me again. But I’d much rather her think of me as a stalker than know I was a wolf.

“Then like what? You stalking me would be the best explanation. You lied, you were with those men weren’t you,” she accused.

Her pace started to quicken. “No I wasn’t,” was all I could afford to say.

“You’re a liar! Get away from me!”

I ran after her. She ran faster, clearly she couldn’t keep up.

“Wait, you’re going the wrong way,” I yelled after her. “We were already so close.”

“Right, like I believe that!”

Clearly, this wasn’t going to work. She left me no choice.

I ran up to her and stopped in front of her. She started screaming. “HELP!”

“No one is going to hear you no matter how much you scream. Please listen to me I was not with those other guys! I stayed with you a whole night watching over you making sure no one else would harm you.”

Her expression changed. “Why would you stay up all night to watch a stranger sleep?”

I rolled my eyes. What is up with her? How could someone so small, but cute be such a pain in the ---.

“You know what, we’re so close to your village and you just made it so much harder by running away, I don’t want you out in the forest alone so you leave me no choice,” I told her.

She looked at me, confused.

I picked her up and carried her in my arms. “PUT ME DOWN YOU IMBECILLE!”

“Look, right now, after all you’ve been through, you are so tired and you need to rest. You NEED to get home and you’re making it so much harder on yourself.”

“Let me go,” she hissed. “I can get there myself. I’m not a baby!”

“Sure you are, besides, you’re hurt. I’m sure your family would want to see you after being gone for so long—“ I cut off my words, suddenly reminded of my family.

“You know what, I give up!”

“Sooner or later, you would have to admit that.”