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Blood, Love, and Family: Esme Cullen's Story

This is a story of Esme's human and vampire life/existance. Who was she? How did she become a vampire? Why is she like a mother o the Cullen family?

Most of the story is true. I found information on the lexicon, and wentfrom there. However, I did have to fill in some blanks in order to create a story.

2. Chapter 2

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“Carlisle Cullen?” Peter asked on my right. “But isn’t

he supposed to be, well, a little...”

I felt the ground shake as my father stood up, beside

me. “Dr. Cullen,” he snapped, “Is, from what I’ve heard,

a nice man, and a wonderful doctor. He’s also, at this

moment, our only hope.”

“Mr. Platt,” I heard Peter mutter, “He’s very strange,”

I heard Peter sigh, and I imagined him glancing at me.

Are you sure she’ll be alright?”

I heard my father groan. “Peter, have faith in the

man. He is a very good doctor. Sure he’s young, but he’s

traveled around the world practicing medicine. He’s

trained with the finest doctors in the country, and they’ve

had nothing but good things to say about him. We’re

lucky to have Dr. Cullen, and I have no doubt our Esme

will be safe under his care.”

Suddenly, I felt a large pair of hands under me as

my father held me in his arms. My father was strong for

his age, and had little trouble carrying his sixteen-

year-old daughter. I slowly opened my eyes. I looked up

at my him. “Papa, it hurts,” I choked out.

“I know,” he whispered. Out of the corner of my eye,

I saw my father turn to my mother, who I almost forgot

had been there. “Darling,” he began, “stay here and

watch the others. I’ll be back soon.”

My ears were ringing, and I was unable to hear her

answer. Nevertheless, I felt my father carry me to the

stable. I closed my eyes against the cold night, as small

ears sailed down my cheeks. Pain. Only pain. No, blood,

tears, and pain. I tried to think about other things, but

my thoughts continued to circle around the situation at


“Peter,” my father said as I felt him carry me into the

carriage, “Will your parents mind if you came along? You

might be needed.”

“Of course. Whatever you need, Mr. Platt.”

I felt my head placed on a small lap. I opened my

eyes a bit, and looked up at Peter. He was looking out

into the distance, and I closed my eyes again. I gasped

when Father lurched the carriage forward. I felt Peter’s

hand fall to mine. They were hot, and very sticky, but I

appreciated my friend’s gesture. I tried to breathe. I

took slow, deep breaths, and let the cold air seep

through my system. It didn’t work. Tears weren’t falling

anymore. Crying took up to much energy. I’d rather be

sleeping in Peter’s lap anyway. I knew I had to stay

awake, though. I couldn’t help but think of Dr. Cullen,

and what a mysterious man he was. I had only heard of

him once when his name was said at dinner, and I had

never seen him before in my life.

“Is she alright back there?” my father yelled back to


“She’s fine,” Peter said above me.

I felt Peter squeeze my hand tighter. As we rode

through the night, my pain began to cease. It was either

that, or I had become so used to it, that it didn’t feel

painful anymore. That scared me a bit as I began to

wonder how much time had passed. I began to feel

sleepy, against my will, and slowly fell into a light sleep,

with Peter’s hand in mine.


I awoke to the involuntary feeling of being lifted into

the air. Much of the pain had ceased, but it was still

noticeably there.

“Dad?” I asked, trying to reach his face, above me.

“I’m here, Esme,” he said.

His voice came from somewhere I didn’t expect. If he

wasn’t carrying me, then, who was?

“Peter?” I tried again.


His voice wasn’t where I thought, either.

I snapped my eyes open, and gasped when I saw who

was holding me.

Carlisle Cullen.

His yellow hair was messy, and it hung over his face.

He had golden eyes, and pale white skin. Dark circles

surrounded his eyes, I guess from lack of sleep. His face

made it hard for me to believe he was just a doctor. He

was the most beautiful man I had ever seen in my life.

His skin felt cool under my touch, and his strong arms

made me feel safe and secure.

I gasped when he looked down at me, and blinked,

making sure I wasn’t dreaming. His smile was

breathtaking, and it made him seem loving, and

compassionate. I felt so secure, that I smiled back into

his eyes, despite how the rest of my body felt.

Suddenly, Dr. Cullen carried me into the hospital,

while Father held the door for him. He and Peter scurried

along behind Dr. Cullen and I into a large room on the

second floor. Dr. Cullen set me down on a little bed,

and turned to look for tools on a table in the corner.

“Father, Peter,” I choked, “You don’t need to be in

here while he does this.”

The two of them started to argue when Dr. Cullen

turned to them. “She’s right,” he agreed, “You can wait

downstairs until she’s done.”

I could tell that they wanted to stay here with me, but

they didn’t argue. I couldn’t think of any reason why

they’d want to argue with Dr. Cullen, anyway. Who would?

He was unhumanly gorgeous, and he was probably really

good at what he did. Words started to run through my

mind like handsome, brilliance, stunning.....

My thoughts were otherwise engaged when I felt a

stabbing pain in my leg. I closed my eyes, and all I

could feel was the sharp tip of a knife in my calf. I forgot

everything, in order to make room for the pain that

swelled my body. I forgot that father and Peter were

downstairs, I forgot why I was here, I forgot Dr. Cullen -

well, maybe not Dr. Cullen. He wasn’t the sort of person

that you easily forgot. Still, I seemed apart from

anything, the pain being my only companion.

“Calm down,” I heard Dr. Cullen say, in a voice that

convinced me that this was all a dream, or maybe a

nightmare. “I’m almost done.”

I sighed. Almost done. Just calm down, Esme. I found

it impossible to follow my own advice, though, not only

because of the pain, but because of the doctor helping


I breathed deeply, in and out, and it helped a little.

And, just as soon as I started this exercise, I heard Dr.

Cullen’s voice above me.

“Alright, Miss Platt, it’s over.”

I felt a sigh of relief rumble through my body, and I

tried to commit the sound of his voice saying my name

to memory. I slowly opened my eyes, and had to blink a

few times, just to see if the man above me would fade


I tried to think of something clever and witty to say,

something charming that would set me apart from other

girls my age, but instead, I said in a rush, “Thank you,

Dr. Cullen.” My voice was raspy, and I hardly recognized

it as my own.

He smiled. “Anytime.”

I jumped when I heard footsteps trailing down the

hallway. Father and Peter entered the room with worried

expressions on their faces. They looked at me, and then

focused their attention on Dr. Cullen, waiting for him to

say something.

“She’s going to be fine,” he assured them. Father and

Peter’s faces dropped in relief at this. Dr. Cullen reached

behind him to grab a clip board off of the table. He got a

pen and started scribbling on the white paper. “Yes,” he

continued, “She’s did quite well during the operation.

However, I wish to keep her here overnight, just-“

”Actually,” Father spoke up, “Would it be alright to

take her home tonight? I need to be home to work, and

I’d feel better if I could keep my eye on her.”

I looked at Dr. Cullen, who had an expression on his

face like he was deep in thought. How I wanted to stay

here with him for just a few more hours.

“I don’t think,” He said, setting his clipboard back on

the table, “that that is such a good idea.”

Father frowned. “Didn’t you say that she was going to

be alright?”

“Yes,” Dr. Cullen agreed, “but I’d still like to keep her

in the hospital overnight, just in case.” My father started

to argue, but Dr. Cullen held his hand up to stop him.

“How about we let Esme decide?”

All three men turned their eyes toward me, and it

made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t want to cause my

family and worry, but I didn’t want to leave Dr. Cullen,


“I think I’ll stay here,” I finally said, “If that’s alright.”

“Certainly,” Dr. Dullen said, standing up. “I’ll just tell

Dr. Stewards to keep and eye on you. You see, I’m

leaving in a few days for Washington. I’ve been

reassigned to a hospital there. I need to go home and


My face went red, and I looked at my father, thinking

of an excuse. Now that I knew Dr. Cullen wouldn’t be

here, I really had no desire to stay.

“On the second thought,” I commented, “mother

would probably rather me be with her.”

Father nodded, and bent down to pick me up, and

Peter held the door open to let him out. I looked back at

Dr. Cullen, watching him disappear as we turned the

corner. I hated to think that this was the last time that I

would ever see Carlisle Cullen again.