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We're not related, TECHNICALLY, so what's wrong with it?

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" alt="" width="28" height="30"> Jasper/Edward It's hard to keep a secret in a house full of vampires. And the secret Edward and Jasper share would throw the whole Cullen household into chaos if anybody found out.


1. Dirty Little Secret

Rating 2.5/5   Word Count 601   Review this Chapter

Jasper's POV

Hate is a powerful emotion. It drives people to do things that they normally wouldn't dare do. Believe me, I would know. And not just because I could tell what people around me feel- I hate. I hate Bella Swan with every fibre of my being. I would kill her if I could get her away from her precious little Edward.

That little whore stole him from me, and she knew it. She reveled in my pain it caused me when she kissed him. When she whispered little things in his ear. When they were in his room and I could feel passionate emotions so strong I wasn't sure if I wasn't the one in there with Edward. She loved to see me in pain, and I hated her for that.

Two weeks after her transformation, Bella was in desperate need of blood. If she went any longer, she'd probably try to take a bite out of one of us. It was Esme's turn to take her out hunting. As always, we hunted in pairs. Today, Alice went with Esme to help her with Bella if she went too crazy. Carlisle was at the hospital, so that left only Rosalie and Emmett, and Edward and myself.

We all ran off in different directions with our "hunting partner" and went to find food. Edward was following me (since he's not THAT great a tracker) and soon we came across a family of otters playing in the river that wound past our house. We made quick work of them, and when we were done we rinsed our hands off in the river.

"Dammit, I got blood all over the shirt Bella gave me for my Birthday..."

He threw his shirt off and dove into the river to rinse the rest of the blood off. If I could blush, my face would be as red as the blood stain on Edward's shirt. He noticed me looking at him and I could feel his curiosity.

Before he could ask, I simply muttered "Nothing...".

I looked down to avoid his gaze and noticed that my shirt was also soaked through with the otter's blood. I tried to convince myself that I was taking my shirt off and washing it in the river because Alice would have a cow if she saw what happened to my shirt. But no matter how much I wanted to deny it, I couldn't keep myself from realizing that I just wanted to be in the river with Edward.

Stripping my shirt off, I also dove into the river to wash the rest of the blood off of me and to clean my bloody shirt. Turning my back to Edward, I began to scrub my shirt with a rock from the bottom of the river. My shirt was a dark colour, so the blood stain might not be that obvious if I get enough out.....

I stopped my thoughts dead in their tracks when I felt an emotion come from Edward that I have only ever felt from him when he was with Bella- Lust. I turned around and saw Edward looking right at me. Yeah, he was DEFINITELY the best looking out of all of us.

"W-What?" I stammered.

"I know that you like me." he responded "And... I must admit that I find you quite attractive, myself."

I moved closer to him then, and lightly brushed my lips against his. I pulled away to see his reaction, and what happened then, I will never forget (and NO, we did not have sex).