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We're not related, TECHNICALLY, so what's wrong with it?

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" alt="" width="28" height="30"> Jasper/Edward It's hard to keep a secret in a house full of vampires. And the secret Edward and Jasper share would throw the whole Cullen household into chaos if anybody found out.


2. Complications

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I looked up to see his reaction. It was far from what I expected. I could feel the passion and lust rolling off of him in waves as he mercilessly held me in his gaze. Corny, I know, but it truly felt like my heart that hasn't moved in almost two centuries was going to leap out of my chest.

"What was that?" he almost yelled "You call that a kiss?"

And with that, he leaned forward and crushed his lips to mine, opening his mouth slightly to he could trace the edges of my teeth with the tip of his tongue. Eagerly, I kissed him back, pushing him against the riverbank so I could get even closer. My hands knotted in his hair and my un-needed breath was coming out fast and shallow. He began to grind his hips against mine, and just as I was about to... ahem... Take this one step further, Edward removed his mouth from mine and whispered in my ear, his words making me shiver. Not only was he the best looking out of all of us, he also knew how to be EXTREMELY seductive.

"That's what I call a kiss" he whispered, dragging out the "s", so it was almost a hiss. I could feel myself go hard.

He began to place light kisses all the way down my neck, over to my collarbone, and down to my stomach. This was too much for me.

"Edward!" I yelled "If we're going to do it, just hurry up already! You're making this almost painful! Otherwise, just stop for now, because you're making me crazy!"

Edward looked up and smiled slightly at me.

"Okay then, if that's what you want..." He purred.

I honestly expected (and hoped) that he would go with the first option and we would have quick, but hot, sex on the riverbank, but to my disappointment, he pulled away and stood up so we were at about eye-level again. This time, I leaned in and pressed my lips to his in a "thank you" gesture.

Just as I pulled away, Emmett and Rosalie stepped out of the brambles, hand in hand, eyes light again from the fresh kill.

"We thought we heard something out here." said Rosalie. "Only, it sounded like a deer choking on a rabid snake. What exactly were you guys doing?"

-Uh oh,- I thought -this can't be good. They'd tell on us in a second if they knew what happened. Edward, make up some explanation, and FAST!-

"Why is it any of your business, Rosalie?" He began "Jasper and I were having a shirt-washing contest to see who could get the otter's blood out of his shirt the fastest and most thorough. I lost."

"Well, that certainly explains the strangled noises we heard. Edward, you always were a sore loser..."

I decided to chime in, so Edward and I could be alone some more (and quit expecting sex! I meant so we could hunt without Emmett and Rosalie stealing our food). "We have to get back to hunting you guys. Those otters weren't very satisfying. We're going to follow the stream east, so... Bye."

And with that, Edward and I grabbed our clean-ish shirts and swam off.


By the time we were out of the hearing range of any other vampires, we had caught three deer grazing by the water's edge, and two more otters.

"That was close..." I muttered

"You think?! If they had caught us and told anyone, even Carlisle, the whole household would be in chaos!" he snapped at me.

"But I don't care about anyone else! I only care about you, Edward, only you!"

"And Alice? What about her?"

"Alice and I have been... disagreeing... a lot lately. I caught her lip-locking with that mutt, Sam. she doesn't love me anymore."

"...I'm sorry."

I looked up, and saw that Edward was truly being apologetic.

He moved on to a different subject before it could cause me more pain. "Let's go home now. But no PDA's or anything, no hanging around me when there's a chance of anybody seeing, and no acting differently than you were when we went on this hunting trip." As Edward turned to run back home, he looked over his shoulder at me "And if anybody asks, the great catch I made today was that full-grown buck, not you"

And as he sped off towards home, I could've sworn I heard him laugh.

I sighed "This relationship could cause some serious complications for everybody, especially Edward and me..."

And NO, I do NOT mean the fact that we can't... umm... You know...... You people have SERIOUSLY sick minds!

As I followed Edward home, I realized that if Alice checked into my future, she could see Edward and I together. What if she already saw us? I had to find out, or else my heart and Edward's would be on the line!