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We're not related, TECHNICALLY, so what's wrong with it?

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" alt="" width="28" height="30"> Jasper/Edward It's hard to keep a secret in a house full of vampires. And the secret Edward and Jasper share would throw the whole Cullen household into chaos if anybody found out.


3. Busted...?

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I ran off after Edward, trying to get there before him. Although he was faster than me, he also had a greater appetite. I knew that he would stop for something on the way home, so that would give me a few minutes to talk to Alice. But what would I say? It's not like I could go up to her and say "Hi Alice! You didn't happen to see me and Edward making out in the future, did you? Because if you did, I want you to know that you're seeing different Jasper. It's not me." Yeah, like that would work... Lucky for me, when I got to the house, Alice was there... And Edward wasn't. I snuck up behind her while she was busy working on Bella's wedding plans.

"Boo" I whispered in her ear as I wrapped my arms around her waist. I still had feelings for Alice, which helped me not act like my mind was else where; with Edward, to be exact. She jumped a little bit before giggling.

"Boo, yourself, Jasper. What are you doing back so early? I thought you were with Edward. The last time I looked into your future, you two were catching some otters in the river. And by the way, I saw that you got blood all over your shirt... I'm going to have to buy you a new one..."

I laughed, trying not to sound too relieved. But now, my mind was wandering back to Edward. What was taking him so long? I knew that Alice would notice my distraction, so I quickly spun her around in her little spinny-chair and kissed her.

"Or..." I began "You could just forgive me and tell me what a good boy I am."

She simple laughed at this before wrapping her arms around my neck and standing up. I bent down and kissed her again, remebering why I fell for her as she kissed me back. I could tell she was feeling sorry for what she had done with Sam and she was in love with me still. I pushed her against the wall to help me somehow get closer to her. I started to slide my left hand under the back of her shirt when I heard the door open. Well, Edward was home.

I spun around to face Edward, and I felt a wave of betrayal and sadness come from him.

"I'll leave you two alone." he said as he began to shut the door.

"Be right back, love" I whispered in Alice's ear as I followed Edward. We got out to the porch when he spun around angrily.

"What was that all about?!" he snapped "Why, Jasper?! Don't you care about me at all? In the river... You were just trying to seduce me because you were just feeling a tad horny today, WEREN'T YOU?!"

"Edward... I... It's just... No, I love you, but I also love Alice, despite what was going on between her and Sam. I don't know what to do, Edward...She didn't see us kissing in the future, but she still might. But I still want to be with you, Edward, I love you! Don't ever think that I would use you like that."

As he looked into my eyes, I could tell that he was reading my mind to see if I was telling the truth. He jumped slightly as a figure appeared out of the deep shadows of the forest. Shivers crawled down my spine when he said the name of the eavesdropper. "Bella?"

I turned around slowly and met the fiercest pair of eyes I have ever seen. Hate and anguish more powerful than that of Jane's or Victoria's rolled off of her like water off oil.

"Bella, it-" I began, but she cut me off.

"SHUT UP JASPER, JUST SHUT UP! How could you?! You stole my fiance's heart and broke mine! I thought of you as a brother, but now I only see a filthy man-whore and his little boyfriend! And Edward... I can't believe... I mean I.... I..." She broke out in tearless sobs of anguish and collapsed on the ground.

"I think you should go, Jasper. Just go somewhere. Don't stay here for now. Leave." Edward whispered as he walked over to Bella's crumpled, shivering shape on the ground.

The next day, I got a call from Edward on my cell phone.

"Hello? Edward?"

"Jasper!" he replied breathlessly.

"...What's wrong, Edward?" I replied nervously.

"Jasper, it's Bella... She's gone to Italy. To see the Volturi."

I dropped the phone. My sister was going to kill herself.