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Viva la Vida

An old resident of the reservation returns and help get Jacob out of his depressed funk.

I want to thank my beta that helped me a ton, thanks iluvedwardcullen, if it wasn't for her i would get tons of reviews with just grammer comments. got the title from coldplay love that song.

1. Mustang Ivy

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Ivy was almost home when her car started to act up and she smelt a weird smell, one that should not be coming from the engine. So she quickly acted and pulled over to the side of the forest highway and turned off the car. She walked over to the hood and bent down to open it, but she resisted and just went back to get her phone.

“Grandpa? Hey, my car died and I need a lift. I’m by highway marker 137,” she told him, walking to the back of the car.

“Alright, just stay there and I’ll be out in a second,” Grandpa told her before hanging up the phone.

“Nothing can go right with you anymore. Everything has to go wrong and nothing is easy. GOD!” she shouted to herself as she sat on the trunk.


Jared, Paul and Seth took Jacob hostage, threw him in the car and headed to Port Angeles. It was odd that they were not going in wolf form but they didn’t want to bother with bringing extra clothes. Jared and Paul were in the front seats and Seth sat with Jacob in the back.

“Don’t look at me like that. We can’t stand how miserable you have been. You are making all of us depressed. This is good for us all,” Seth explained as guilt took over him.

“Whatever,” Jacob said, staring out the window, still depressed. The date was coming up soon, and he was getting more depressed by the day, which made everyone sad.

“Don’t be mad at us. You will thank us. You need to clear your head,” Jared said from the front seat.

The guys were speeding down the open road when they spotted a car on the side of the highway coming up. The car looked fairly old and prone for breakdowns.

“Pull over, it might be a girl,” Seth commanded from the backseat, all excited.

The car slowed to a roll, pulled up behind the busted one and stopped. The guys all took a deep breath, just as a precaution to test the mortality of the person. There was nothing sweet smelling about this person, so they all agreed it was not a vampire.


Ivy was playing with her CDs when she heard another car pull up. Thinking it was her Grandpa, she got out of her car without checking. She started to walk back to the new car but stopped when she saw four unfamiliar faces looking back at her.

“Either Grandpa got younger since I last saw him, along with all of his friends, or this isn’t him,” she thought out loud.

The guys looked at her suspiciously before they got out. One looked really excited and had a huge grin on his face, the ones in the front seats looked like they could care less and the one in the back seat looked like someone killed his fish.

“Did it break down?” the happy one asked, walking up to Ivy.

“Yeah, its just my luck too,” she said, kicking one of the tires.

“Do you need some help?” One of the other boys asked, joining the happy one.

“Actually, my Grandpa is on his way to get me,” Ivy told them, walking over and sitting on her trunk once again.

Just as she said that she spotted her Grandpa’s old truck making its way down the highway.

“Speak of the devil and you shall receive,” she chuckled to herself.

“You know old Red?” the depressed one asked, looking really confused.

“You can say that,” she said as she jumped down from the trunk and opened it.


Old Red pulled up in front of the girl’s car and got out, “Ivy, sweetheart, can’t you get home before things happen to you?” he asked with a laugh, and hugged the girl.

“Boys. What are you up to today?” he asked the boys.

“We were going to Port Angeles,” Jared told him, nodding over towards Jacob, who still looked sad.

“I see you met my granddaughter,” he continued, grabbing bags from the trunk.

“We saw her and pulled over to help,” Seth chimed in from behind the bigger guys.

“Well, that was nice of you. We are having a barbeque this weekend to celebrate Ivy’s home coming. You are all invited, so tell you parents,” Red told us, tossing the last bag into the truck before getting in.

“You know us, we won’t miss it,” Paul snickered as Red and Ivy got into the truck.

“She’s hot,” Seth said, as he got back into the car.

“Yeah, she doesn’t look like the local girls though,” Jared said, closing the door.

“What do you mean?” Seth asked, buckling up.

“Red said she was coming back home,” Jared continued.

“Yeah…?” Seth asked, puzzled from the back.

“She doesn’t look like a local. She has fair skin, and blonde hair,” Jared finished.


Ivy glanced out her window and welcomed back the usual greenness and wilderness that she missed. She loved her home and was sad that she moved away for school.

“You know, Ivy, I am so happy you are home,” Grandpa said, looking over at her.

“I’m just as happy as you, Papa,” Ivy said, not taking a look away from the window. “I missed everything so much.”

“We left everything they way you like it.” Grandpa added.

Turning down the road, Ivy could not get enough of the nature that she missed. When her Grandpa parked at the house, she knelt down on the grass and ran it through her fingers. She didn’t get too far in her reintroduction before the dogs broke it.

“Hey guys, I missed you too,” she said, petting them and kissing them on the head.

Ivy’s grandmother was out of the house now and almost jogging to her with her arms stretched out. Ivy ran the rest of the way and welcomed the huge hug only a grandmother could give.

“My Ivy, home at last,” Grandma cooed in her hair.

Ivy’s room was just as she left it a long time ago. She had dreamt about returning here for such a long time that she laughed when she entered the room. Posters were plastered all over the walls of bands and celebrities that she used to love as a child. On her dresser picture frames cluttered any available space.

There was one picture she loved more than any other. Her family photo. The last photo taken before the accident. A tear welled up as she lifted the photo and wiped away the dust that had collected on it. She wished she could remember when the photo was taken, but everything from back then was like a black hole had hit it- it was simply gone.


“I can’t wait for this weekend. I love barbeques,” Seth said, as they walked into the movies.

“Is it the barbeque you can’t wait for, or Ivy?” Paul questioned with an evil smile on his face.

“No, I just um…” Seth trailed off, embarrassed.

“It’s just a girl,” Jacob said, still depressed, looking at the movie posters.

“Whatever. How about this one?” Jared pointed to a poster with tons of action all over it.

They decided about the movie and bought tickets. Seth and Paul went to get seats and Jared and Jacob got snacks.

“You know, Ivy might be single. You could talk to her at the barbeque,” Jared told him getting into a line for snacks.

“Fine,” Jacob said.