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How Vampires Feel

This is my story of what happens after Eclipse. Will Jacobsteal Bella's love? Will Charlie find out the Cullen's secret? Will Edward and Bella be together at last?


1. Chapter 1

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“I won’t run away. I’ve changed my mind. We’ll work something out, Jacob. There is always a compromise. Don’t go!”

“You’re lying.”

“I’m not. You know what a terrible liar I am. Look into my eyes. I’ll stay if you do.”

His face hardened. “Can I be your best man at the wedding?”

I looked away, sighed, then looked at Jacob once more. When I looked, I didn’t see the tall, muscular Jacob, but a large, russet-brown werewolf. He was shaking, and seemed to flame with anger. I had to look away.

“Look at me!” I heard him yell, though he was in his wolf form, “ Look at me!”

Rather than obey, I ran. I ran deeper and deeper into the forest, all the while with Jacob’s screams at my heels. I looked around me, and began to notice I was running at vampire speed. I checked my hands, to find them paler than usual. When I looked up, I saw Edward leaning against a tree with a worried expression on his glorious face. I ran into his arms and tried to comfort him, but I couldn’t speak. Though my mouth moved in earnest, no sound came.

Then, I heard him say my name. I looked up from his chest, and he said it again, more panicked than the first time. His lips weren’t moving. Over and over he said my name, yet his face remained a concerned, yet glorious, statue.

I gasped when I realized what was happening. I was reading his mind.

“Bella,” I heard my angel say,”The day is waiting.”

It was then that my nightmare ended.


When I opened my eyes, I was panting, and fully conscious. Yet when Edward’s cold, marble lips touched mine, it was as if I was dreaming again.

“Good morning, love,” he said when his lips left mine.

I smiled, and sat up. Edward adjusted his grip on me, and moved the blanket up closer to me. I was shocked to find that it wasn’t the ratty quilt that I remembered falling asleep under, but a lovely golden comforter. I looked further, and saw that I was in Edward’s room, on the bed Alice moved there, so many months ago.

“What am I doing here?” I wondered,”I fell asleep in my room.”

He smirked. “Alice wanted me to bring you here last night.”


“She wanted to get an early start on her work.”

I raised my eyebrow. “Her work?”

“Yes,” he said, with a confused expression on his face, “getting you ready.”

“Ready?” I asked, “For what?”

He leaned in and kissed my neck. He then whispered in my ear, “We’re getting married today.”

I could feel my eyes widen. My wedding day. Today was the day. The day I’d become a Cullen-Edward’s wife. I leaned up to give him a kiss, but he beat me to it, with a sweet, gentle kiss.

He broke away all to soon. “Oh, brother,” he sighed.

I was about to ask him what the matter was, when Alice burst through the door.

“EDWARD!” said Alice, with a voice that would put lions to shame, “You promised to leave before she woke up! You know the rules. No seeing Bella until the ceremony!”

Edward sighed. “ Well, I thought I wasn’t supposed to see her in her dress until the ceremony.”

Alice responded by pointing towards the door.

Not wanting to give the Maid of Honor stress on the big day, Edward picked me up, and carried me to the door. He set me down , wrapped his arms around me, and kissed my forehead. He broke away and whispered, “I love you.” He gave me another kiss, gave Alice a warning look, and was out the door.
“We have to do something with your hair,” commented Alice, when Edward was safely out of the room.

I sighed. Suddenly, Esme was by my side.

Her arms wrapped around me. When she let go, she said, “Are you ready?”

I wasn’t sure if she meant to ask if I was ready for the wedding, or for the torture they were about to put me through, but I nodded my head. Esme smiled sweetly, and Alice smiled with a grin, much to large for her face.

Alice grabbed my arm, and whisked me down the hall.

“Alice,” I said, right before we reached the door, “You’re not going to overboard, are you? I don’t want it to be to much.”

“Oh, of course not, Bella,” she replied,”Just a little eyeshadow, and some lipstick, probably not any blush. I’m sure you’ll be blushing enough today as it is...”

Once we reached the bathroom at the end of the hall, Alice reached her little arm forward, and opened the door. I cautiously stepped inside, all to nervous to see what was in the large, marble bathroom.

Every counter top was covered with beauty products. From top to bottom, bottles, packages, and cases were labeled, and said to give women the ‘perfect look’. Before I could protest, Alice sat me down into the cushioned stool in the center of the room. She and Esme began to file through the mass pile on the counter. In the blink of an eye, Rosalie was right there helping them. For hours, I sat in front of the mirror, pleading Alice to let me go. So much time seemed to pass, that I began to wonder if I’d miss the wedding entirely.

Yet, after the millionth time of Alice saying she was almost done, she finally finished. She slowly swerved the chair for me to face the mirror, and when I looked into the glass surface, it wasn’t Bella Swan that I saw - but some one else. Someone who looked beautiful, and wouldn’t look entirely out of place while standing next to Edward. I wasn’t vampire gorgeous - but it was enough to get me through the most important day of my life - soon to be existence.