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One Tear

A human's life is cursed. We are cursed with living blindly. Living for an unknown tomorrow. We try to make the right decisions, but how do we know which is the right one. Which path to take at each fork... Isabella Swan's life is touched by magic. Her whole world is changed when she meets the boy or rather vampire that makes her heart pound and swell. She loved him, but he left. And with him so went the magic, and her world is changed. It's magic-less...or is it? This story starts in the middle of New Moon after Edward has left. It starts the night after Jacob opens Bella's eyes to his love and pushes her to reciprocate. Just before he realizes the legends are true.


1. Chapter 1

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Sometimes you have to let go of your dreams. Maybe now was one of those times. He was my biggest brightest dream and it had disappeared in a flash, out of reach. It was like realizing I couldn’t get the dream house but I was getting awfully close. Edward. Should I let him go? Can I?

That is not to say that there was anything wrong with Jacob. He was my best friend and my protector. He was perfect, but not divine. How horrible of a person am I? I couldn’t be happy with perfect! I am so selfish!

There are so many girls out there who would fall head-over-heels with Jake, but Edward had ruined me, and I didn’t know if I was worthy of Jake. He deserved someone who would love him with all of her heart. But he wanted me. He had said just today that he would wait for me for as long as it took.

I won’t make him wait any longer. I decided, then and there. I could let go of Edward. It was the right choice. He was gone and he wasn’t coming back. And that was that. Are you CRAZY? Are you a mad woman? Edward! my heart cried. How could you do this to me? You are so dis-loyal! my heart was irate now. Nobody asked you for your input. This is how it has to be. He’s gone. He doesn’t love me and for some un-godly reason I am required to keep on living. Jacob is perfect, Jacob is perfect, Jacob is perfect, I chanted. Oh, yes, but EDWARD is divine, my heart interrupted. Shut - Uup! Last time I checked I am the one who makes the decisions, no more interference, thank-you. You know I’m right… You miiiiiss him. You want to kiiiiiis him. My heart sang the very upbeat song. Ha my mind laughed bitterly. You’re only hurting yourself. My heart retreated, conceding the battle and the war.

Jacob Black is perfect, he is my best-friend and I WILL be happy. Liar. This is it. Get it out now. If your going to cry over him anymore do it right now. And so I did. I cried myself asleep and then I woke up and cried myself asleep again, over and over until finally the sun came to rescue me from my misery.