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My play on the Edward and Bella find out about Twilight plot. Bella is finally sick of Wuthering Heights and decides she wants to check out this mysterious new book she's heard about. Lots of fluff. FIRST CHAPTER OF BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS! It's my first fanfic. Go easy!


2. A Little Too Accurate

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1039   Review this Chapter

I looked up at Edward and finally understood the problem. My life story was in this book for everyone to read. And I wasn’t even sure how much of it. I looked around, suddenly feeling like people were watching me everywhere.

“Bella I-“ Edward started but I cut him off. All I knew was that we needed the book and then we had to get out of here as soon as possible. I walked towards to counter but as I passed the M section I noticed there were two other Stephenie Meyer books there. I tried to remain calm as I grabbed a copy of each of them.

“Edward why don’t you get in the car,” I muttered. He nodded, deep in thought as he stalked out of the store.

I reached the counter and threw the books down, thankful to see it was different girl at the counter. She popped her gum as she simultaneously read her gossip magazine and rang up my books. She never looked at me once. This probably helped me leave the store sooner. I really hoped that these books weren’t as popular as Angela made it sound.

As soon as she handed me the bag I ran towards the door, thankfully not tripping. At least I wasn’t going to make a scene in the store. I slid into the car on the passenger’s side as Edward was already positioned behind the wheel.

“I think we need to get home a little faster than you’re willing to drive,” he said. I just nodded, still dazed from my findings. I decided that I might as well make sure before I freaked out if these books really were about me. I opened the first page and started reading.

In an odd twilight zone moment I read over various milestones of my life. My move to Forks, the first time I saw Edward, to when I learned he was a vampire. I was scared now, it was so accurate. Every thought, every word I’d ever spoken since I moved from Phoenix was documented in this book. Yet it was told with so much more passion and suspense than I believed my own story even deserved. I had to give props to writer if anything. Yet, again I was scared. How many people knew this was real, maybe everyone did. I couldn’t know. That meant that I wasn’t the only one that knew everything about the Cullens. Thousands of other people were sharing this journey with me. Anger once again fired up in me as we reached Forks. This was all so… private. And now everyone who had ever read this book knew. They knew everything.

I threw Twilight aside and was not as surprised when I saw New Moon and Eclipse, the other two books, were continuations of my life. I flinched as I read the first couple chapters of New Moon. I made a mental note to keep this one away from Edward.

“Bella? We should talk to Carlisle,” Edward said, his soft voice pulling me from my thoughts. The car was parked in front of his house, the one so grandly depicted in the book. Once again I nodded.

As we walked into the house Alice was already there, looking utterly confused. Of course she already knew what we were going to tell her. Carlisle walked in looking at some papers, medical papers I assumed. He looked up when he reached the point where we were standing.

“Carlisle, look at this,” Edward said as he handed Twilight to him. Carlisle took the book and flipped through the first couple chapter, various expressions flying across his face.

“How is this possible?” Edward said as he stormed into the living room just off the foyer. He sat on the couch, his face in his hands

“I…don’t… know,” Carlisle responded looked extremely dumbfounded. I realized this was the first time I had found him at a loss for words.

“And I’m guessing you didn’t write this Bella?” he said turning to look at me. Edward was now staring out the windows on the far wall.

“I think you would’ve known if I had sold millions of books using the penname Stephenie Meyer.” I said confused now, “I just don’t know how it can be so accurate. Every thought is the same and the words look so familiar, like I must have said them. It’s my life in writing. How is that possible? I’ve never even told half this stuff to anyone, not even Edward!” Edward grimaced on the couch still staring out the wall of windows.

“What worries me the most is that these books are apparently really popular. How long is it going to be until someone finds out we exist and that this is all true? Your secret is plastered all over these books. People from school are in these books, Mike Newton is in these books-” I sputtered but Carlisle cut me off.

“Bella, calm down. There has to be an answer somewhere and with every answer will come with a solution.” I noticed Alice had left the room, no doubt spreading the news to everyone else. As if they hadn’t heard me freaking out from upstairs. I noticed the other two books were gone as well. Later I realized that should have bothered me because I hadn’t taken one step towards Edward before Rosalie ran down the stairs looking very angry.

“Why is my whole life story including the conversation Bella and I had all over chapter 7 of Eclipse! That wasn’t exactly meant to be broadcasted to the whole world!” Rosalie said, her voice rising in anger.

“Calm down Rose,” Emmett said as he walked down the stairs looking perplexed, “I’m sure it was nobody in this room’s fault.” Rosalie’s eyes continued to dart around the room before she abruptly spun around and walked back up the stairs. Emmett followed dutifully now looking like he was thinking very hard.

After Rosalie’s outburst I realized there was problem, a huge problem. There were a lot of things in those books that I didn’t want anybody else to read about, including Edward. In fact, especially Edward.