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New Book

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My play on the Edward and Bella find out about Twilight plot. Bella is finally sick of Wuthering Heights and decides she wants to check out this mysterious new book she's heard about. Lots of fluff. FIRST CHAPTER OF BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS! It's my first fanfic. Go easy!


3. Damage Control

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1049   Review this Chapter

“The first thing we should do is find out about how much everyone knows about us. We should read the books.” There was murmur of agreement as Carlisle said these words. Great. My worst fear confirmed.

“Um, how about I just read them?” I said sheepishly. Carlisle gave me quizzical look. “I mean they are all about me, about what I’m thinking.” I noticed Edward’s eyebrows rise out of the corner of my eyes. Oh no. I made a promise to myself that in no way was Edward going to read anymore of these books.

“I don’t see the problem Bella,” Carlisle said still looking a little confused. This was going to be harder than I thought.

“You know there is stuff in here that’s… private. Maybe I just ought to check that there isn’t something I wouldn’t want anybody else to read… if it is so accurate.” Of course there was something I didn’t want anyone else to read. All of it. Carlisle seemed to see my dilemma and handed Twilight over to me. I picked up the other two and trudged up stairs to Edward’s room. I could hear someone behind me if only slightly. Well, I was going to have to deal with Edward sometime or another. I opened the door and sat down holding all the books in my hands protectively. Edward walked in with an all too familiar face on.

“You’re not going to make me budge on this one Edward. You’ve already said yourself that maybe it’s better if you didn’t know what I was thinking.” I said sternly.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t want to know,” he said, a smile plastered on his face.

“Sorry. Not this time,” I said turning away from him still clutching the books, “Just give me second okay?” He walked across the room and sat down on his couch in a huff but I pretended not to notice. I was about to start, what was the phrase? Damage control.

I had already seen enough of Twilight so I decided to open New Moon. That was not a good decision. I hadn’t realized how tragic it had seemed when Edward left. I started crying again, it opened some old wounds. I appreciated how the author hadn’t given a blow by blow account of those first few months. I figured because there was nothing there to talk about. I was dead inside.

Edward started to walk over, most likely to comfort me but I held my hand up to stop him. I was going to go through this alone whether he liked it or not. It did touch me to read about Jacob, this wasn’t so painful because at the beginning he was still Jacob, the kid that had been my friend. I laughed at the movie theater part, I had forgotten about that.

I neared the end of the book and it was touching in a way to see all these moments I had with Edward so vividly pictured. Yet it upset me because they were so private. I couldn’t believe so many people had read this, had shared all these moments. I felt invaded in a way. I sighed knowing that Edward was going to find out. He was almost as much a part of these books as I was. Inwardly I yelled at myself for Edward being so involved in my life but I wasn’t going to take any of it back.

Only the end of Eclipse was painful. After reading almost a chapter on my kiss with Jacob I knew I didn’t want Edward to read that part either.

Again it was weird to read these… documentations of my life in story form. My life, well since I moved to Forks, seemed so much more interesting through the eyes of this author. I knew I was going to have to meet her.

“Ha!” I heard Edward say, “You really did think I hated you that day in Biology.” He was holding Twilight in his hands. He was in trouble.

“Edward! I told you not to read it!” I said, my voice rising.

“I apologize Bella but these books are about me too.” Edward said in his defense.

“I know but can’t I have a little privacy.” I pleaded.

“Fine!” he said as he threw the book back to me. I wasn’t going to get in a fight with Edward over this.

“I’ll let you guys know what’s in them but minus my personal commentary,” I compromised.

“Whatever.” Edward said still looking a little miffed. I looked down at the book that had caused so much trouble and glared at it.

“No seriously Bella. I’m sorry, you’re right. That was rude of me to read it when you asked me not to. Do you forgive me?” He said and suddenly he was sitting right next to me. He took his hand and lifted my chin up so I was looking at him.

“Of course Edward, there just things in there that are private. I want to have the choice to share them with you.” I explained. He nodded.

He grabbed my hand and led me downstairs the books still in my arms. The living room was now empty as he sat me down on the couch.

“Carlisle?” Edward called softly but I knew everyone in the house would hear him.

“Yes Edward?” he said as he walked in, Esme at his side.

“Bella can tell you what she found,” Edward replied. We were now joined by Alice and Jasper who had been absent for the bulk of this ordeal. I cleared my throat.

“Basically… everything I know, everyone else knows too,” I said.

“Well, I’m not surprised but there is only one thing left do to. We have to visit this Stephenie Meyer person.” Carlisle said his voice full of authority.

“Well, we might want to do that sooner than later,” Alice said, speaking up for the first time, “It seems we will be having quite a few visitors in the near future.” My blood chilled.

“What! You mean there are more vampires coming after us?” I said, now thoroughly panicked.

“No,” Alice said calmly, “More like a bunch of crazy fans but I wouldn’t be any less scared.”