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My play on the Edward and Bella find out about Twilight plot. Bella is finally sick of Wuthering Heights and decides she wants to check out this mysterious new book she's heard about. Lots of fluff. FIRST CHAPTER OF BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS! It's my first fanfic. Go easy!


4. My name is Stephenie

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1185   Review this Chapter

“Huh? Crazy fans? You can’t be serious,” I responded a little irritated she had gotten me so worked up. She made it sound like the Volturi was coming. Alice nodded and turned to look at Edward who was shaking his head back and forth.

Then all of the sudden she burst out laughing. Now I was confused. Edward gave her a menacing glare and stalked out of the room.

In between her fits of giggles she managed to gasp out, “They were all wearing ‘I love Edward’ t-shirts!” At that statement Emmet burst into a roar of laughter. I finally understood why Edward had left the room.

“Hmph,” I said, “I don’t find that quite as funny as you do. Does that mean you’re not kidding about the crazy fans?” Alice shook her head as she regained a standing position.

“Great. Fabulous. I mean how many people have read this stupid book. I’m not even that interesting!” I said.

“Well,” Alice said with a smile on her face, “I’m guessing Edward is.” Of course. I should have known that I wasn’t the only person that thought Edward was amazing, especially if all these girls were reading my every thought about them. Edward was a god. Of course everyone would read these books. I frowned in self pity.

“Well I really think we should visit this author now. Okay?” I said trying to change the subject. I grabbed the last book and looked in the back of the book. Thank god she decided to acknowledge her publicist. I found the name “Elizabeth Eulberg” but not before I noticed this section entitled “Exclusive Preview of Breaking Dawn”.

Now I was freaked out. After reading it I realized that had only happened yesterday. The book had come out over a month ago. I took a few deep breaths and decided I would keep that knowledge to myself. I didn’t want to burden anybody else with it.

I walked to the kitchen and the rest of the Cullens followed.

“Okay so how are we reaching this publicist?” I asked. Carlisle stepped forward.

“Here, I have a few contacts I can try,” he said. I gave him the name. Of course he had contacts.

As he went into the other room with the phone, I sat down, a little exhausted. Alice, Esme and I were the only ones in the kitchen now.

“Alice, when exactly did you see those fans coming?” I asked, a little unsure if I wanted to know the answer.

“Well-” Alice started but she was cut off by the sound of a car stopping outside the house. I looked at Alice and she shrugged, a sheepish smile on her face.

“Oh great.”

I walked over to the window and peered out. There were two girls getting out a rental car. They looked about my age maybe a little younger and were wearing shirts that said “I love Edward”.

“Oh my god. This house looks exactly like it. Think of what we can tell all the people back at the convention. That person in the police station was really nice to point this out. What was his name again?” The first girl asked.

“He didn’t say,” the other girl responded as she walked up the steps. “Should we see if anyone’s home?”

I’d heard enough to know that if we didn’t leave soon there would be more people coming.

“Carlisle? Where are we with that number? And where is Edward? Edward!” I yelled a little annoyed that he had just left. I didn’t care if there were crazy fans attacking him, I just wanted to sort this whole thing out.

“Bella calm down.” Edward said as he walked down the stairs, “Carlisle I were upstairs and we figured out where this Stephenie Meyer is.”


“Well, after a little… persuasion, the publicist said she’s in Pheonix right now. That’s where she lives. She’s about to go on tour so we should catch her there.”

“She lives in Pheonix?” Things were getting odder by the moment.

“Yes and we should get going, we already have tickets bought, you and I are going with Carlisle. The rest are staying to make sure nothing weird happens,” Edward explained.

“Weird?” I said.

“Well, more like making sure no one breaks into the house,” he replied a smile touching his face.

I was about to respond when there was a knock on the front door. I had forgotten about those two girls. Apparently they had decided to see if anyone was home.

“I think I’d better answer it.” I said. Hopefully they wouldn’t recognize me. I hadn’t really seen how much Stephenie Meyer had described me in her books. I opened the door and peeked around.

“Um, hello can I help you?” I said to the two girls.

“Oh, hi. I’m Jillian and that’s my friend Ellen.” Jillian said. The girl named Ellen waved her hand in acknowledgment. “Do you live here?”

“Um, yeah. Sort of.” I said lamely.

“Well, we really like your house. It looks just like this house in our favorite book.” Jillian said.

“Er… cool. My name is… uh Stephenie,” I replied. That was the first name to come into my mind. I looked behind me and Edward looked like he was about to laugh.

“Hey Jillian doesn’t she look a lot like Bella?” Ellen had finally piped up. If I wasn’t nervous before I was now.

“Hey yeah she does…. a little too much.” Jillian responded. I was frozen now. Edward seeing my apparent lack of speech opened the door so the two girls could see him clearly.

“Hello. Can I help you?” he said coldly.

“Whoa.” Jillian said simply. “Um, sorry to bother you.” Jillian grabbed Ellen and they walked quickly to their car. I guess Edward could be scary when he wanted to. He was a vampire after all.

“Did you SEE who he looked like?!” I heard Jillian whisper fiercely to Ellen. It was not until they had driven out of sight that I let go of the door and took a deep breath.

“That was a little too close,” Edward said. “And after that I’m pretty sure they know who I am.”

“I told you I would answer the door. Of course they would recognize you. Do you remember the book store at all!” I choked out. Edward smiled and pulled me towards the living room, where the rest of the Cullens were standing.

“Alice I’m guessing that wasn’t all of the crazy fans?” I sighed.

“Nope. Sorry.” She said with a smile. Sometimes I could see why Edward thought she was so annoying.

“I think it’s time to catch our flight if we want to get to Pheonix as soon as possible.” Carlisle said.

“Yeah, we promise to hold down the fort… and save you a t-shirt.” Emmett said winking at me. Edward whacked him in the head and Alice snickered. I rolled my eyes.

I followed Edward and Carlisle out to the Mercedes, not really sure what to expect next.