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My play on the Edward and Bella find out about Twilight plot. Bella is finally sick of Wuthering Heights and decides she wants to check out this mysterious new book she's heard about. Lots of fluff. FIRST CHAPTER OF BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS! It's my first fanfic. Go easy!


5. Phoenix

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 682   Review this Chapter

I sat in the backseat as Edward went over traveling information with Carlisle. He pulled out a couple of maps and pointed out parts of what I recognized as Phoenix. I figured this was the best time to call Seth. Someone was going to have to alert the rest of the werewolves and…. Jacob. I sighed. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed the number I now knew by heart.

“Hello?” It was Seth that answered.

“Hey Seth, its Bella,” I said, secretly relieved it hadn’t been Leah that answered. Edward turned around, looked at me and faced forward again, continuing his conversation with Carlisle

“Hey!” he said enthusiastically.

“We have a problem,” I said.

“What’s up?” he replied sounding confused. I told him exactly what had happened since we had entered the bookstore up until now.

“So basically Seth, everyone who’s read that book knows there are werewolves in La Push. I would stay low for a while.” I recommended.

“Yeah… uh… wow. That’s a shock.” He commented.

“You and me both. Pass it on to the rest of them, okay?” I said.

“Yeah, sure. So you’re going to meet this author Stephenie something-or-other?” he asked.

“Yeah. Were going to try to find out what’s going on.” I said.

“Wow,” he repeated. “Good luck.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“Bye!” he said and I heard the line click. I snapped the phone shut and leaned back on the seat, closing my eyes in the process.

“You told the wolves?” Edward asked conversationally. I opened my eyes and when I saw he was looking at me, I nodded. I stared at the passing trees, seeing only green blurs in their place.

“Bella, were going to figure this out,” Edward said, trying to comfort me.

“I know. I’ll just feel better when I have answers.” I said. I yawned, not realizing how tired I was. My eyes closed and I felt myself drifting off to sleep.


I tapped my foot on the curb impatiently as I stood with Edward waiting for Carlisle to bring the rental car. I noted that this was the first time I had traveled anywhere with the Cullens and acquired a car legally. Edward grabbed my hand and I immediately felt myself relaxing.

I noticed a dark car approaching us fast and I new it was our ride. I opened the backdoor and this time Edward slid in next to me.

“She lives in a suburb about half an hour from the airport. It won’t take long,” Carlisle said appeasing my impatience. I could wait half an hour. I was tired and I ended up leaning on Edward’s shoulder. He felt good on my cheek compared to the muggy Phoenix weather.

I watched as the desert flew past us. I vaguely wondered how fast we were going. I had long abandoned my attempts to slow the Cullens down when they drove. I knew we wouldn’t crash and they didn’t listen to me anyways.

All of the sudden we pulled to a stop in front of a modest two story brown house. It was obviously the home of a family too. There was large minivan and miscellaneous toys scattered on the front yard.

I got out of the car and followed Carlisle and Edward to the door. Edward approached the door and knocked twice. A second later I heard footsteps coming to the door from the other side.

A woman with longish, red-brown hair opened the door and did a sort of double take. She looked a little too surprised to speak.

“Are you Stephenie Meyer?” Edward asked politely.

“Yes, yes I am. And who are you?” she asked. The only problem was that she didn’t look like she wanted to know the answer.

“I’m Edward Cullen and this is my father Carlisle and my fiancée Isabella Swan,” Edward said.

The woman looked at me when Edward said my name and then fainted.