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Love is Always Worth it

Edward thinking of Bella as he holds her, and how he thinks of himself and her

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1. Chapter 1

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I hold her in my arms
I feel her gentle breathing
And the soft thump, thump
Of her wondrous heart

And yet
She wants me to take it away
To make her a monster
An evil blood thirsty one

I want to say “No”
And stick to it forever, yet
Yet I’m selfish
And she stubborn

But first
I most give her one thing
One thing that might kill her
One thing that I long for

I will eventually
After we get married
When she asks me
On our honeymoon

I hold her in my arms
Remembering the trouble
Remembering the silly question
Was this human worth it

And as she turns to face me
Her cheeks lightly flushed
Her heart shaped face smiling
Her hair wind-blown

I look around this meadow
Our meadow
And can answer
Yes it was truly worth it