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the smell of blood doesn't stand a chance.



1. Chapter 1

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I was currently resisting the temptations of running my fingers on my wife’s pale, exposed thighs. She was running through the sprinklers, her body shining in its radiant glory. Her white sun dress was quickly molding itself to her small, thin body and I couldn’t help but lust for her.

She is my wife, after all.

I sighed in happiness. Who could ever thought that I would meet someone that can complete me in so many ways and manage to erase all traces of depression?

It wasn’t until I met Alice that I found it was actually possible.

Alice’s chiming laughter broke me out of my thoughts, “Jasper, come here!”

I smiled and shook my head. I’d rather watch her enjoy herself.

Alice pouted and widened her eyes, “Please?”

I shook my head, “No, someone will see us.”

Alice smiled, “Jasper, we’re in the middle of nowhere. No one will see us. Please, join me, it’s fun.” She opened her arms to me. I smiled and sauntered to her open embrace. She nuzzled her head on my chest as I tightened my grip around her tiny waist.

I imagined myself flinging her dress off in the sprinklers and take in her beautiful, naked glory–

Alice looked up at me, a mischievous glint in her eyes, “Jasper,” she said, insinuating something else.

“What?” I asked rather quickly.

Alice smiled, “I just saw something.”

I smiled sheepishly, I’ve been caught, “I’m sorry ma’am.”

Alice shook herself out of my hold, grabbing my hand. I felt myself raising my eyebrows.

She scoffed, “Oh yes, now I bet you don’t even know where I’m taking you,” she said, as she opened the door to our small cottage.

“Um, no, actually I don’t,” I said, but at that same time I felt lust empowering my body and my mind, “Never mind, I know now.”

“Good,” she said, as we slipped into our bedroom door.

I sat on a boulder overlooking the rest of the forest. I wiped the traces of animal blood from my lips and remembered how truly magnificent earlier today was. Alice never ceased to amaze me and, once again, managed to make me feel complete. Full. Whole.

It was at that instant I smelled it.

I race to the place where the trees grew more abundant and the sky was hardly visible from the leaves. Fear was pulsating from both my body as well as the human making its way closer to me.

The prey to the predator. Amusing, really.

I crouched, my mouth already coating itself in venom, salivating the sweet taste of human blood running down my throat. I shook my head, trying to get rid of this trance.

Think of Alice. Think of Alice.

“Hello? Anyone there?” A high-squeaked voice asked, her words trembling.

Her scent was overtaking me. I couldn’t resist.

Jasper, please. Alice had said, Remember that theyhave families, a future. Put yourself in their shoes. Don’t kill, Jasper. For me.

“Hello? Someone help,” the girl asked. My breaths grew quicker, she was unknowingly coming closer to her predator.

A thump. “Ouch,” she said. I heard a bag unzipping and the smell, the smell of blood. I couldn’t handle it anymore.

I ran to closer to the girl and peered from a hedge. She was s mall girl, around the age of thirteen, simple facial features. Her knee was gushing blood as she unsuccessfully tried to bandage it.

“Are you lost?” I heard myself ask as I was walking towards her.

A rush of terror yet relief washed my body. She was actually relieved to see me. I chuckled internally.

“Yes, can you help me? I’m Lisa,” she said.

“I’m Jasper, nice to meet you. My wife and I live over there,” I said, pointing my finger to the west, “I’m sure she can help you.”

She smiled as she limped towards me, “Thank you, but my leg really hurts. I doubt I can walk much more.”

I nodded, “Would you like me to carry you? It’s a really short distance, I don’t mind.”

She laughed and nodded her head and I swiftly carried her in my arms. Her blood was tantalizing. I couldn’t give in, I had to take her to Alice.

I knew I wouldn’t make it.