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the smell of blood doesn't stand a chance.



2. Chapter 2

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I could hear Alice’s voice in my head, Be strong, Jasper.

I was going to let her down.

Instead of going towards the cottage, I ran deeper into the woods. The forest becoming denser, darker.

I felt Lisa stiffen from the wind rushing to her face. Her body was in complete shock, in fury, scared, and realization.

“Where are we going?” she asked, her voice so small. I ignored her as I kept running towards the middle of the forest, where the river was.

“Let me go! Let me go!” she asked, punching my chest only to bruise her small knuckles. My instincts came in, forcing me growl as I threw her on the floor. Her light body thumped soundly on the floor, her staggering cries halted by her sudden loss of breath.

I paced around her, my inner monster begged to taste her sweet, intoxicating blood. Alice’s voice was fighting as well, begging for me to stop.

Which one to listen to?

A small whimper brought me to realize that her arms were severely bleeding. The monster in me grew frenzied and I knew I could no longer resist. I jumped on her and muffled her scream with my hand as I traced the contour of her throat. The monster was salivating, growing crazier for one taste.

I snapped her neck neatly and her eyes began to dull. I pierced my teeth through the soft flesh on the base of her neck and she whimpered. The blood was gushing out the wound and I grew lustful for more and more.


I turned from her throat and saw her. My miracle, my angel.

“Jasper?” she asked once more.

I regained composure as I laid the body down and walked towards Alice. She looked up at me, a look of terror in her eyes yet she remained so calm. She placed her hand on my cheek and pulled it back. Her hand was soaked in blood. She stared at in, the blood running down her wrist into the sleeve of her shirt.

“Why?” she asked, not looking me in the eyes.

“I- I don’t know,” I said after a few moments of silence. She walked to the body and nodded grimly. She carried the body and threw it in the river, tainting the water to red.

She washed her hands and I joined her, kneeling towards the river’s surface. I caught my reflection, blood stained face and a savaged look ruining my face. I threw myself against the floor, banging my head on a tree trunk.

“Stop, Jasper! Stop it right now!” I stopped, cradling myself.

“Dammit, Alice, why didn’t you stop me when you saw it about to happen? I didn’t want to kill her, I really didn’t! Why didn’t you stop me?!” I asked loudly. It wasn’t her fault, I knew that.

“I couldn’t. You made an instant decision, I was too late,” she replied, standing a few feet away from me.

I got up, “I’m sorry, Alice.” I began walking away from her, my head down. I abhorred being so weak, so easily influenced by the monster in my chest.

“Where are you going?” Alice asked, still in the same place as before.

I breathed in deeply, “I’m going away, Alice. I can’t bring you down with me. If I keep killing, I’ll ruin us and expose us for what we are. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I’d rather leave than to put you in danger,” I said, my voice remaining still and monotone, “I don’t deserve someone like you.”

Before I knew it, Alice was in front of me, “No, Jasper, you can’t leave!” she screamed, her pain tearing my body apart, “You just can’t leave!”

“Alice, don’t you understand? I’m a threat for both of us!”

“I love you, Jasper, I always will. It doesn’t matter if you kill or steal or do anything, I’ll continue loving you. Why can’t you understand that?”

“It doesn’t seem rational. How can such a beautiful, nice creature like you love someone who’s constantly killing for pleasure?” I asked, entwining my fingers in her hair.

“You’re not killing for pleasure, Jasper. It’s our lifestyle. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall prey to it, but you can’t leave. You can’t.” She looked intently into my eyes and felt her how afraid she was, how vulnerable she felt.

“I won’t leave,” I said, lifting my face into a smile, “I love you, Alice.”

I picked her face up to her kiss but she turned around, "Wait, Jasper.” She sat on the floor and patted the spot next to her, motioning for me to sit as well. Once I sat, she took both of my hands in her’s, “I made you a promise, Jasper. We’re always going to be together, regardless of what we do or don’t do. It’s not going to be easy but we can’t give up, we can’t. I promised to love you, to care for you, to do everything for you. I promised to be there, forever and always and I’m not breaking that promised. Are you?”

I shook my head, “I’ll never break it.”

Alice smiled, “Will you stay then?”

I kissed her forehead, “Forever and always.”