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Near Her

The latest installment in the For Her series, sequel to Protect Her, Love Her, Hold Her, Keep Her, From Her, With Her, and Beside Her. Quil and Claire have finally triumphed. Despite the obstacles littering thier way, they are at last happy. What happens when the darkest secret of their past comes back and threatens to seperate them forever?

I disclaim. Y'all should read the sequels first.

3. Chapter 3

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I held it in. It wasn’t easy, not given the circumstances, but if I phased in a courtroom, they’d have the case pinned. According to Paul, my best hope was that the guy was killed by a wolf.

And as far as the jury knows, people don’t turn into wolves.

I couldn’t lose control, not even when what might very well be my last chance to walk free in the world was taken away.

“Bail denied,” said the judge, and I was left wondering when the hell I became a criminal. When did my life happen like this? How did phrases like ‘bail denied’ become unsurprising? When was this itchy orange jumper the only clothing I could remember?

I was half-tempted to shred the thing. It was too small, since no one makes clothes big enough for us werewolf types, and really uncomfortable.

I sighed. Weird, how imprisonment had totally wrecked my control. The last time I’d even started shaking, before Leah’s taunting, had been before Claire and I were married. Now it was every other day I was halfway into my fur.

Claire. I wanted Claire. I needed Claire. I loved Claire.

This was so incredibly awful. She was the center of my existence, and I missed her.

I was going mad with worry. After all, I couldn’t exactly forget what had happened the last time I’d left her alone. And she had been sick when I’d been arrested. Just a cold, in all honest likelihood, but that didn’t explain the fever. I knew that she wasn’t prone to them, and she’d been really, really hot, and oh God what if something happened to her while I wasn’t there to help?

I couldn’t live with myself. I’d rather spend the rest of my life in here than see her hurt.

And Quil. My little boy.

Now, consciously I knew that Leah wouldn’t let anything happen to him. But what if something happened to her?

This was absolutely ridiculous. We were a pretty ordinary American family. We didn’t have enemies. No one was going to try to hurt them. I’d dealt with that problem—thus leading to my arrest for murder.

I shouldn’t be so worried. Really shouldn’t.

Claire’s illness was the only real problem, but—

“Quil, man, cool it,” a voice hissed.


“No, it’s the tooth fairy. You don’t want to phase in jail.”

“Egad! He speaks the obvious!”

“Yikes, someone’s suffering from the stress.”

I grumbled at him through the barred window. “What are you doing here, anyway?”

“Well, the good police chief of Forks thinks I’m here to consult with my client, a Mr. Quil Ateara. The werewolf pack of La Push, on the other hand, has sent me to deliver news.”

“Claire,” I demanded. “How’s Claire?”

“Fine. Dr. Gerandy gave her some antibiotics. It was just a little infection.”


“Slightly confused. He misses his daddy. But he’s doing fine.”

I breathed. I could feel the relief. “Thanks, Paul. Hey, I’m sorry for snapping at you.”

“No big.” He shrugged. The years had done a lot of mellowing for Paul. “Well, we got to talk about your case now.”

“Yeah. We do.”