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The Epic Fail of the Century

The day of Bella's transformation has come and lives will be altered. But when Bella changes into a vampire, and Edward changes back into a human; what will the rest of the world think? One shot.


1. Chapter One

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The day that Bella had been waiting for ages had finally come; the day that Edward would change her into a vampire so she could officially join the Cullen family. Even as Alice and Edward's warnings of how much pain the transformation would involve echoed in her mind, she did not feel the least bit scared. All she felt was relief that after going through various situations-her wedding, accepting (with poor grace) Jacob's hurt, and lying to Renee and Charlie-her wish would be fulfilled.

Edward's smoldering, golden eyes met her own with worry.

"Bella, are you absolutely positive that this is what you want?" He asked, as doubt flickered in his expression.

"As positive as positive can be. Hit me with your best shot." She joked, feeling a little impatient. He chuckled and bent over to gave her a soft kiss. His eyes were wiped clean of doubt as seriousness replaced it. Her heart suddenly started to pound in her ears as Edward's razor sharp teeth came closer and closer to her neck.

A sharp pain shot through her throat and she gave a gasp of surprise. Edward, still looking serious as before, leaned over her body to bite both of her wrists. The fire she experienced before became a thousand times worse; Bella felt as if somebody pored liquid sun through her veins repeatedly.

She screamed as loud as she could as terror gripped her very heart at this unbelievable pain.

"I'm so sorry, Bella. It will end in a few days," Edward stroked her face with a pained expression. She tried to reply that it was okay, but she gave another cry of pain instead. Carlisle came into the room and shot a glance between her and Edward.

"Has everything gone according to plan?" Carlisle asked patiently.

"Yes, I bit her neck and both of her wrists." Edward looked doubtful. Carlisle nodded in satisfaction.

"All we can do now is wait," Carlisle added in sympathy, "I'll bring Alice in to keep you company." He left the room. Edward nodded, still staring at Bella's figure with a tortured expression. For once, Alice didn't dance gracefully into the room. She instead, grabbed two chairs, sat in one, and gave the other one to Edward.

"Thanks." Edward said. Alice's eyes glazed over and after a few minutes, she gave him a reassuring smile.

"Bella will be thanking you eternally for this one, trust me, Edward." Alice replied. They sat in a heavy silence for ten minutes, when Edward jerked up from his chair.

"What's wrong?" Alice asked, surprised.

"My skin, it's turning warm and pink!" Edward wailed in shock. What the- Alice thought, looking at Edward's outstretched hand. He was right; his hand looked...human.

"I'll get Carlisle." Alice promised, holding back giggles that threatened to escape her throat. Carlisle returned in a flash.

"What happened?" He asked, searching the room with his gaze for anything that was out of place.

"Look at my hand!" Edward yelled, showing Carlisle his pink hand. Carlisle was speechless for a moment. He found his voice, telling them his theory.

"I think that Bella's...stealing your vampiric powers. You're turning back into a human." Even as he said this, he almost couldn't believe his own words. Everybody's jaws dropped at this discovery.

"I'm turning back into a human?" Edward asked, the very word human sounded foreign and strange to him.

"That's the idea. I think it's Bella's extra power that's doing this." Carlisle replied thoughtfully.

"All we can do is wait, then?" Edward asked.

"Yes. Your problems can wait though, Bella will be thirsty when her transformation is over. It might be best if you don't stay around, Edward. She could easily take you as her first victim if you don't be careful." Carlisle warned.

For most of Edward's life, he had rarely felt helpless; but now, he felt completely and utterly helpless. He walked out of the room in a stupefied daze. Jasper was leaning on a wall, staring at him curiously. He felt Edward's helpless feelings choking up the air around him.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I'm turning back into a human because of Bella." He replied, his gaze fixed on Jasper's face with glazed eyes. Unfortunately for Edward, Emmett overheard their conversation.

"Looks like you're getting your wish Edward!" Emmett roared with laughter, leaning on a wall for support. A hot flush crept into Edward's face. He clapped a hand on his right cheek; he hadn't blushed in decades!

"Wait until I tell Rosalie and the Denali clan!" Emmett continued laughing.

"We don't need all the vampires in existence to know that I'm human!" Edward shot him a glare. As he stomped into his room, he heard Emmett joking behind his back about what food he would have to eat now. He slammed the door especially hard to add to the effect of how angry he was.

He stayed in his room for the rest of the night, sleeping on his couch for the first time in nearly a century.

Bella woke up from her transformation, jerking up from a bed and knocking over the sheets. Everything looked sharper and defined, as if somebody tweaked her vision to work 20 times better. A thirst that didn't even compare to hunger pains she had ever felt before overcame her.

Her conscience blacked out and an ancient hunter's instinct took over her body. Carlisle noticed her awakening first and put his steely grip on Bella's shoulders. She hissed and jerked under his touch as he quietly led her out of the house and into the woods. The first thing she saw was a herd of deer and she shot out to their location, quicker than a bullet.

She took out the whole herd (which was pretty large) in 3 seconds flat. After her thirst subsided, her sanity came back fairly quickly.

"Where's Edward?" She asked. Carlisle came up to her cautiously and led her back to the house.

"He's turned into a human because your powers stole his immortality." Carlisle replied.

"That's funny." She said in a daze. She opened Edward's door and the sweetest scent wafted in her nose. The scent of Edward drove her over the edge; Carlisle had to put her into a head lock before she could pounce on Edward. Edward stared at her in surprise.

The transformation was completed; he was a human and Bella was a vampire. How odd it seemed that their positions could changed so dramatically in less than a day! He walked down the stairs slowly (in his eyes) and met a blinding flash.

"Say cheese!" Alice giggled as another camera flash blinded him again. Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie giggled hysterically as he shielded his eyes with his arm.

"Laugh it up for what it's worth." He said sarcastically. He escaped into their wide kitchen and goggled at Carlisle and Bella. Bella caught him in a tight hug.

"Edward, I missed you!" She had a clothes line pin closing her nose.

"It also seems that your blood is as tempting to her as hers had been to you." Carlisle shrugged. Edward rolled his eyes at Carlisle and returned Bella's hug.

"How do you feel?" He asked.

"Better than I've ever felt before!" She replied, plainly in a giddy mood. That makes one of us he thought, a little bit annoyed that he lost his immortality.

Alice skipped gracefully into the kitchen with a grim gaze.

"The Volturi are coming." She informed everyone. Just my luck! Now they'll switch their transformation warning over to me. he thought bitterly. A few seconds later, Aro appeared with a grim expression that matched Alice's gaze. He inspected both Edward and Bella with a thoughtful gaze.

"My, my, I've never seen a thing like this happen in all of my centuries of living," Aro gave an exasperated sigh.

"It seems that I only have two options. Either I kill you on the spot or one of you will have to change him back immediately." Aro laughed in disbelief.

"This is a most unusual case. Good bye for now, Cullens." He disappeared on the spot.

"That was the epic fail of the century, you had a member of the Volturi, no less, laugh at you." Carlisle admitted.

"Not helping." Edward grumbled, fixing his green glare at Carlisle.

"Have fun kids. I'm off to the hospital" Carlisle replied cheerfully.

"I'm sorry Edward." Bella said, hugging him.

"It's not your fau-actually, it is your fault this happened, but I forgive you." He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Let's go to your room to talk about it." Bella suggested, tugging on his hand.

"Alright." Edward agreed, not able to escape Bella's killer grip even if he wanted to.

They sat on Edward's couch with an awkward silence.

"Things won't be that different, you'll see." Bella said sympathetically, taking one of his hands.

"Mmm." Edward grunted pathetically.

"Maybe a kiss will make you feel better." She teased, pressing her stony lips to his. To put it shortly, it did make him feel better; almost normal, in fact. As their kisses became more forceful, Bella pulled back and pushed him away from her. His brow furrowed in confusion.

"I'm sorry, I just had to do that. I wanted a pay back moment for all of those times you pulled me away." She giggled. Edward flopped himself onto the couch.

"Is everybody out to poke fun at my temporary condition?" He groaned. She thought about it with her lips pursed before answering.

"Yup, pretty much," She giggled again. "C'mon, Edward, you have to admit it, it is kind of funny."

"Yeah, it is pretty ridiculous. I'll live through it for now." He chuckled.

Thirty Minutes Later

"Holy freaking crap, I can't take it any longer! I can't read anyone's mind anymore, it's driving me mad!" Edward screamed in frustration. "I know that you guys are making fun of me, but I don't know what you're thinking!" He pointed at Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and even Esme.

"Ahhhh, finally, this is the first time I've had a peace of mind in ages," Jasper grinned and stretched. "And I'm the one who has to deal with your feelings of anger all the time."

"I get it, I get it, it's not fair that I used to be able to read your minds," Edward turned to Bella. "Will you bite me, please, Bella?"

"What a lovely invitation. Do you guys think that Edward's suffered enough?" Everybody sighed in regret.

"Yeah, I guess so..." Emmett said sadly. Bella rolled her eyes and bit Edward's neck and wrists. After ten minutes, Bella slowly started to change back into a human.

"Now who will turn me into a vampire?" Bella sighed. They all turned their gazes to Carlisle, who just walked into the room, oblivious to their conversation. They all smiled at him evilly.

"W-what are you guys staring at me like that for?" Carlisle asked nervously.