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What if Bella picked up the phone instead of Jacob. Would Edward come back and if he does, what will he find? What?? Only 14 REVIEWS?!?!??! At least 5 more, before the next chapter!

I'll try to make the story a very good.

2. Should I go back?

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Edward's POV

"Alice, what was she doing while you were there?" I asked, even though I knew that this pained me very much.

"Well, when I got there, I planed on comforting Charile. But, I heard her truck pull up and knew something was off. Then I knew that there was a man in the car with her, but I never knew it was Jac-," Alice could tell that I was having a hard time so she stoped.

"Alice. Alice, please go on. I want to know. Please."

Alice's face went blank and then I saw what she was seeing. I wasn't going to get to pissed. I decided to fallow her vision and sit as still as stone.

Alice sighed, "Fine. It really was Jacob in the car. Then, I heard start to argue. When she came into the house, I could tell she was scared, so I turned the light on for her. She looked like a ghost that was turned into one of us. I was surpized at first, I knew she wouldn't be all 100% happy, but I wished. We talked about what is going on and how everyone was. But, one day, Jacob came to vist so I left. When I came back, I saw. Wait, this might be to hard to tell you." She looked at me an waited for a reply.Alice blocked her mind by singing in french. Oh, come on. This is getting old. I wanted to know so bad. Did I? If I didn't, would I be asking?

"Alice, tell me. I need to know whats happening. What B-B-Bella was doing." I tried to make my eyes look meaningful.

She thought through is once, "Okay. Well she was um, kissing Jacob. When I asked her why, she yelled at mr and said 'Alice, Edwards gone. What do you expect? I need someone that will always be there for me!' I've never heard her yell like that. She's changed. She is, well I don't know, just different."

"Tell me, or let me see your vision that day," how was this planed out?

Bella stood at the top. Her toes, just the smallest bit, were hanging over the edge. She smiled at the empty sea below. She bent forward and flung herself off the cliff. A scream of joy sliped through her lips and came crashing into the deep, dark water. She came up, but only for a second then went sinking back down as the curent threw her around. I waited for her to resurface, but she stayed down and sunk deeper.

If I could cry I would. Bella, you promised, what happened? Are you really that unhappy? You have Jacob you know.

"Edward, did you know, I can't see werewolves? That's why I didn't know she was alive."

While she said these words, many things went through my mind. Did Jacob imprint on Bella? Is Bella really in love? When did Jacob become a dog? What has Bella really been through? One thing I knew for sure, was that she was a hell a lot happier than me.

"Edward listen," she grabed my hand and looked at me.

Bella's POV

"Bella. Bella! Honey, please wake up. Bells, please. Arg!" A voice yelled my name a few more times, then it got quite.

I slowly opened my eyes. And when I did, I wished I didn't. Victoria was standing over my father's dead body. Her eyes were blood red and her hair was like fire.

"Bella. Wake up. Bella! Please." The voice sounded the same.

My eyes snaped open. Only a dream, I said in my over and over agian. Charlie was standing by me and so was Jacob and Billy. I sat up and looked around the room. How did I get in the livingroom?"

"What happened? All I remember is, is that when Jacob left, I turned around and saw a flash of red."

"Yes, and when I got back, I found you laying on the floor in the kitchen. Your breathing was shallow so I called Billy and Jake. Jake said you were fine and just needed rest so we let you sleep, but you've been passed out for almost 13 hours so, we thought it was time to wake you up."

"Bella, don't scare me like that again, okay? When Charlie called and told me what happened, I almost passed out myself." Jake really did look worried.

"Sorry. Umm, dad? Can go up stairs to get ready?"

Sure honey. We will wait down here." I smiled and ran up stairs. Turning, I put my hand on the handle.

I half expected someone to be standing there when I opened the door.