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From the Past

Someone comes to Forks trying to bring up things that he doesn't want to remember.


1. Chapter 1

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I sat on the cliff looking out at nothing in particular. It felt good to come out and be alone for a while. Some people in the house didn’t know what personal space meant. So I sat there, twisting the gold band on my finger.

My phone started vibrating. I picked it up. Alice had sent me one of her ridiculous text massages. Couldn’t she just call on the phone?

Someone’s coming.

I looked around, jumping to my feet. That scent. I knew that scent. I looked around frantically, hopping it was a trick. I didn’t want to see her. Not after what she did to me.

"Carlisle." A velvet voice called, coming from above me.

I looked up, narrowing my eyes. "Alexandra, how nice to see you again." I kept my voice steady, watching her every move.

"Carlisle. It’s been so long. How are you?" She jumped down from the tree she was perched in, landing lightly beside me. "I saw that you are living with a very large family." Her eyes flickered in the direction on the house.

"Why are you here, Alexandra?" I moved, putting myself closer to the edge of the cliff.

"Can’t I come and see you? It has been so long since we last saw each other, and we didn’t leave on good terms."

I sighed, keeping control of the part at me that wanted to scream at her until all of Washington had heard me. "You bit me."

Her laughter filled the area around us. Not a soft laugh. She had a cruel edge in her laughter. "Yes, I did. Do you wish I hadn’t?"

Without thinking about it I rubbed my left wrist. She had bitten me there. "Yes, I do. There was no need you to jump in."

"Carlisle. You know you liked it. Better me than a stranger." The hard edge become more profound as she said the last part.

"I’m sorry that you got bit as well, really I am. What was I suppose to do about it, though? The others would have killed you. You’re lucky you got away that night. The other one didn’t." The control was slipping.

"You could have found him sooner! You didn’t have to let him take four others! You could have saved them. The doctor. The caring one. The caring killer!"

"Shut up!" I shouted, losing control. "I did what I could! If I had done what my father did then hundreds would have been dead. A few always have to die! I’ve accepted that fact! I’m sorry I couldn’t save you!"

"Are you or are you just saying that so I’ll shut up? You always had a way with words." Laughter came from her, mocking.

"Go away, Alexandra."

"Good bye, Carlisle. I just came to see you. Make you remember what you are. Where you came from. How you are living is not the nature of what you are. Your brown eyes tell me that much. You should be stronger. You should try the true way of life sometime. Reconsider being with your family."

She lunged forwards, wrapping a hand around my throat. Her teeth sliced open my left wrist, and we were falling down through space. We landed on the ground, my body cushioning the fall for her.

"Carlisle!" Esme shouted, appearing at my side along with Alice.

Jasper and Emmett pulled Alexandra off me, throwing her into the cliff side. Esme helped me get to my feet, supporting a large amount of my weight. Alexandra sneered at us.

"Good bye, Alexandra." I growled, narrowing my eyes at her. "I would leave now if I were you."

Emmett and Jasper would rip her to shreds if I would only give the okay to do it. It was so tempting to do it.

"Good bye, Carlisle." She ran off into the trees, heading away from Forks and our home.

I sagged against Esme, one hand rubbing the new scar on my wrist. My arm was stinging. A sensation I didn’t not like. I wasn’t use to it.

"Who was that, Carlisle?" Esme asked, looking up at me.

"One of the vampires that bit me." I replied, kissing the top of her head. "Nothing more."