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True Monster

What Edward is thinking when Bella runs off to meet James


1. Chapter 1

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My mind is spinning
In circles of hell

How is it
She could escape my grasp

And runaway to her death
To the monster

To a tracker
That will do anything

To see her die
And writhe in pain and agony

Yet, she runs to meet him
My love, my life

Does she know that if she dies
I will too?

Does she care that she’s my life
My eternity?

Yes she cares,
I know she does,

We steal a car,
And drive,

One hundred thirty the car ticks
One hundred fifty it raises to

We find her death tomb
We hear her screams

I run inside
She’s there on the floor

Blood everywhere
Muttering ‘Don’t kill Edward’

My being cries
Dry tears

She is my life
And she is in pain, and agony

Because of
The true monster,