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My Cherie Amour

Bella and Edward are finally able to have their special day and Bella get's her speical place. But is Edward willing and able to give into Bella's demands? Does Jacob Black crash what Bella believes to be the perfect wedding? Do a 'darling love' actually exisist? I MAKE BANNERS! if you'd like one, e-mail me at weasleygirl_96@yahoo.com

Hey, this this my version of what happens on Edward and Bella's wedding night. Enjoy and please review!

1. My Cherie Amour

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My Cherie Amour

My wedding had been beautiful. Alice had made it everything that wanted and everything that Edward had wished it to be. I couldn’t have asked for more, and I was happy that she hadn’t decided to go overboard. It was quick and small, just what had asked for. I didn’t even trip walking down the aisle with Charlie, which was much to my surprise. I was sure my attraction to danger would have caused me to fall over in the white heels Alice had picked out for me, or even trip on the train of my dress. The only thing I could look at or concentrate on was my husband-to-be’s beautiful face. He looked more dazzling that I could have imagined. I had just finished convincing myself that he was real and one look into his topaz made me feel like I was dreaming again. I was only woken up from my fantasy when the priest asked me to repeat my vows. My eyes didn’t move from his perfect face, my husband smiling at me every step of the way. It was all sealed with a tender and passionate kiss in front of our friends and family. It had to have been the happiest moment of my life.

After the ceremony, Edward walked me back down the aisle. This was the first time I had actually bothered to look at my guest. I saw Renee crying on Phil’s shoulder as she sat next to Esme and Carlisle. They were proud parents, and who would blame with a son like Edward? I also noticed that Seth and Mrs. Clearwater with sitting with smiles on their faces. I hadn’t expected them to show up, but I hadn’t expected Seth’s friendship with Edward either. My eyes continued to scan the crowed, finding Charlie and Billy over in the corner. My dad was trying to hide the fact that he was whipping tears from his big puppy dog-like eyes. He did look fantastic in the suit Alice had picked out for him and I would have to thank her for everything later. However, I felt tears form in my eyes as I saw someone who I hadn’t seen in months: Jacob Black. He was standing in the back of the church with forced grin on his face and in his sweats, but at least he had showed up. I turned to show Edward but he had already spotted him. I smiled at him and pulled him into a hug when Edward and I reached him.

“Thank you, Jake,” I whispered in his ear and gave him a kiss on the cheer.

“No, problem, Bells,” he said with my favorite lopsided grin. This was the Jacob that I knew and loved. I had missed my best friend. He was ignoring Edward and I noticed that his fists were clenched. “Just remember, I’ll always be waiting for you incase you change your mine. Nothing is said in done until your…” he couldn’t continue but I understood.

“Thanks for coming, Jake, it really meant a lot to me,” I said again, fighting the little tears that were forming in my eyes. I was so happy to have my best friend and my husband—I would have to get used to that—with me.

“Jacob,” Edward said politely with a nod. They both were being civil, and I enjoyed that. It was almost like that night we had spent in the tent together three long months ago.

“Edward,” Jacob said through clenched teeth as he pulled away from me. “I’ve got to go, Bells,” he sighed and looked over at Seth. “But remember, I’ll be here.”

I knew Jacob would always be there for me but I didn’t have any intent on leaving Edward, ever. And with that thought, Edward took my hand in his again and led me out to the Mercedes Guardian that he had bought me as my before car and drove us to the Cullen’s home for the reception. This was the part I was anxious to get done and over with. I wanted Edward all to myself as it was time for my demands to be met.

“Be patient, my love,” Edward said with a chuckle as he heard my heart rate increase with anxiety. “I promise I will keep my end of the bargain.” He turned to look at me, his perfect eyes making me forget how to breathe. “Bella?”

“Yes?” I asked breathlessly. He was dazzling me again, and I thought I would have been used to it after two years. I didn’t know if I ever would, not even after an eternity together.

“Are you happy?” Edward diverted his eyes away from me as he asked. He was pulling up the long driveway that was already filled with cars.

I gapped at Edward as he parked the car. How could he thing that I wasn’t? I automatically put my hand on his cheek, causing him to turn and look me in the eyes. “My silly, overprotective, beautiful, husband,” I said, using his words from the night I tried to seduce him. He smiled at the memory. “How could I not be happy with you? You were all I ever wanted all along,” I admitted to him for what seemed like the hundredth time. “I know what I can live without and it’s not you. I need you, Edward. I love you.”

Before Edward even had a chance to reply to my words, I pushed my lips to his in a hungry fashion, may hands getting lost in his beautiful bronze hair. He kissed me back, his arms wrapping around my body and pulling me closer to him. And though he was cold, I could only feel heat radiating off our bodies from our passion for each other. It was true that we were like drugs for one another, as he once descried it.


I turned to see an anxious Alice tapping on my window impatiently. I flushed a dark shade of pink as I rolled down my window to see what she wanted.

“Are you two coming?” she asked impatiently, practically dancing on the spot in her beautiful gold Maid of Honor dress. “You can have her all to yourself later, Edward, but for now you have to share Bella with the rest of us!” Alice opened the door of the black car.

“You know,” Edward whispered in my ear. “If we shut and lock the door now, she wont be able to get to us,” he said with my favorite lopsided grin. My heart melted.

“I heard that, Edward!” Alice hissed and grabbed my hand. I was out of the car and was being towed to the house when Edward caught up with us. He took my hand and my body felt whole again.

It was about two hours later when I finally got to sit down, and my feet were killing me. I had greeted and thanked everyone for coming, and even did the bride and groom dance. We had eaten cake and everything but I didn’t want any of those things. I only wanted the man that was sitting next to me: my one reason for living. I let out an involuntary yawn as I looked down the head table at Renee and Charlie talking.

“Getting tired, love?” Edward suddenly breathed in my ear. “You’ve had a long day.”

“I have,” I agreed, “But I’m not too tired to spend time with you,” I added with a smirk. I hope he understood what I was hinting at. My heart started to race again at the thought of being alone with him and all his perfection. His eyes widened in comprehension. “Do you think we could get out of here?”

“Your wish is command,” he said and stood up. He took my hand in his and led me down around to my parents. Edward looked up between his brothers and sisters and then nodded in return. I figured that they must have said something in their minds to him.

“Bella,” Renee said, coming over and giving me a big hug. I loved her and dad so much, but I could live without them. I needed Edward. “You were so beautiful and I can’t believe my baby is all grown up and married! I know you’ll make an amazing wife,”--I shuddered internally at the word as I would have to get used to that too—“I’m sure you’ll make Edward very happy and I want you to have fun at Dartmouth this fall, okay honey?”

“Of course, Mom,” I said, feeling a small prang of guilt at not actually being able to go to school. I would be become a vampire instead, but she would never know, or at least I hoped she wouldn’t ever find out. “I’ll call you when Edward and I get back from where ever it is that he’s taking me. He won’t tell me,” I added with a pout. The group around me laughed, as apparently they knew. I was the only one left out of the secret again, just like Prom last year.

It was then that my mother pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek. “I love you, Bells, bye.”

“Bye, Mom,” I said, fighting a lump that was rising in my throat. I didn’t know if I would ever see her again. Edward’s arm tightened around my waist. He must have guessed what I was feeling by my tone.

Charlie was next. He pulled me away from Edward and into a rib-crunching hug. “Now, Bells,” he said in his firm voice. It made me smile. “If he ever gives you a hard or tries to get to do something you don’t want to do,” I was trying not to laugh, because it was always the other way around. I was the one forcing Edward, or trying to force him to do things he didn’t want to do. “You call me and I’ll be there in a heartbeat!” he said and then pulled me into another hug. “I love you, Bells,” he said before letting me go and shaking Edward’s hand. “Take care of my baby girl,” he grunted before giving me a smile and heading toward his curser. Edward pulled me into his arms just as the tears started to flow from my cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Bella,” Edward whispered in my ear as we watched the cars pull away from the porch. “Are you sure you want to change?” his eyes were serious and somewhat pained. I think he feared that he might lose me.

“No, I’m not changing my mind, Edward,” I said, whipping away my tears. “I didn’t let you down on your demands, and you’re not getting out of yours,” I said and pulled him down to my level for a kiss. His arms wrapped around my waist and he picked me up. Edward cradled me bridal style and walked me to the car, bridal style and not ever letting his lips part from mine for a second. “Where are we going?” I gasped when he let go of me so that he could drive. My heart was beating like mad in my chest.

“On our honeymoon,” Edward said with a mischievous grin. The engine purred to life at that very moment and we were out of the driveway before I could even respond.

“That’s not what I meant, Edward,” I said, becoming impatient. He laughed and leaned over to kiss my forehead.

“Be patient my one an only true love,” he said and turned off the highway onto a dirt road on the way out of Forks. I raised my brow at him but he only smiled back at me. He was trying to dazzle me, I could tell, but I didn’t mind. I could see Edward watching me, trying to read my expression from the whereabouts of our off road escapade.

The only think I knew was that we were on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere on the way out of Forks. It was in the opposite direction of La Push, but it wasn’t like I had expected to go that way anyway. The dark tree’s loomed around my unbreakable, bullet proof car as Edward drove at speeds that no human would attempt out in the wilderness. I was starting to think that we were lost in the woods underneath the luminous moon. However, my mouth dropped open when we pulled up in front of a little log cabin a few moments later. I was in shock. I had never known that there was an abandoned cabin out in the middle of nowhere.

“What do you think?” Edward asked me as he turned toward me, trying to read my expression. I was having a hard time find words to describe to him how perfect I thought it was. My heart was hammering in my chest as I looked from the cabin and into his eyes.

“It’s perfect,” I breathed and put my hand on his cheek. I had tears in my eyes again. “It’s like a dream,” I whispered. “And you’re my fairy tale prince.”

“And that makes you a princess?” Edward asked with a flawless smile. I could tell how happy I had made him today. He carefully pushed his lips to mine, taking me prisoner. His icy fingers began to weave themselves through my curled hair, attaching our lips together. The world was spinning around us and I had no idea what was going on. It was a few seconds later that I felt the cool night breeze on my shoulders. I was still in my wedding dress but I hoped not for long. Edward and I had the whole night ahead of us and I was looking forward to my last human experience. It was another few breathless moments before I felt something soft on my back. Edward pulled away for a moment, looking into my eyes. They were dark like black fire, and my heart started to pound harder. He smiled at me before his lips moved to the hollow above my collarbone.

“I love you, Bella,” he murmured against my hot skin. I could feel a flush arise as he started a circuit of kisses from my neck to my earlobe. “You are my life, my future…my soul…my cherie amour.”

“What language is that?” I mussed, impressed nonetheless.

“French,” Edward said against my neck. I could feel him smile as he continued his pattern. “The language of love…along with Italian….”

“What does it mean?” I breathed, my face burning hot as his icy lips moved down lower in my neckline. It wasn’t like Edward to do that, but I wasn’t about to complain with a new step in intimacy.

“My darling love,” he said in my ear a few seconds later. He was hovering over me with his dark eyes. I knew that he wanted me and I knew I wanted him.

My stomach did a flip as I pulled his lips back to mine. His tongue carefully slipped into my mouth, and it felt like an ice cube, but in a pleasurable way. I was surprised that all Edward’s careful rules had been thrown out the window, as the way he was kissing me should have been illegal. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled his body down on top of me. I suddenly felt his body tense up and I pulled away.

“Edward?” I asked concern in my eyes. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” he said, though his eyes were somewhat distance as his lips took mine again. I gave his chest a light push, and he pushed off the jacket to his tux. I knew if I didn’t stop him now, I wouldn’t be happy with the outcome. I put my hands on the sides of his face and pushed up on his face.

“Bella, what the matter?” Edward asked with concerned look. “What ever it is, it better not be about me.”

“Edward,” I said shaking my head. “My life revolves around you. You’re obviously not comfortable. And I want you to be happy, Edward.”

Edward sat us both up, looking straight in my eyes. “Bella,” he said his eyes looking pained. “I want you, and I want to go through with my side of the deal,” he said, his eyes firm in that aspect. “But I could kill you, Bella,” he breathed, looking away from me. I could see the pain in his topaz eyes now. “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you. I know what it felt like once…” he looked out toward the window.

“Edward,” I said, putting my hand on his face and making him turn to look at me. “You could hurt me, but you wont! You know what it is like to lose me, and you wont do that to yourself again. You know your own strength,” I assured him.

“Why are you so quick to undermine my self-control,” Edward said, pushing his face against my collarbone again. “I don’t want to lose you, Bella.”

“You wont,” I promised. “I’ll always be here and I’m not about to let you go back on your side of the bargain,” I told him and gave him a quick kiss. “Don’t be afraid, we belong together.”

Edward looked at me and wrapped his arms around. He looked a deep breath and looked down into my eyes. “Forever,” he agreed. Every never ending in my body felt like a live wire as he came back down on top of me. We would be together for forever and eternity, and nothing could pull us apart. I would forever be his cherie amour.