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Sawing On Heartstrings

When a vision caused Alice to collapse, Edward goes on a cross-continent journey to rescue Bella once more, but he finds this harder than anticipated. Monsters of any kind he can handle, but what is after Bella this time is no monster, As a matter of fact Bella and the thing out to kill her are one in the same.


1. A vision

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Things were hazy, surreal almost. I could see Bella plainly, her dark locks cascading down her back. She stood at the edge of the woods, her back facing me. Just standing, motionless. Everything seemed fine, for Bella anyway.
Edward made it clear when he left there would be no watching Bella. I was to leave her alone, let her me human.Only a few visions had made there way through my careful mask to keep away from her.
Normally they are of more importance than this one. When Edward first left her, I saw her pain through the first night.That was aweful, I almost lost it. My stupid brother didn't see that, He refused to look into my head, I all but threw the vision at him. I could have made him see it, but he was in visible pain himself. He really was doing this for her. I knew it was wrong, his logic was off, but he insisted. The next one was when Charlie confronted Bella. Not to bad, But this, this was wierd. Why would I need to see Bella gazing into an empty forest?

Then I knew.

It came at me in a torrent. To fast, to quick, to real.

Bella collapsed in a bundle. Her body heaved with sobs. She was gasping for breath beyond the choking tears. Her arms grasped around her,like she was trying to keep her chest from going awry. but more than the visual affect, I felt my lungs sieze and a zinging hum fill be brain. Next thing I know I'm on the ground looking up. Jasper was over me his face contorted in fear and confusion.

" What was that, Alice?" He whispered hoarsely.

" Nothing Jasper..well. ugh. I don't know!" My head was spinning, actually everything was.

He was grasping the sides of my face, cradling my head. Jasper reached for my hand and pulled me to my feet. I clung to him until everything was right side up and still. I lessoned my grip and he did the same.

" Alice, you were fine...then..you were in pain. I felt it." His voice was straining.

" Jasper...where is Edward? I think Bella's in trouble.", I spoke.

" but he said..." I cut Jasper off mid sentence the words flowing from me like mad.

" I know what he said, Jasper! Bella is in trouble. I don't care anymore."

Jasper looked at me shocked, It had been a long time since I raised my voice to him. He set his jaw and constructed his sentence.

" Fine. lets go."

Bella's POV

I knew this could happen. I was so careful after he left. I knew my limits. I wouldn't be able to handle another break lie that, so I locked my heart away. Come to think of it I locked my mind away as well.

Jacob broke through my barricade. He tore the bricks down that protected my throbbing excuse for a heart. He set to work mending its blemishes, its open sores left by him. I knew all the while that if Jake should leave me, nothing would be left, no one else would be able to heal me again. Nonetheless, Just that happened. Jacob Imprinted. Now , here I am, or whats left of me.