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Sawing On Heartstrings

When a vision caused Alice to collapse, Edward goes on a cross-continent journey to rescue Bella once more, but he finds this harder than anticipated. Monsters of any kind he can handle, but what is after Bella this time is no monster, As a matter of fact Bella and the thing out to kill her are one in the same.


2. Denial

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Not as bad. Not as bad. Not as bad. I repeated this time and time again, over and over. Not as bad as Bella losing her untainted soul. Not as bad as her loving a monster. Not as bad as risking her life. No, this was not as bad.

Musty smells clouded my nostrils, I huddled in a ball. I was, in essence, a rock. I didn't breath. I didn't move. I didn't think except for, Not as bad. Everything, anything, reminded me of her. I clenched my jaws. Alice and Jazz were coming. joy.

Fool. Who the heck would suffer this much and not do a thing about it? God. Whats wrong with him? ow. god he's hurting me. so much pain, oh my god.

My dear Alice, what a good heart, but I can't do this. Its to much.

I would have felt the long underused mucles in my cheeks try and pull my lips into a smug smile, but I couldn't even do that. Smiling is no longer a part of me. It surves Jasper right though, leave me the heck alone.

Oh Edward, She isn't going to make it. We have to hurry..before.. oh god.. Edward..please..oh hurry!


Victoria. I will kill the savage beast, without mercy. I thought I tracked her far away from little Forks. How she got under my radar, I dont know. Prehaps its not her. Could it be...no.

Thoughts danced in a rampage in my mind. What on earth, could be wrong with her? She should be back to her normal human life by now. Yet, here I am, about to wreck it all.

something is wrong with her. That is an excuse enough.

The muscles in my arms and legs twitch, I emit an involuntary growl. I can't stand it any longer. I wouldn't have lasted much longer like this anyway. I jump to my feet, and crash through the door, just as Alice and Jasper run up. I see relief flood over their faces and I grimace.

" C'mon," I growl, " Bella is in trouble."

I look back and hear the confrontation and confusion in their minds.

But I..thought..wow..well..uhh..i guess...

" Shut up. Lets get out of here."

I turn and run, I hope I'm fast enough.

Alice is babbling behind me, something about this being 'easy'. Dearest Alice. Nothing is easy. If life were easy, Id be in Forks, Id be with my family, I'd be with Bella. but life is not easy, not at all.

I reached into Alice's mind, I immediately regretted it. I saw my girl. Dark mahogany hair in waves down her back. She stared into the forest. Her from was poor. She slouched without knowing it, like all the worlds gravity was weighed squarely on her shoulders. She was all to thin for my liking. Her slender arms wrapped around her chest. I pulled away and I sensed that was the best of the vision.

Alice put her slender hand on my shoulder as we ran. I shrug it off and pushed faster. When did I get so slow.

Bella's POV


Why would this happen. Why to me? Was their some rule book somewhere that said, ' every man that Isabella Marie Swan is to fall in love with must mercilessly break her heart'? I don't understand.

I stood from my pathetic huddle. My face was stiff, like wood, dry and stinging from my tears. Any phisical pain was bearable, at least it would fade away. Unlike my heart, that, that can't be fixed. I realize it now.

I glanced back to the slender gap in the forest where Jacob took off. I'm not sure why, I didn't believe he would come back. All hope for me from myself was shattered, yet I looked anyway. Nothing. At least, I wasn't disappointed...again

It began to drizzle, the sky twisted from it's normal grey to a deeper hue. I could feel the grime washing down my face and turned my head up, welcoming the moisture. I sighed softly, and turned to walk home. I have to talk to Charlie,to say goodbye, I cant do this anymore.