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Sawing On Heartstrings

When a vision caused Alice to collapse, Edward goes on a cross-continent journey to rescue Bella once more, but he finds this harder than anticipated. Monsters of any kind he can handle, but what is after Bella this time is no monster, As a matter of fact Bella and the thing out to kill her are one in the same.


4. Trickery

Rating 5/5   Word Count 600   Review this Chapter

Bella’s POV

I gripped the edge of the armrest. What if this was a mistake? Surely, Charlie isn’t so dense that he didn’t figure out what I’m doing. Crap. I forgot about Renee. She hardly sees me anyway. She won’t notice for a few years, but Charlie, it would hit him hard, perhaps it has already. I do feel sorry for Jake. He never did intend to imprint but that whole ordeal is mainly my fault. I wasn’t careful enough. I should have walked away the first time he made me smile, but I didn’t. I knew I should have, but I didn’t. Look where it got me now. I’m doing it again. I’m thinking to hard. I should have learned by now, that never helps.

I choose instead to gaze out the window as the plane declines into Alaska. I’m not sure why I choose to come here. Perhaps, because it is so different. Maybe, because I could get ‘it’ over with quickly. Most of all I think I choose Alaska, because, well… ifhe were somewhere it would be here. If only I found him…no!

I can’t think like that. He doesn’t love me, He never did. I won’t find him, and even if he is in Alaska, He’ll leave as soon as he knows I’m in town. I have to believe that. If I allow myself to…believe otherwise…I don’t know. It will kill me faster and in a much more painful way. I need to keep my mind clear. I need to…I need to....’”Mam?”

To my great relief I was startled out of my inner turmoil by the flight attendant. She gave me a kind and apologetic smile.

‘”Mam, Your plane had arrived at its destination, you may now onboard.”

“Oh.” I said stupidly. I could feel my cheeks flush as I realized almost the entire plane was unloaded. I grabbed my purse (the only thing in my current possession) and hastily walked out of the plane and into Alaska.

Alice’s POV

I didn’t give Edward a chance to react. I grabbed his wrist in my hand, and smiled as Jasper just as quickly grabbed the other. Were getting good at this whole restraint thing. Much to my dismay though, Edwards’s features were cool and easy. He breathed rhythmically…calmly. I had to try not to poke him. He was so still, it scared me.

“You can let me go, Alice.” The easiness of his tone startled me. People starred, they must think I’m the crazy one. I smirked and looked into his future, I couldn’t be fooled that easily.

He was tapping his fingers on the armrest; the same easy look was about him. We were landing in Washington. He rose to his feet as the fasten seatbelt sign clicked off. He grabbed our bags and got of the plane, cool as a cucumber. Weird.

I let go of him, Jasper mimicked me. He sighed deeply, and sank back into the seat, his eyes closing... I gawked at him. What the Heck happened to the Edward I knew? Everyone near us lost interest and went back to what they were doing.

“Alice. I need to walk. I...I just can’t sit still, anymore. I won’t do anything stupid, you know that.” He didn’t open his eyes as he said this. I looked to Jasper, whom just shrugged, so I moved out into the aisle to let Edward by. He got up slowly, stiffly, and moved past me. He walked up toward the bathroom, and without a backward glance, went in. I kept tabs on the near future, afraid he would change his mind.

Then, all too quickly, he did.