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Sawing On Heartstrings

When a vision caused Alice to collapse, Edward goes on a cross-continent journey to rescue Bella once more, but he finds this harder than anticipated. Monsters of any kind he can handle, but what is after Bella this time is no monster, As a matter of fact Bella and the thing out to kill her are one in the same.


6. Distraction

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Bella’s POV

I glared at myself in the bathroom mirror. I was in a public airport restroom and people were beginning to stare. I had on no makeup, and my past experiences have left there toll on my features. I can’t remember how long it has been since I’ve smiled. A scowl stretched across my lips, my eyes appeared sunken, my hair…goodness...what a mess. On a normal day I would have tried to do something, but right now, I didn’t care. I just didn’t care…

I walked slowly out of the restroom, an aged woman sat gingerly on a bench to my right. She eyed me openly, normally people just spied at me from the side, but not her, she stared right at me…unashamed. I stood there, not returning her gaze but contemplating what to do now. I knew I wanted to go to Alaska to...Well...Do what I must, but I didn’t know how I wanted to do it…or even where for that matter. I wanted to get far away from home, so…people would have an easier time...forgetting.

“Young lady…?” a seasoned soft voice spoke.

I jumped slightly; I looked to that old woman. She stared at me a gentle smile on her wrinkled face. She patted the bench to her side, gesturing for me to sit by her. I took a tentative step, confused. This random woman wanted to...just...sit by me? Weird. She nodded her head, encouraging me to sit. So I did.

I just sat there...for no reason...just because I wanted to, just because this old woman wanted me to keep her company and it felt so good.

She sat there silently, this little grin on her lips. She looked like she’d seen the world three times over, so wise. Just by the look of her.

“Young lady…not that I would know all too much…But I’ve been around”.

She paused here; she took her time forming what she wanted to say. I said nothing, I just stared strait ahead. She continued a few moments later.

“You seem to be quite troubled, and by the way your looking around I’m guessing you don’t live near here. I don’t know what it is you’re running away from, but it looks like you’re in for a long trek, whether it be physical or mental, I haven’t deciphered yet.”

Again she paused, I guess she wanted me to say something, but I was content just listening to her rattle on. At least it got off my mind, what I came here to do. She sighed softly, and engaged in conversation once more.

“A lady as pretty as you shouldn’t be in another state alone. I don’t think you have family here, justa’ hunch. So why don’t I give you a deal. You rest your head for a night and get cleaned up, so I can have peace of mind that you’re not planning anything drastic. Come on over to my little home. ..I was waiting for my son, so when his plane lands we can leave. He’s a charming lad. Young, he’s 20. He’s been studying in a college in Florida, he’s home on vacation for a few days. We would be a lonely bunch, if it was just the two of us anyway, would you please join us….?”

I pondered silently, my outward expression the same, what harm could it do? It would give me time to grab my bearings and figure out what my master plan is. I shook my head in agreement and the lady smiled contently.

“ My name is Bella.” I whispered.

“mmhm” the woman mumbled, “ a beautiful name, You may call me Delia.”

We waited for her son to arrive and when he did, Delia’s face lit up like the sun. His name was Spencer, and he turned out to be a kindred sort. On the ride home he jabbered on and on about his college shenanigans, Delia would laugh here and there, simply pleased to have her son home. Bless the boy, he did try to get me to come around. I just couldn’t find it in me to pretend anymore. I wasn’t happy, or giggly, or even content. I would never be again. So, why lie? I stared out the window and answered short simple questions. Soon enough, the car came to a stop. Spencer got out and opened my door for me.

“Well, here we are. Home sweet home.” He said.

I looked up to see the most welcoming home I’ve ever seen, and truth be told, sitting here with Delia and Spencer staring at this lovely cottage. I felt at peace, or as much so as I have in a long while. I allowed Delia to hold me arm as she led me inside.

Edwards POV



I will get there soon. I can’t physically run any faster than this…provinces go by….I barley notice the passings of towns. Even with my enhanced vision I have a hard time dodging those random things…I’ve taken down a few trees…mailbox’s… poles. I know nobody can see me, but I have to keep the pace up…just in case.

It took a minute to decipher the subtle temperature drops, the ground hardening underfoot. I had reached Alaska. Then I realized…how could I be so stupid?

I had no idea where in Alaska Bella was…