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Leaving Scars Unseen

I updated so that Carlisle's POV is now longer.

This was formerly called Why Would You Leave the Love of Your Life?

1. Carlisle

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-Carlisle POV-

It was twilight. Another ending to another day. Another sad ending for our family. Another move without goodbyes, to another town where we wouldn't fit in. Everything felt so familiar as we took out our bags, packed our clothes, and loaded the cars.

Only, this time was different. Edward, one of my adoptive children, was leaving, trying to protect the human girl he loved. It was heartbreaking to see his stone-firm resolve, his anguished eyes as he loaded his bag into one of our many cars.

I could tell that he was fighting with himself about this, about saying goodbye. I could only imagine the pain he must be feeling. My still heart simply ached for Edward. My whole family, except for Rose, that is, would miss Bella. That girl really grows on you. I could see why Edward loved her so much. But life goes on. I only hoped it could for Edward, too. Or, I had an even greater hope, an overpowering hope, that he would decide to stay. I did not want to spend the next eternity looking into his haunted, empty eyes.

Well, this is finally it, I observed. Everybody's more or less ready. Just one more thing to do.

I stepped up to Edward, requesting that he joined me in my study. He followed me wordlessly. This was about as alone as Edward and I would get in our house, because hardly anyone disturbed me in here, unless it was important.

"Looks like everyone's basically packed. So, Edward, this is your last chance. If you change your mind, I'll call the hospital and let them know that I will be staying. If that's what you want," I said, shattering the thick silence, a note of finality in my tone.

As I spoke, I knew that he wouldn't just suddenly change his mind. Sometimes I wondered if his stubborness hadn't also been enhanced.

"No, I won't be changing my mind, at least anytime time soon." Edward said simply. He glanced up and caught my gaze with his. There was an edge of steel in Edward's eyes.

But you love her, and she loves you, I thought.

"That's why I'm doing this. Because I love her. Bella needs to live a normal, human, life and she can't with vampires constantly around her. She can't... not with me around," Edward broke off. Pain showed through his eyes. This was also painful for me, painful for all of us. Bella was like family. I couldn't think of how hard this was for Edward.

What will she think when you suddenly disappear? Her heart will be broken. How could you let her go through this?

"What would do if this was Esme?" Edward asked pointedly. I imagined her, my wife, the amazing love of my life. That put it in perspective.

"You already know the answer to this, but I'd do anything and everything in my power to protect her," I replied mild-temperedly.

"There you go." He nodded. "We are leaving tommorow, as planned. And I wouldn't hold your breath for me to suddenly decide that yes, I can selfishly put Bella in danger because I can't seem to stay away from her," Edward advised acidly. And with that, he turned around and walked out of my study, probably going to his room.

That was sort of pointless, I mused.

"Damn right it was pointless," he called without turning around.

I sighed. This was going to be a tense night, for all of us. At least I understand why Edward wanted to go now. By tommorow night, we would be gone, and we would slowly fade from people's memories. Just as planned.