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At the Beginning with You

This is my take on Breaking Dawn, or at least what I hope will happen in the final book. It is told from Bella’s POV and in later chapters it may switch as needed to allow for that character to be completely understood.


6. Imprint!?!

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Someone pinch me! I couldn’t believe it. I noticed Jacob’s body go rigid, as he looked into Jessica’s eyes. They smiled and danced slowly in the middle of the dance floor.

“Bella,” Edward whispered. “Do you realize what has just happened?”

“Umm.. No?”

“Jacob has just imprinted.”

“On Jessica?” I asked, appalled.

“Yes, on Jessica,” He answered, as he rolled his eyes at me. “Are you jealous?”

“No… Not really,” I lied. Truth be told, I was jealous, I couldn’t believe that she was his other. She was the one person that I didn’t want to know about everything. I remember when Jacob explained about imprinting and how you could tell that person everything. Jessica had the biggest mouth and she would certainly blow the Cullen’s cover. I knew that Jacob would tell her everything. I felt my insides begin to churn and my head began to spin. The world was growing dark, as my mind began to race and wonder what Jessica would do with her new knowledge.


Jacob’s POV

I was furious, I couldn’t believe that Bloodsucker threw the garter to me. I bet he did it on purpose. It was bad enough that I had decided to punish myself by showing up here tonight. Great, just great, he’s looking at me now too. I’m not a coward, look away first you filthy Bloodsucker! I could feel my skin begin to tingle and vibrate.

Do not phase, not here! Not NOW! I thought to myself as I tried to regain my composure.

I worked on controlling my anger, but I was not going to be the first to look away. He already had my girl. I would not be the first to look away. Dr. Fang broke the tension by asking me to come and dance with the girl, Jessica, who had just caught Bella’s bouquet. Fine, I’ll go, but only to make her happy. I pushed her garter into my pocket and headed out to the middle of the dance floor.

I stood in silence, waiting for Jessica to arrive. I closed my eyes, still trying to keep calm, and I heard her giggle as she walked towards me.

Great, she’s one of those type of girls, I thought again.

As we stood there, I could smell the perfume that radiated off of her body. To my surprise, she smelled really good. Slowly, I opened my eyes and looked down at her feet, as I lifted them to her dress I noticed a strange feeling erupt in my stomach. .

What’s this? I thought to myself.

What is this feeling?

I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to look into her eyes. I lifted my head fully to find her eyes, they were a crisp, clear blue. Her eyes sparkled like sapphires in the sun, as she looked dreamily into mine. I held my hand out for her and she took it willingly. It was amazing, the electrical current that flowed from was unbelievable.

Wow! That feels great!

I was experiencing feelings that I had never had for anyone before. I couldn’t believe that I was standing with the most beautiful woman on earth. I tried to pull her closer to me, and she obliged, wrapping her arms tight around me.

“Jessica?” I whispered.


“I love you,” I was shocked by my own words. I didn’t know this girl- yet I felt like I had known her forever.

“I feel like I’ve known you forever,” she whispered as she looked into my eyes once more. “I love you too.”

I couldn’t believe it, this was true and unconditional love. I knew I had imprinted at this point. I understood how Quil, Jared and Sam felt when it had happened to them. I understood how Sam and Emily felt, the love that they had between them, now made sense to me too. No one, other than Jessica, mattered to me now. She would now be my love, my life, forever. I couldn’t wait to tell her everything, having her know all of my secrets to share with me.

I heaved a sigh of relief. I was free. Free from worries, free from heartache, but most importantly I was free of my love for Bella. Edward was right. I would have left Bella for the one truly meant for me. I now knew I could walk away and feel no regrets.

As the song ended, I leaned forward, pulled her face to mine, and kissed her gently. I wasn’t surprised when she kissed me back. There was no force, she didn’t fight me or try to stop me. Instead, she wound her fingers in my hair and pulled me in closer, not wanting to let go. Our kiss seemed to last forever, I didn’t want to pull myself away form her. I felt the need to stop when I felt her body begin to tremble under mine. Reluctantly, I pulled my lips away from hers and looked out into the crowd. Everyone was looking at us, their eyes and mouths opened wide. I could not contain my smile. I was in love: real love, true love. I had never felt this way before, my feet felt like they would float off the floor. I held on to her hand, as we exited the dance floor, we started to walk over to Edward and Bella.

“Hey, you two,” I yelled as we stopped a few feet from them. “I am so glad I decided to come tonight!”

I pulled Bella into a bear hug, and Edward smiled at me. Bella put up a tiny struggle as she tried to pull herself from my grasp. I felt Jessica’s hand begin to tug on mine and I let Bella go, from my hands and from my heart. I turned to face Jessica and wrapped my arms around her.

“Bye,” I smiled as Jessica and I walked off into the darkness. From this point on we would never be apart, or alone, again. I looked back one last time, at my best friend, and smiled. She smiled back at me, with tears in her eyes, and waved.


Bella’s POV

I felt like my eyes were betraying me. I had to blink twice, I couldn’t believe it.

Wow, that was quick. I thought, as I turned and faced Edward. He smiled at me, I leaned in and put my arms around his waist. I tried to fight back the teas that so desperately wanted to flow from my eyes.

Okay Bella. I fought to keep the tears from coming.

Don’t worry, he’s happy. You should be happy too. The thoughts kept running in my head.

He’s happy, I repeated to myself.

Edward was right, and I knew it, Jacob had found his other half, the piece the piece that completed him. I turned and glanced over to where he and Jessica danced, I finally saw what I had needed to see from my friend. I saw it…the look. I knew instantly… that look was what stopped Jacob. Now, it stopped me too… I couldn’t feel bad for hurting him anymore, he wasn’t upset now.

“Bella?” Edward whispered.


“He’s happy. He’s complete.”

“I know.” I smiled, truly relieved by my own admittance of truth.

“Will you be okay?” He questioned, eyes full of concern.

“Yes,” I answered. “I was in shock, I’m better now. I never thought it would happen this fast…after what he told me tonight.”

“I know,” He answered, smiling. “Jacob made sure to tell me everything, I promise I didn’t eavesdrop. He wanted me to know.”

“That’s nice,” I said acidly.

“Yes, Bella, it was nice. He wanted me to know that he decided that you were meant for me. No matter how much he hates, or despises me… he wants you to be happy.”


“Yep,” He answered, eyes looking down. “ I knew he was out there tonight. I heard his thoughts as he waited in the back.”

I looked at him again as he continued.

“I knew he was waiting, I heard his plan as Carlisle…”

“I never knew.” I interrupted him. “Until tonight when we…”

“I wasn’t sure what I would have done if he had came forward,” He confessed. “I was so worried that it would have led to a confrontation, and someone might have gotten hurt. That worried me…. Until… something you did stopped him.”

Instantly I knew what it was that had stopped Jacob. Now, more than ever, I was thankful for my best friend, Jacob Black. I placed my hand under Edward’s chin and lifted it slowly, my eyes meeting his.

“Thank you.” I smiled, and leaned in to kiss him on the hollow spot below his neck. “You are the most understanding, unselfish person I know. I love you.”

The song ended and I turned to look at Jessica and Jacob. He lifted her chin and kissed her gently. Then he looked up and glanced around the room, the smile on his face warmed my heart. I took a step back, to Edward’s side, as he and Jessica walked to greet us.

“Hey you two,” Jacob yelled. “I am so glad I decided to come tonight!” He then proceeded to wrap his arms around me in a massive bear hug. I heard Edward shift behind me, no doubt wanting Jacob to release his grip on me. I felt Jessica tug on Jacob’s hand and he turned to face her. The look was still present, I thought to myself. I smiled as she pulled him away from me, they walked off into the darkness.

“Goodbye Jacob,” I whispered, as I felt Edward slide behind me.

“He really is happy, Bella,” Edward whispered. “They were made for each other.”

I turned and faced him. “Just like you and I.” He nodded and kissed my forehead.

“It’s really not goodbye either,” he whispered. “I know he’ll return again.”

Edward made me feel better. It was an ending, of sorts, but in the same way it was a new beginning. A happy beginning for Jacob and Jessica. I smiled, lost in the thoughts of my best friend and his counterpart, as Edward kissed my hair gently.