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Untold Twilight Stories

DISCLAIMER:Oh MY GOD! IT"S STEPHANIE MEYER THE AUTHOR OF TWILIGHT! oh look it's afterxdreaming that...crazy...person..that writes fanfics... What the Twilight Characters do when we're not reading... Special Thanks to twilghtfan_94 for making me write these crazy stories down, other wise I would have kept putting it off and off...(Until I'm old...like Bella...:p )

Special Thanks again to what's-her-face (I can never seem to remember her name...) (afterxdreaming just got bitch slapped by what's-her-face) Sorry guys! I had to combine Stranger Danger and Red Eyes caz I'm imcapble of using my words! lol (so true...)

2. The Great Cullen Bank Heist! (and Bella) pt.1!!!

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"God dammit, I am so freaking thirsty! Does anyone want to go hunting for me?"

"NO! For the 45th time NO!" Edward responded.

"Why not?!?!"

"Because when I get back you would have done something really stupid, like, I don’t know, try to play my piano and put too much force on it and snap it in half. Then I won’t be able to record Bella’s lullaby."

"I thought you already did."

"I know. I want to make another one. Better quality. HD."

"I would never do that to my little brother."

"I’m older than you."

"Whatever shortie. I look older… and better looking than you."

Edward coughs and for some reason so does Esme…and Carlisle….creepy. And why isn’t Bella coughing? Oh right she’s not there. She’s upstairs with Alice being a Barbie guinea pig. She hears Alice cough but dismisses it because she thinks it is from all the hairspray she just sprayed in her face. No vampire hearing….

Jasper enters the room laughing at what Emmett just said. Like he was better looking than anyone.

Considering this possibility, Edward starts to cry tearless cries. It is lowering his self esteem. Bella didn’t cough at the comment like everyone, but Rosalie, did. What did this mean? Is it possible she thought Emmett was hotter than him? Note to self: Go work out this weekend. And what about that skinny long haired weirdo Jasper? Note to self: Get extensions and some how gain the power to change peoples’ emotions.

By then Alice had filled Bella in on the happenings downstairs. She also started rambling about how hunting was getting boring. Then Bella had a great idea. And no it wasn’t to make smoothies, though she sure could go for some strawberry carrot chocolate twist. Her idea was to…

"I have an idea to shake things up a little bit. LETS ROB A BANK!" Alice suddenly bursted out before Bella had the chance to say it herself. She shouldn’t have spent so much time thinking of those smoothies!

"Umm, what does robbing a bank have to do with feeding?" Carlisle asked. "Besides, I make enough money for you people already. We don’t need to become criminals to get more. You stupid free loaders!" Carlisle being the only one who actually is the working vampire in the house. He goes to sulk in the corner since cutting himself was out of the question. "It’s against our, I mean my moral values!"

"What the cutting ?" asks Edward.

"NO I mean the stealing you stupid son of a …."

"Hey! Language!" Esme barked.

"I'm sorry, Dear. It's just that I try and I try and this is the thanks I get?!?! I'm really pissed!"

He then begins singing to himself quietly "Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I'm going to go suck some worm's blood. Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I'm going to go suck some worm's blood."

By then Alice and Bella made it downstairs where the commotion was.

"I didn't mean MONEY banks! I meant a BLOOD bank!"

"But we're vegatarians!" Carlisle bursted out. "Does nobody care about moral values anymore?!?!"

"I meant a veteranarian blood bank! god."

"But veteranarians are humans!" Carlisle, being very upset, shouted out again.

"Honey, I think she means rob the animals' blood. Not the humans'."

"I'm confused."

"It's okay honey if that is too much for your mind to handle."

"Is Carlisle PMSing?" Rosalie randomly called from the kitchen.

"I went to medical school, and I think he is," Edward answered.

"Okay here's the plan..." Alice started to say.

Bella felt hurt. She had the idea first!