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Untold Twilight Stories

DISCLAIMER:Oh MY GOD! IT"S STEPHANIE MEYER THE AUTHOR OF TWILIGHT! oh look it's afterxdreaming that...crazy...person..that writes fanfics... What the Twilight Characters do when we're not reading... Special Thanks to twilghtfan_94 for making me write these crazy stories down, other wise I would have kept putting it off and off...(Until I'm old...like Bella...:p )

Special Thanks again to what's-her-face (I can never seem to remember her name...) (afterxdreaming just got bitch slapped by what's-her-face) Sorry guys! I had to combine Stranger Danger and Red Eyes caz I'm imcapble of using my words! lol (so true...)

4. The Great Cullen Bank Heist (and Bella) Part 2 SPECIAL

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Edward listened in...

Cameron Morgan walked up to the front doors of the pet shop. She wanted to buy a puppy, thinking it would bring a lively mood to the Gallagher Academy. She had already talked about it with her mom/ headmistress of the academy, and had gotten permission. She went to open the door to the shop when suddenly, she was stopped! Who could it be? She looked over at the guard who had stopped her.

“Miss Morgan!”

“How do you know my name?” she asked, confused. She had never met the woman standing in front of her, yet, she felt she had known since… lets say… the seventh grade.

“You know very well how I know your name young lady!”

Then it hit her. “Hey! Who threw that piece of paper? Never mind.”

Then she remembered where she had heard that voice before. She thought it was a bit weird that a woman had such a deep voice.

“Mr. Smith?” she asked the guard, shocked.

“Yes. That’s me.”

“But you’re a… a…”

“Yes. I’m a female. I was running out of ideas for different looks for men. So I went to have the plastic surgery that would change me to a woman started last Friday.”

“Started?” Cammie asked. She hadn’t missed the key word in that sentence, thanks to all the years of spy training she had had.

“Yes, started. I’m Carl from the waist down. Carla from the waist up.”

“Oh,” Cammie said, but thought ‘A little too much information, thank you very much.


“So should I start calling you Ms. Smith from now on?” she couldn’t help but asking.

“I think it would be quite wise of you to. But enough about me! I want to know why you are hanging around outside of the Gallagher Academy, and I want to know it now. Is this another one of Mr. Solomon’s tests or what not? Where is he?” Mr./Ms. Smith demanded, looking around for hidden cameras while trying to show his/her good side. It used to be his/her left, but was now his/her right. That put him/her in a very awkward position.

“Um, it’s winter break. We‘re out of school for a few weeks.”

“Oh, right.” Mr./Ms. Smith stopped looking around like a lunatic. He/she felt pretty stupid for being a spy and have forgotten that. Desperate to change the subject, he/she searched his/her brain for something to get the topic off his/her stupidity. Finally he/she remembered what had happened at Mr. Solomon’s end of the semester test. “So, have you and that boy, what’s his name again?”


“Yes. Have you and Josh gotten back together yet?”

“Nobody knows. We have to read and see when the next book, Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, comes out.”

“Oh, right,” he/she said, again feeling stupid. “So what are you doing here?”

“Mom said I could by a puppy to be the Gallagher Academy school pet. I want to get a Chihuahua. They’re so cute and cuddly!”

“Oh, well, go ahead then.” He/she gestured for her to make her way through the door.

“By the way. What are you doing guarding here?” Cammie asked.

“I had to get a job for over the break somewhere. You don’t make much money as a teacher, you know.”

“Oh. Okay.” She then made her way inside and left her teacher to do his/her job.