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The Inevitable

-Eclipse in Edward's Point if View- ~*~"It's more Inevitable than the sun rising in the East." -Alice Cullen Midnight Sun~*~


15. Threat

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Chapter 14


Alice sat at the end of the long table with the heels of her hands pressed into her eyes. I had returned right before dawn to change and get my car like I did every morning, and this was how I had found her.

Esme sat patiently to my right, her worried eyes flashing to me every once and a while and then back to Alice.

Besides us three the house was empty. Carlisle was still at the hospital finishing up his night shift while Rosalie, Emmet, and Jasper were out hunting. Alice had stayed behind planning to go to school this morning, but according to Esme she had tried to start ‘looking' after watching the morning news with Jasper and hadn't stopped yet.

The blurred images swirled through Alice's mind and I watched carefully. Some were too fast or too clouded to make any sense of and the ones that could be seen clearly were completely insignificant.

Not only could I see but I could also feel the force she was pushing behind the effort...she was digging deep, trying desperately to see something...anything that would help us with the growing problem in Seattle. I had made up my mind more than once to go and investigate, and I knew for a fact both Jasper and Emmet would be behind me. But even with that decision made Alice kept pulling up blanks and smeared images.

Though I had tried to soothe some of her worries a few nights ago, seeing Alice like this was making some of that panic seep into my own mind. I was getting restless. Waiting seemed to become more and more dangerous with each passing day. I didn't want the Volturi anywhere near Forks. It would only rush things that were already moving too fast... take away what little time and leverage I had.

Bella's reaction yesterday had only made me more desperate than I already was for more time. She wasn't ready...the thought of her being forced into the choice by the Volturi's involvement made me all the more anxious to figure out what was really going on.... so we could finally put a stop to it.

Is she alright Edward?' Esme's worried thoughts interrupted my own. ‘she's been sitting there since Jasper left'

I nodded and sighed, glancing at my watch. I had to leave soon to pick Bella up or we'd both be late for school. I was about to tell Alice to take a break for a bit, at least until the others returned, but before I had time to speak the words, I saw myself saying just that inside her mind.

"Alright alright" she grumbled pulling her mind pack to the present. She removed her hands from her eyes and folded them together tightly on the table top. "Still nothing...I don't understand" She looked at me, her usually bright eyes clouded ‘I don't like it'

"Neither do I Alice" I said quietly. Being blind this way was so strange....and though I would never say so in front of Alice, very inconvenient at the moment. I sighed again and pushed back from the table, there was nothing that could be done just yet and Bella was waiting for me. "I have to go" I said as I got to my feet "I take it your staying home today?"

Alice nodded. "I want to be here when Jazz gets home...to tell him what I..." she paused and then grimaced "Well to tell him what I didn't see" A small, frustrated growl came from her throat and she slumped forward, burying her face in her arms. ‘This really sucks you know'

I smiled slightly "Yes...trust me I know" I knew all too well how it felt when your extra sense didn't work properly. Especially when it was something you relied heavily on.

Alice just nodded her head without looking up. Esme unable to take it any longer stood up and crossed the room to wrap her arms around Alice's small form. "It will be alright...we'll figure this out" she said soothingly.

I don't see how....'

As I made my way out of the dining room I quickly kissed Esme on the cheek and stopped beside Alice to lay my hand on top of her black hair. She was always the light of the house, bringing life and laughter into every room she entered. I hated seeing her this way.

I'm sorry'

"Don't be... Esme's right, we'll figure this out." I said, ruffling her hair softly "And despite what you think Alice, it's not your full responsibility to shoulder these types of things."

I knocked three times, my usual knock, and was a bit surprised when I didn't immediately hear Bella's quick footsteps to the door. I took a second to listen closely and could easily hear her heartbeat. She didn't sound too far from the door.

I knocked again.


Frowning slightly I turned the knob and stepped into the small hall. I looked around the corner to see her leaning over the kitchen table and though her back was to me I could tell she was concentrating hard on something.

A small smirk formed on my face as I crossed my arms and leaned into the door jam. Bella was so perceptive of the things around her except for when her mind was set strongly on something else...on one thing in particular.

"Bella?" I asked softly, to get her attention.

Despite my effort to not scare her....Bella gasped and twirled around, her heart picking up erratically. I rushed to her side and took her hand, only to be shocked to feel it shaking violently.

I grimaced, mentally cursing myself. She had been on edge the last couple of weeks, ever since the dog opened his mouth about Victoria's return... I should have known better. "Did I startle you? I'm sorry. I did knock"

"No. No" she said quickly, her wide eyes flickering from me to the table and back again. "Have you seen this?"

I looked to where she was pointing and saw the morning paper spread open across the table.


My brow crease and I squeezed her hand, trying to ease the tension I could feel rolling off her "I hadn't seen today's news yet. But I knew it was getting worse. We're going to have to do something, quickly." Preferably before the Volturi show up, I added mentally.

I pulled her closer to me and let my eyes scanned swiftly over the article...

Responsible for 39 linked homicides and disappearances within the last three months alone....'

If these deaths can be linked to one man, than this is the most violent rampage of serial murder in American history.'

‘....The motive seems killing for no other reason than to kill.'

‘...remains show evidence of brutal violence-bones crushed and snapped by some kind of tremendous pressure -Which medical examiners believe occurred before the time of death...'

Another similarity that points to the possibility of a serial: every crime is perfectly clean of evidence, aside from the remains themselves. Not a fingerprint, not a tire tread mark, nor a foreign hair is left behind....'

Acceleration. Six of the homicides were committed in the first month, 11 in the second. Twenty-two have occurred in the last 10 days alone.....'

The evidence is conflicting, the pieces horrifying. A vicious new gang or a widely active serial killer? Or something else the police haven't yet conceived of?'

Only one conclusion is indisputable: something hideous is stalking Seattle'

I breathed out slowly, we couldn't let this go on much longer. The number of victims were increasing rapidly...too rapidly.

"What does Alice say?" Bella asked softly.

I sighed "That's the problem...She can't see anything...though we've made up our minds half a dozen times to check it out." I continued to scan the article as I spoke, my own doubt on the subject growing. "She's starting to lose confidence." I murmured "She feels like she's missing too much these days. That something's wrong. That maybe her vision is slipping away."

"Can that happen?" Bella asked in shock.

I shrugged "Who knows? No one's ever done a study...but I really doubt it. These things tend to intensify over time. Look at Aro and Jane."

"Then what's wrong?"

I gave her the only theory I had, the only thing I could come up with..."Self-fulfilling prophecy I think. We keep waiting for Alice to see something so we can go...and she doesn't see anything because we won't really go until she does. So she can't see us there"

As I said this I realized it still didn't explain why Alice had missed the intruder in Bella's room.

That didn't matter though, either way something had to be done. I knew this and so did Jasper. "Maybe we'll have to do this blind" I mumbled out loud.

Bella's hand, which was still in mine, squeezed my stone fingers fiercely "No!"

I tore my eyes from the paper and looked down at her face.

Fear and panic filled her brown eyes.

This was too much.

Enough was enough.

I grabbed the paper and shoved it inside my jacket pocket. "Did you have a strong desire to attend class today?" I asked her. "We're only a couple days from finales; they won't be giving us anything new."

Carlisle should be home by now and hopefully Jasper too.

"I think I can live without school for one day. What are we doing?"

"I want to talk to Jasper."

I knew Carlisle wasn't going to like the conversation I was planning to have with my brother but it had to be done.

I parked the car out front, not bothering to pull it into the garage. It sounded like everyone was home now, which was a good thing....I was tired of waiting, it was time to decide something.

Like always I was out of the car and at Bella's door before she had the chance to fully remove her seat belt. As I opened the door for her she rolled her eyes, but gladly accepted my hand. I chuckled despite myself and leaned in to kiss her quickly on the forehead before we walked up onto the porch.

I don't understand...why have they let this go on for so long now?'

Uhhh come on.... there has to be something...anything....'

All those people...the numbers just keep climbing'

As we walked into the house my families' thoughts surrounded me.

Alright Bella's here' "Hey Edward" Emmet said as he rounded the corner, his bright thoughts a strong contrast to the worry that filled the rest of the room. "Ditching Bella?" he asked, a wide grin stretching across his face.

"We both are" I pointed out.

"Yes but it's her first time through high school. She might miss something." ‘your such a bad influence Edward....shame on you'

I rolled my eyes and turned to Carlisle. His thoughts were confused as he spotted Bella next to me, and a bit wary ‘what happened?' he asked silently, his eyes flashing from me to Bella, before quickly scanning over her, looking for an injury. ‘something wrong?...'

I shook my head, and if it was any other time I would have laughed at his assumption. But I was far from a laughing mood. I knew Carlisle was not going to like where I was headed and would most likely try to reason with me.

"Did you see their considering a serial killer now?" I asked tossing him the paper.

Yes' he sighed, his youthful brow furrowing as he glanced over the article. "They've had specialists debating that possibility on CNN all morning" ‘This is getting out of hand...it's gone so far...I don't understand why...'

"We can't let this go on" I said, interrupting his troubled thoughts.

YES...Finally!' "Let's go now...I'm dead bored!'

Rosalie hissed from upstairs and it was quickly followed by a silent threat ‘Don't go giving him any ideas'

"She's such a pessimist" Emmet muttered.

I don't know Edward...' I looked back at Carlisle. ‘...maybe if we just...'

"We'll have to go sometime" I said, answering both Carlisle's and Rosalie's thoughts.

Why should we concern ourselves?...It's not our problem' I gritted my teeth but otherwise ignored Rosalie as she descended the stairs.

Carlisle was still looking at me, his face full of understanding ‘I know Edward...I understand... but...'

I sighed loudly, unable to hide my impatience any longer....I was tired of waiting.

Carlike looked at me sternly "I'm concerned." He went on, speaking the words this time "We've never involved ourselves in this kind of thing before. It's not our business. We aren't the Volturi"

I took a deep breath, trying desperately to stay calm. Rosalie's smug thoughts weren't exactly helping that effort.

"I don't want the Volturi to have to come here." I said evenly "It gives us so much less reaction time"

"And all those innocent people in Seattle" Esme murmured, reaching over to take his hand "It's not right to let them die this way"

"I know" Carlisle said running his free hand through his hair. ‘but we have no idea what we will be facing... without Alice's help....we'll be completely blind....'

It's odd that there's so many missing people. The higher the missing count gets the more deaths there are...this can't be the work of just one or two newborns...it's too wide spread...and it's happening so fast... increasing more rapidly everyday...maybe...'

My head snapped quickly to Jasper as he entered the room.

"Oh." Of course, It made complete sense when looked at from that angle.

The news article flashed into my mind again...‘Acceleration. Six of the homicides were committed in the first month, 11 in the second. Twenty-two have occurred in the last 10 days alone.....'.

I stared at Jasper, my eyes still shocked. "I didn't think of that...I see"

He looked back at me and nodded, his face grim and paler than usual. ‘If I'm right this means things are far worse than we imagined'

"You're right" My voice was bleak....dread was slowly beginning to fill my mind at this new revelation. Jasper was right...of course he was. And it was worse than we thought...much worse.

‘'What is it Edward?'

Why do they always have to do this?'

Here we go again...they can never speak a language we can all understand'

"I think you'd better explain to the others" I said absently, waving my hand at the rest of the family. Of their own accord my feet began to pace. "What could be the purpose of this?" There had to be a reason behind it after all. There was always a reason behind this type of action.

"What is he rambling about?" Alice asked as she sped into the room to stand next to Jasper. "What are you thinking?"

By now everyone had gathered around us, their thoughts confused and questioning...some more aggravated than others.

Come on give us something here'

What Edward...what is it?'

Someone spit it out already'

Are you alright Edward?...what is it?...what's wrong?'

Edward...what's Jasper thinking?'

Well someone say something'

I shut my eyes, pinching the bridge of my nose as I tried to block everything out for minute. It was so hard to focus on my thoughts alone when I was being bombarded by others. I needed to think, I needed a few moments of peace with just my own thoughts. Because now that I looked at it from Jasper's point of view, added his background knowledge to the few small facts we had to work with, it was becoming clearer.

This was the last thing I would have ever excepted to come to this part of the U.S.

And the very last thing my family needed.

"You're confused" Jasper's quite words made me look up, he was staring at Bella, the only silent mind in the room. I didn't need to read the waves of confusion from Jasper's mind, I could easily see from her face that she was just as confused as the others.

State the obvious' "We're all confused" Emmet muttered, his voice just as aggravated as his thoughts.

"You can afford to be patient..." Jasper told him "Bella should understand this too. She's one of us now"

I looked at my brother, but he was still looking at Bella. His thoughts were telling me where he was planning to take the conversation and I felt my body stiffen.

But once again Jasper was right... she needed to understand this.

Now more than ever....Because there were still many aspects of her future choice she had yet to know and comprehend fully.

"How much do you know about me Bella?" He asked her softly.

Here we go...so much for getting information' Emmet sighed loudly and threw himself onto the couch. ‘....might as well get comfortable this is going to take a while'

"Not much" Bella answered, throwing a quick glance at me before her curious brown eyes went back to Jasper.

I take it you haven't explained then?' he asked me silently.

"No...I'm sure you can understand why I haven't told her that story" My hand ran unconsciously through my hair as I sighed. "But I suppose she needs to hear it now"

Jasper nodded. ‘I understand...and I really do appreciate it' His eyes focused on my face, his thoughts still questioning.

I nodded once...it wasn't my place to tell Bella his past or anybody else's for that matter. I knew so much about every member of my family and in some cases too much. I never really knew how far was too far when explaining something, so I always played it safe and kept it simple. If they wanted something explained more thoroughly they would have to speak for themselves...I had no right to.

Jasper took a deep breath and moved towards the lamp on the side table closest to Bella and began rolling up his sleeve. Though I could clearly see the scars imbedded into his skin, I knew they were nearly invisible to the human eye.

He placed his arm under the light and traced one of the most prominent bite marks. Bella moved closer and I shadowed behind her. It took her a moment see and another to understand what it was she was actually looking at.

"Oh" she said in slight surprise. "Jasper you have a scar exactly like mine" She thrust her hand next to his, exposing her palm. As the teeth marks embedded into her skin came into to view I gritted my teeth at the wave memories.

They were memories forever burned into my mind...waiting to be triggered by the simplest of reminders.

'My hand is burning!'

Agonized screams filled my ears as that cursed room flashed into my mind, clear and strong.

"The fire! Someone stop the fire!"

"He bit her"

"Edward you have to do it!"


I was thankful when Jasper's soft chuckle pulled me back to the present, I took a deep breath wiping the images from my mind...

"I have a lot of scars like yours Bella" He said as he pulled his sleeve up past his elbow.

Bella leaned forward and I watched her face carefully. Her eyes focused, moving from her own hand to Jasper's arm and back again. She gasped her face going white as understanding lit up her eyes.

She looked up at my brother's blank face. "Jasper what happened to you?"

Bella had had more than enough experience with a vampire's true nature. She had been through and seen much more than any one person should...and yet it was only the tip of the iceberg. There was so much she needed to learn and so little time to make her understand it all.

Nevertheless Bella listened intently and quietly as Jasper told his story, unfolding some of the darkest facts of our world. The world she was so eager to join.

I stood beside her just as silent. Though Jasper edited a lot there were a view moments when I wanted to step in, but each time I stopped myself.

This was the right thing to do...Bella needed to hear firsthand the way other monsters lived. And the only way she could fully grasp that would be to have it told from the very person who lived through it all.

Because of that I held my tongue.

By the end of the story I was relieved and shocked to see Bella smiling at Jasper and Alice. I should not have been surprised...I should, by all means, be use to her reactions.

"Alice told me what she had seen of Carlisle and his family. I could hardly believe such an existence was possible. But Alice made me optimistic. So went to find them"

They found us alright' Emmet thought as his mind wandered back to that very day.

I couldn't help but laugh at the memory. "Scared the hell out of them too" I said, and I heard Carlisle and Esme chuckle quietly behind me.

Bella's questioning eyes met mine. "Emmet and I were away hunting..." I explained "...Jasper shows up covered in battle scars, towing this little freak...' I nudged Alice. ‘yes but you love me and you know it' "Who greets them all by name, knows everything about them, and wants to know which room she can move into"

Alice laughed and Jasper joined in...both their thoughts returning to that day, focusing mostly on my reaction.

"When I got home..." I said a little louder over their laughter...though I too was smiling "...all my things were in the garage"

"You're room had the best view" Alice shrugged, unashamed.

This time I joined in their laughter. I'm still not sure if Alice knew how much life she had brought to our family. She fit in perfectly...after just the first week it was like she had always been with us and Jasper made her complete to be so.

"That's a nice story"

Our laughter cut off and I looked down at Bella, as did everyone else. I realized it would be a very long time before I was use to the surprises she sprung on me.

A part of me hoped that never happened.

Bella blushed and looked down "I mean the last part..." she mumbled quickly "...the happy ending with Alice"

"Alice has made all the difference" Jasper agreed. ‘she has saved me more than once and in so many different ways' "This is a climate I enjoy"

Alice grasped his large hand in her two tiny ones and leaned into his arm.

I can't believe it'

The light mood as we discussed happier times instantly faded, like the blanket of our shared memories had been thrown off only to reveal the dark truth everyone in the room now understood.

"An Army" Alice whispered into Jasper's sleeve "Why didn't you tell me?" ‘Why didn't I see?'

"I thought I must interrupting the signs incorrectly"

I, just like everyone else in the room was tense, hanging on his every word. If this was the true answer to our problems then we would all need Jasper for guidance.

"Because where is the motive?" he went on "Why would someone create an army in Seattle? There is no history there, no vendetta. It makes no sense from a conquest stand point either, no one claims it. Nomads pass through, but there's no one to fight for it. No one to defend it from...."

As Jasper's thoughts unfolded, quickly followed by his spoken words, another realization grew in my mind, freezing my insides.

"But I've seen this before, and there's no other explanation. There is an army in Seattle..."

Jasper's words faded into the background as my mind continued down the same path.

I looked around at my family and realized no one had come to this conclusion yet. But the truth was undeniable. Jasper had said there was no one here to claim Seattle, no one to defend and fight for it...So in other words there was no threat.

Through our eyes that seemed to be true, but through the eyes of others we were a threat.

Next to the Volturi we were the largest coven of mature, settled vampires.

It only took me seconds to grasp this and when I pulled back I realized Jasper was still speaking. "...are totally untrained. Whoever made them just set them loose. It will only get worse, and it won't be much longer till the Volturi step in. Actually I'm surprised they let it go on this long."

"What can we do?" Carlisle asked. ‘Jasper's right, if we wait it will only get worse'

"If we want to avoid the Volturi's involvement..." Jasper answered, throwing a glance at me "...we will have to destroy the newborns, and we will have to do it very soon" Jasper swallowed, his thoughts growing desperate.

I knew why.

Besides Alice I was the one person in the family who knew him best. This had always been one of his worse fears...that Alice would get mixed into something from his past, something exactly like this. The thought of fighting newborns was bad enough... but doing so in the city, risking exposure with the threat of the Volturi showing up had him frightened in a way he had never been before.

"I can teach you how" he went on, his voice hard but serious. He had yet to realize a part of his fears were unnecessary. "It won't be easy in the city. The young ones aren't concerned about secrecy, but we will have to be. It will limit us in ways that they are not. Maybe we can lure them out."

"Maybe we won't have to" I interrupted. Something in my voice seemed to take everyone off guard. Jasper's eyes flashed to me, obviously picking up on my emotions. ‘what is it...what's wrong?'

I took a deep, steadying breath trying to control myself "Does it occur to anyone else" I said slowly, looking around "... that the only possible threat in the area that would call for the creation of an army is...us?"

There was a millisecond of silence and then it started

what!?...we've never put any kind of claim on Seattle... or anywhere else for that matter'

No way!'

What have we done?...who would...?'

This is just perfect'

No Edward I would have seen...a threat like that I would see... I...

there are others besides us...' "Tanya's family is also near" Esme said softly. ‘maybe...'

"The newborns aren't ravaging Anchorage Esme" I said a little harsher than I meant to. I looked into her wide eyes for a second before I went on more softly "We have to consider the idea that we are the targets"

The throbbing of Bella's heart intensified in the sudden silence...I automatically stepped closer to her, wrapping my arm around her shoulders.

This was unbelievable...on top of everything else I had already exposed her to I now had her wrapped up in this of all things. It seemed like everything that could go wrong would...that every possible danger in my world that I could expose her to was going to show it's ugly face.

No Edward...we can't be the target of this...I would have seen....this is too big...there's no way I could have missed...' I turned to Alice, my face uncertain. I didn't want her feelings hurt worse by pointing out the fact that she had already missed things, serious things... that dangers had already slipped past her.

"They're not coming for us" she repeated out loud when she met my gaze. She paused and then went on "Or...they don't know they are. Not yet" I could feel her mind pull in on itself and I concentrated hard. The same flickers from three nights ago flashed again through her head...however this time there were new voices and smeared faces.

Nothing made sense...it was just enough to prove that there was something there to see.

"What is that?" I asked quickly. She was no longer looking but remembering. "What are you remembering?"

"Flickers" she said quietly "I can't see a clear picture when I try to see what's going on, nothing concrete. But I've been getting these strange flashes. Not enough to make sense of. It's as if someone's changing their mind, moving from one course of action to another so quickly that I can't get a good view..."

More images flashed, cutting off her words. I hadn't realized this had still been going on since the night Bella had gone to La Push. I knew she had been looking for them, but I didn't know these flashes were coming involuntarily. The only time that happened was when there was danger...when there was in fact a threat to be looking out for.

This only proved my point.

"Indecision?" Jasper asked ‘can that be possible...could someone know?'

"I don't know..." Alice mumbled still fixed partially in the clouded future.

A growl rolled up my chest when I heard Jasper's thoughts... Someone did know...there was someone who knew Alice's visions as well as I did, as well as she did herself.

No it wasn't indecision...not even close.

This someone knew exactly what he wanted and knew exactly how to get it.

"Not indecision...knowledge. Someone who knows you can't see anything until a decision is made. Someone who is hiding from us. Playing with the holes in your vision"

Alice stared at me in shock, her eyes wide. "Who would know that?"

"Aro knows you as well as you know yourself"

"But I would see if they'd decided to come..."

"Unless they didn't want to get their hands dirty" I cut her off.

That is one thing Aro does not do...get his hands dirty.

The moment I had touched Aro's hand all those months ago he had seen everything.

He had seen every single thing Carlisle had gained over the centuries.

To Carlisle it was a family he had put together...companionship.

To Aro it was power.

When he had read my thoughts, at first there had been nothing but shock in his mind...utter disbelief that Carlisle was able to find exactly what he had been searching for.

Then there was jealously, because what Carlisle possessed he had not gained by force or fear, but by pure loyalty.

And then there was the longing...the hope of having two more powers added to his already invincible force.

But when he had learned that his hope was futile, when he had been denied by all parties, there was the trickle of fear he tried in vain to cover up. The fear of a future threat to his own coven.

Aro couldn't comprehend the fact that we considered ourselves a family not a coven...we had no desire to challenge him or anyone else.

It was a leave alone and be left alone situation with us...always.

It seems logical...they have a lot of connections' Rosalie's thoughts made me turn towards her in surprise...was she actually agreeing with me?

"A favor..." She suggested "Someone in the South....someone who already had trouble with the rules. Someone who should have been destroyed is offered a second chance if they take care of this one small problem....That would explain the Volturi's sluggish response." ‘There just biding their time...sitting back and waiting for it to play out'

Aro would not do this to me....why would he....what have I done.... my family has done nothing wrong...' I turned towards Carlisle and he met my gaze. It was hard to look into his torn eyes...my father didn't deserve this, none of our family deserved this.

"Why?" he asked "There's no reason for the Volturi..."

"It was there..." I interrupted quietly, still looking him in the eye. "I'm surprised it's come to this so soon, because the other thoughts were stronger. In Aro's head he saw me at his one side and Alice at his other. The present and the future, virtual omniscience. The power of the idea intoxicated him. I would have thought it would take him much longer to give up on that plan...he wanted it too much."

I took an unnecessary breath before I went on, still not looking away from my father. "But there was also the thought of you, Carlisle, of our family, growing stronger and larger. The jealously and the fear: you having...not more than he had, but still, things that he wanted. He tried not to think about it, but he couldn't hide it completely. The idea of rooting out the competition was there, besides their own, ours is the largest coven they've ever found...."

I could feel everyone's eyes on me, their thoughts a jumble of words and mixed feelings. I concentrated only on one mind though.

Why didn't you tell me Edward?...even if Aro thought this, he would never act...it's not who they are..."

I began to shake my head to cut off his thoughts. He didn't know his friends quite as well as he thought he did.

"They're too committed to their mission" he went on. "They would never break the rules themselves. It goes against everything they've worked for."

"They'll clean up afterward" I said darkly. "A double betrayal...No harm done" They were capable of hunting down and destroying all the witnesses before suspicion could even be thought of.

"No" Jasper said shaking his head. "Carlisle is right. The Volturi do not break rules. Besides, it's much too sloppy. This...person, this threat-they have no idea what they are doing. A first-timer, I'd swear to it. I cannot believe the Volturi are involved. But they will be." ‘Which is why we must act quickly Edward, with whatever it is we are going to do...but we can't be pulled into the crime of exposure...even if you are right and we are the targets we still need to find a way to lure them to a secluded area.'

Why the hell are we all still standing here?!' "Then let's go!' Emmet yelled "What are we waiting for?"

I locked eyes with Carlisle again, knowing and hearing the struggle inside his mind. He was thinking of the same thing I was...our family. I could remember the time when it had just been the two of us, working together and watching each other's backs, it had been so simple back then... easy even.

But we had a family now, others to protect...others we could not live without.

We don't have a choice do we, Edward?..Either way they are coming... we'll have to fight them ...everyone...Esme and Alice...they.....'

I nodded once.

Carlisle sighed heavily and put a hand on my shoulder. ‘So be it.' He turned to Jasper "We'll need you to teach us Jasper...How to destroy them"