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The Inevitable

-Eclipse in Edward's Point if View- ~*~"It's more Inevitable than the sun rising in the East." -Alice Cullen Midnight Sun~*~


8. Betrayal

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Chapter Seven


The early morning light shown through the glass window, illuminating my room and the sleeping form in my arms.

Though all the dread and worries I had pushed back during the night had returned with first light I couldn't help but smile as I looked into Bella's still sleeping face. I wondered how long it would be before she forgave her friend. Though the way I saw it he didn't deserve her friendship, not after his cruel words.

The selfish part of me hoped she wouldn't forgive Jacob Black, that they would continue not talking, and she wouldn't feel the need to ever return to La Push. It certainly would solve a lot of problems and make things much more bearable.

But I also knew that would never happen. My Bella was just too forgiving; she had proven that fact again last night.

No, Jacob would receive her forgiveness and if I knew her at all it would be soon. And when the time came I would let her go. The very thought set my nerves on edge, but I had to do it. It was hurting her too much any other way and I could not have that.

I knew one thing for sure though; I would have to stop at the nearest bike shop as soon as possible. Regardless of rather or not Bella forgave Jacob it was clear she really enjoyed riding and Bella would not be getting on that dangerous piece of machinery again without protection.

I cringed as the scary image of her flying down the road in the rain popped in my head again. Did she know how easily she could have crashed? I sighed, carefully brushing a strand of soft hair back behind her ear.

If Bella didn't start acting more careful I knew I would loose it completely one day. It was like I was walking on thin ice waiting for the moment when she would go
too far and I wouldn't be there in time.

Who would have thought such a small, beautiful, human girl could frighten a vampire so strongly.

But of course this was no ordinary girl; I had learned that fact a long time ago. This was Isabella Swan, this was my Bella... and she was far from being ordinary.

‘Edward can I come in?'

"Yes Alice" I whispered knowing she could hear me.

I slowly extracted myself from the bed and sat on the edge to see Alice standing in front of me a small smile on her face.

‘She's so cute when she sleeps'

I chuckled softly and looked over my back shoulder. "Yes she is." I said simply

‘I told Charlie I'd have her back early' Alice said somewhat reluctantly.

I nodded "We'll be down in a few minutes"

‘I knew she wouldn't be angry with you once you got back' Alice said smugly before she walked back out the room.

"Of course." I mumbled Reaching over I placed my hand gently on Bella's covered shoulder, rubbing up and down.

"Love?" I said bending down towards her ear "It's time to wake"

"Mhhmn" was my only reply as she turned onto her back, eyes still closed.

"Alright then" I said softly bending down and tenderly pressing my lips to hers. It took less than a second and then like always her heart rate picked up. I smiled as her lips began to move against mine. Her arms lifted and warm fingers began to play through my hair, sending a tremor of pleasure down my spine.

Taking that as a warning I began to pull back.

"I wasn't done" she mumbled, her voice still groggy.

I chuckled and sat all the way up. "Yes I know but Alice is downstairs and she said she promised Charlie she'd have you home early this morning."

Bella sighed and looked at me.

"I'm sorry" I didn't want her to leave anymore than she wanted to, but as far as Charlie knew I was suppose to be getting home from my camping trip today not last night.

"I know" she sighed again, sitting up.

I leaned in and kissed her softly on the forehead. "Go have your human moment," I whispered, "While I get you some breakfast...what do you want?"

"Cereal" I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes... of course

"What kind?"

"The usual" she said leaning in and capturing my lips before I had the chance to move. Giving in to defeat I melted into the warmth, placing my hand on the back of her hair and leaning in.

Alice and Charlie could wait.

After a moment, when she had pulled away to take a breath I chuckled. "Come on...no more distractions, I'll meet you at Charlie's as soon as possible, you know that." I looked at her for a moment till she sighed once more and nodded her head. Then after a reluctant "ok" she got up and headed towards the bathroom.

I on the other hand made my way downstairs towards the kitchen. I have to say that I was rather proud of the fact I could now get Bella her breakfast. I'll never forget the morning after my first stay at her house when she had asked me..."So what are we having?"

For the first time in over a century I had been rendered speechless. Even if I could remember more about my human life I don't think I had actually cooked then either. So I did the only thing I could...I just stood there like an idiot in the middle of a human girl's kitchen, while said girl looked up at me expectantly.

I was prepared now though, I had seen Bella make plenty of meals and our cabinets were now stocked with the many things I knew she enjoyed.

Making it to the kitchen I opened a cabinet and pulled out the box of cereal she wanted.

I stared at the colorful front, frowning.

How could she possibly like this?

All human food was repulsive to me now, but this seemed to be nothing more than pieces of shaped cardboard and...I looked closely at the words written
across the top...Marshmallows?

I shook my head, if my angel wanted cardboard for breakfast, then cardboard it was.

I stared at the shiny motorcycle next to Bella's red one. I hadn't planned on buying it. I had gone into the store for a leather jacket and helmet, but when I spotted it I just couldn't help myself. I figured if this was something Bella enjoyed so much than perhaps we could do it together, especially if she and Jacob weren't going to be talking for a while.

Though I knew I was getting my hopes up again about that particular situation.

Feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket I pulled in out and placed it to my ear... I already knew who it was.

"You really should have gotten the yellow one Edward"

I grinned. "I wanted it to match my car Alice."

"Alright then I guess it will do" She sighed dramatically and I could tell she was smiling. "Well anyway I just dropped Bella off so you can leave anytime you want... Charlie's there though" she added.

"Alright I'm leaving now"

"Oh yeah" she said quickly before I could hang up "I also liked the jacket you picked out but there's this one I saw on...."

"Bye Alice"

"No, it's...."

"We'll talk later"

Before she could go on I closed the phone and climbed into my car.

As soon as Bella opened the door it hit me.

My muscles tensed and I felt the automatic growl rising in my throat.

Someone was here

"Edward?" Bella's shocked voice reached my ears and I looked down.

She was okay, nothing was wrong. But I knew a vampire had been here...or was still here.

"What...?" I placed my fingers to her warms lips silencing her

"Give me two seconds" I whispered, though I knew if whoever it was was still here they would have noted my presence as easily as I noted there's...I had to be quick.

"Don't move"

I dashed through the kitchen and up the stairs. The first thought that came to mind was the Volturi. This scent was foreign to me but I could tell it was male and I could also tell where the scent originated from.

Bella's room.

The scent was everywhere. Whoever it was had been in this room for a while and had touched a lot of things. It was also relatively fresh; the intruder had to have come this morning or last night at the latest.

I was quick enough to check for a presence and that was it. I leapt out the window and sped back to the porch. Bella was still standing in the same place with the door open, her eyes full of confusion.

Pulling her towards me I walked inside and looked around. I opened my mind and listened closely for any thoughts that would reach me, but I only got Charlie. As far as I could tell we were the only three in the house right now.

Even with that realization I couldn't relax.

"Someone's been here." I said quietly before Bella could ask again. She had reacted to my body language and was tense at my side.

"I swear that no werewolves"

"Not one of them," I cut her off. "One of us."

"Victoria?" she asked, her frightened eyes looking up at me.

"It's not a scent I recognize"

"One of the Volturi?"

"Probably" I said honestly


"That's why I think it must have been them..." I said voicing my thoughts. It had to be the Volturi, there was no other explanation "It wasn't long ago, early this morning while Charlie was sleeping. And whoever it was didn't touch him, so there must have been another purpose."

What was that purpose?

I knew the answer to that, it was completely obvious.

"Looking for me." Bella said quietly, stating exactly what I knew to be true.

More than likely it had been the Volturi, they were checking in on her, seeing if she was still human. But why would they do that? We had told them there
was a date set; Aro had seen it from Alice...

Alice .

Anger started to build up over my initial fear...How could she have not seen this?

"What are you two hissing about in here?" Charlie had come around the corner, his eyes curious. But as he saw us standing there he jumped to the wrong conclusions and his thoughts immediately shifted from curiosity to hope.

I clenched my teeth.

"If you two are having a fight...well, don't let me interrupt" He placed his bowl in the sink and left the kitchen. It was a good thing too, because I highly doubted I could manage to be polite with him today, especially with the thoughts that were currently running through his head.

I needed to get out of here...I needed to see Alice.

"Let's go"

"But Charlie!" I could hear the suppressed hysteria in Bella's voice; her heart was pounding in her chest. I mentally slapped myself. I should have kept calm, I should calm down now.

But it was impossible, I couldn't help it... a vampire had been in this house, had been in my angel's room, and Alice had not seen it.

How could she not have seen it?

I quickly pulled out my phone and dialed Emmet. As soon as he picked up I didn't give him time to speak. I went over the situation and told them to come search the area. Hopefully whoever it was left a trail.

Closing the phone, I put my arm back around Bella's waist and began walking towards the door. I felt her pull back and I forced down a growl of frustration. I needed to get her out of here... I needed to get out of here.

I looked down to see Bella's eyes darting from the living room, where her father was sitting completely clueless, and back to me. Her breathing had hitched, becoming fast and shallow.

Taking an unnecessary breath I tried to relax some for her benefit.

"Emmet and Jasper are on their way," I assured her quietly "They'll sweep the woods. Charlie is fine."

We needed to leave now.

I began pulling us back out the door and I didn't stop till we were both in the car.

"Where are we going?" She whispered as we pulled out the driveway.

"We're going to talk to Alice" I said trying unsuccessfully to keep the anger out of my voice.

"You think maybe she saw something?"


Before we even made it to the door I could hear the alert and rapid thoughts of my family. They had all tensed up when they heard my car, they knew what was coming.

Carlisle was the only one speaking directly to me.

‘Stay calm Edward, I know your probably upset, but so is Alice...she's really confused right now'

I knew all this. I could hear Alice's thoughts, but I couldn't quench my anger. This slip up was too much. I trusted Alice, I relied on her. How could she do this to me?

It had been so close, what if Bella had been there when this someone showed up...what if he had still been there when she got home this morning?

The thought sent a tremor of fear down my spine and only made me angrier.

I roughly pushed open the door making it slam into the wall.

And there she was waiting.

"What happened?" I asked angrily.

"I have no idea." She said keeping her voice level. "I didn't see anything"

"How is that possible?"

"Edward" someone said my name but I ignored them.

I wanted answers.

How could Alice of missed this...of all the things to let slip.

‘Please calm down,' Carlisle thought, ‘She didn't mean for this to happen, she's been doing a lot lately.' He could tell I was ready to snap.

I couldn't believe this happened. I promised to keep Bella safe. This couldn't be happening.

"It's not an exact science Edward" Carlisle spoke out loud, realizing I wasn't paying any attention to his or any other thoughts at the moment.

"He was in her room, Alice. He could have still been there...waiting for her"

Saying it out loud made the crippling fear seize me again.

I couldn't loose her, not again.

Not ever.

It took me a moment to pull back and I realized Alice was talking to me, her voice cold. "....Volturi's decisions, watching for Victoria's return, watching Bella's every step. You want to add another? Do I just have to watch Charlie, or Bella's room, or the house, or the whole street, too? Edward, if I try to see too much, things are going to start slipping through the cracks"

"It looks like they already are!" I yelled.

Letting something slip is one thing, but this was an immense slip...it had been too close...way too close.

"She was never in any danger. There was nothing to see"

Even if that was the case then that just proved the fact that it was the Volturi...

But she still should have seen. I should have been warned. They never should have gotten so close.

"If you're watching Italy, why didn't you see them send...?"

"I don't think it was them..." Alice interrupted "I would have seen that."

"Who else would leave Charlie alive?" I yelled again, not realizing the words I had just said.

"I don't know"

"Helpful" I spat. She sounded so sure of herself when she said it wasn't the Volturi. But I was no longer sure of her, and I hated it...I had trusted her so much and for so long and she had let me down. Let Bella down.

I clenched my teeth together...I needed more than just ‘I don't know'

She should have known...she was suppose to know... Alice had absolutely no right to not know anything.

"Stop it, Edward"

My head spun around automatically at my name. I was ready to snap at who ever it was that had the guts to rebuke me right now. But when I had saw who it
was, the anger that had been building up didn't come out as a yell, instead it was cut short in my throat and came out in a loud gush of air.

I felt my eyes widen as I realized who it was I had been about to shout at.

Bella was staring at me, and though her face was still pale from fear I could see the slight anger in her eyes.

It all hit me.

It was like I had been thinking in a hot haze and everything was suddenly lifted off. I began to see and think clearly. My words and actions replayed through my head and I could clearly hear everyone's thoughts now.

Esme's thoughts of fear for her two daughters.

Rosalie's worried thoughts about Emmet.

Carlisle's concerned thoughts for Alice.

And Alice... she was hurt and confused.

What was I doing?

"You're right Bella. I'm sorry" I turned to the person that really deserved the apology. "Forgive me, Alice. I shouldn't be taking this out on you. That was inexcusable"

"I understand...I'm not happy about this either" ‘I won't let it happen again; I promise' She thought fiercely, looking me in the eyes ‘I love her too Edward'

I nodded my head, of course I knew that.

Taking a deep breath I tried to rein in the rest of my shaky nerves. I needed to continue with thinking clearly.

"Okay lets look at this logically. What are the possibilities?"

At my words every one relaxed. Everyone except Rosalie, she remained tense and stiff as she stared out into the night. I really felt for her, though from my point of view I knew she had nothing to worry about. Emmet was more than capable of taking care of himself. But I also understood how she looked at Emmet and understood all too clearly her thoughts of worry.

Pulling Bella closer to me I walked her to the couch and set her down.

‘Listen to her heart Edward it's pounding...' Esme thought as she wrapped her arm around Bella. I could hear the slight reproof in her voice and I felt even guiltier for losing it. I once again found myself envying Carlisle as he walked towards us, the picture of calm even though his thoughts were just as worried.

"Victoria?" he asked.

I shook my head as I gently lifted Bella's warm hand to hold it in both of mine. I did it to try and soothe the trembling that had started there, but it was for my own reassurance as well.

"No. I didn't know the scent." I replied, "He might have been from the Volturi, someone I've never met..."

"Aro hasn't asked anyone to look for her yet." Alice cut me off, "I will see that. I'm waiting for it."

"You're watching for an official order?" I asked, slightly surprised. She knew there were plenty of people in the Volturi with the power to send out messengers, not just Aro. I also knew who would be at the top of the list.

"You think someone's acting on their own? Why?"

‘Who?' The silent question came from more than just one person.

"Caius's idea" I said automatically.

"Or Jane's....They both have the resources to send an unfamiliar face." Alice added.

"And the motivation" I clenched my teeth. The Volturi had no idea who they were dealing with.

I turned my head towards Esme as her confused words reached me. "It doesn't make sense though...if whoever it was meant to wait for Bella, Alice would have seen that. He, or she, had no intention of hurting Bella. Or Charlie for that matter..."

"It's going to be fine Bella" she went on calmingly, for at the mention of her father Bella's heart picked up again. We needed to end this conversation soon. There was no need for her to over hear any of this. At least not until we figured things out.

I was about to suggest this when I remembered the dogs words. She has the right to know. I sighed mentally as I held my tongue. This was Bella's life, this was her father. She needed to hear and understand.

"But what was the point then?" Carlisle asked, mostly to himself. "It all seemed rather pointless...Esme's right it doesn't make any sense."

I couldn't agree more. As I ran over this situation in my head the only thing that made any sense was that it had to be the Volturi...but once again I was left with one question: why?

"Checking to see if I'm still human?" Bella suggested to Carlisle's question.

"Possible." He answered, though I knew he also knew if that was the case whoever it was would have waited there for her. More than likely they would
have just come here though, especially if they figured out she was still human.

But then it once again came to the same thing. Aro knows when Bella is going to be changed; he had seen it and agreed. If he didn't none of us would have left Italy that day.

‘Sorry Edward' I sighed in disappointment as Emmet's thoughts finally reached me but it was drowned out by Rosalie's much louder sigh of relief.

Emmet and Jasper had missed them, lost the trail... Damn it.

"Long gone, hours ago" Emmet said loudly as he and Jasper came through the door. "The trail went East, then South, and disappeared on a side road. Had a car waiting."

"That's bad luck" I said. It figured. "If he'd gone west...well, it would be nice for those dogs to make themselves useful"

"Neither of us recognized him" Jasper said to Carlisle handing him a piece of fern "But here...maybe you know the sent"

But he didn't and neither did anyone else. Once again we were left hanging with nothing to go on.

Esme's thoughts reached me again I turned to her; my face incredulous...how could this possibly be a coincidence?

"Perhaps we're looking at this the wrong way. Maybe it's a coincidence..." Everyone else turned towards her, their faces matching mine. She went on quickly explaining what she meant "I don't mean a coincidence that a stranger happened to pick Bella's house to visit at random. I mean that maybe someone was just curious. Out scent is all around her. Was he wondering what draws us there?"

That made a bit more sense but something still seemed off.

"Why wouldn't he just come here then?" Emmet asked, "If he was curious?"

Esme grinned. "You would...The rest of us aren't always so direct. Our family is very large...he or she might be frightened. But Charlie wasn't harmed. This doesn't have to be an enemy."

I disagreed. Any creature that happened to show up at Bella's house uninvited and be in her room was an enemy in my book. Whoever this was had better hope they never crossed paths with me.

"I don't think so" Alice said, also not agreeing with Esme's words. "The timing of it was too perfect...This visitor was so careful to make no contact. Almost like he or she knew that I would see..."

That lead my thoughts straight back to the Volturi. Only Aro knew the full extent of Alice's ability. But if that was the case, Alice would have seen Aro giving an order...at least I hope she would.

I knew it wasn't Alice's fault but I couldn't help but feel betrayed. Her gift had always helped us, warned us beforehand if anything like this was going to happen. I hated not being so sure anymore.

"He could have other reasons for making contact." Esme said again.

"Does it really matter who it was?" Bella said loudly "Just the chance that someone was looking for me...isn't that reason enough?" I looked down, her eyes were wide and fearful, but I could see the underlined determination. I knew what was coming; I didn't need to hear her thoughts to know what she was thinking. "We shouldn't wait for graduation."

"No, Bella"

My angel would not be changed because she feared for her life. She would be changed when she was ready...when she had thought everything through and knew all the consequences. "It's not that bad. If you're really in danger we'll know"

"Think of Charlie" Carlisle said softly. "Think of how it would hurt him if you disappeared."

"I am thinking of Charlie! He's the one I'm worried about!" Her voice was steadily getting louder...inching towards panic again. "What if my little quest happened to be thirsty last night? As long as I'm around Charlie, he's a target, too. If anything happened to him it would be all my fault!"

"Hardly Bella" Esme said, once again trying to soothe her. "And nothing will happen to Charlie; we're just going to have to be more careful"

"More careful?" Bella said incredulously as she looked around at my family...our family.

"It's all going to be fine Bella" Alice said, and I wished I could believe her, trust without a doubt as I have always done. But I couldn't. Just like I couldn't find the right words to ease my loves worry. All I could do was squeeze her hand... remind her that I would always be there to protect her.

Like every other night I sang Bella to sleep.

When her steady breathing filled the room I looked down at her face where it was illuminated by the moonlight leaking in through her window and frowned at what I saw.

Slowly reaching my hand out I rubbed my finger across her brow where it was furrowed in worry even as she slept. To my great satisfaction her face relaxed completely under my touch. I just wish I could make it permanently smooth.

Bella deserved so much more than this. She should be worrying about all the things people her age worry about....Like final exams and collage applications instead of worrying about whether or not to stay human just to keep her own father alive.

It was wrong on so many levels and I hated not knowing...hated the fact that someone had been here in this room.

It felt like I was missing something and it was beyond infuriating.

This was not a coincidence or just some curious passerby. There was more to it than that....some big chunk of obvious information that refused to show its ugly face.

The thought of anyone returning and Bella lying here alone, so defenseless and fragile sent the wave of fear through me again. I instinctively pulled her closer to my body, burying my face in her hair.

Whoever this person or persons were they would not get within a hundred yards her. I would make sure of that.