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Best Friends Since Ever

Bella and Amanda have been best friends since... ever. So of course that's who Renee turns to when Bella needs help with her post-Edward depression. But Amanda has a huge secret.. one that literally blurs the lines of fantasy and reality. Note- I changed the last chapter a bit to fit better with what I want to write in the sequel, so you may want to re-read it.

This is my first (written down) fan fic, so I'd really love people's opinions (however brutal they may be) to help me improve and make the story better. Thanks for reading, I hope you like it!

3. Lunch (AKA: The Lauren Incident)

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All in all, the morning went very smoothly. It was lunch that was the problem. I was weary enough about it. Lunch was a time Bella used to look forward to. Thirty uninterrupted minutes of hanging out with Edward and her friends to help her get through the day. I didn’t know what his absence would do to her mid-day haven. That wasn’t the only thing I was concerned about. Lauren Mallory ended up behind us in the lunch line. She whispered in Bella’s ear as we were paying for our lunches.

“So, Edward just left you behind, did he? I guess he didn’t love you as much as you thought.” I wondered if she new how close to home that hit. At any rate, she was in for some serious hurting. Or she was, until I saw Bella’s face. Her eyes her pained and beginning to tear up and her mouth was opened slightly. She held her middle, like she was about to fall to pieces. She was falling to pieces, actually. Time for some evasive action. Bella’s klutziness was actually going to go to some good use.

As Bella turned with her lunch tray I ever so slightly stepped on the back of her heel. She went flying of course, and I “tripped” over her even as she fell. In one motion, I sent my lunch tray flying strait at Lauren and grabbed Bella in one arm, keeping her from smacking into the floor. To the people watching it looked innocent enough, I was sure. Certainly accidental at any rate. Still I had to keep Lauren from turning herself into the victim. I stood, pulling Bella up with me and got a real look at her. It was beautiful.

Her blond hair was covered in a wig of spaghetti noodles, and dripping with marinara sauce. My salad had hit her in the face, leaving it covered in ranch-soaked lettuce leaves. It looked like a carrot slice had hit her in the eye, and some of the baby tomatoes had gone down the inside of her blouse. My grapefruit seemed to have missed, but she took a step back and her spiky stilleto (who wears those to school?) went strait through it, leaving her standing at a funny angle that only added to the picture. The best was my dessert though. My chocolate pudding had gotten flung all down the front of her blouse and jeans, leaving awkward stains I knew from experience would never come out. I snapped a mental picture, then continued my ‘payback.’ Before Lauren could turn herself into the victim, I cried out.

“Omigosh Bella! Are you okay? I’m sorry! I fell strait on top of you! Does anything hurt?”

“I’m fine,” she mumbled, momentarily distracted from the wound Lauren had reopened.

That was when Lauren started screaming. “Look what you did! You Klutz! You threw your lunch all over me! I’m telling the Principal about this!” She said trying to pin this back on me. I didn’t give her the chance.

“Excuse me little-miss-shallow. I’m trying to make sure my friend here is okay! She almost got crushed and all you can worry about is you’re shirt? Sheesh. Now, if you’ll excuse me while I take Bella to the nurse to make sure she didn’t brake anything.” I gave her a glare that said See what I’m capable of? Don’t mess with Bella, or I’ll come after you again, and I won’t be nearly as nice as I was this time, before striding out of the cafeteria, once again dragging Bella.

The nurse said Bella was fine, as I knew she would be, and gave us a pass for extended lunch, seeing as we missed the first half. Lauren was sent home, screaming about injustices and the “horrible new girl”, so she could shower and change. After getting our food for a second time we sat down with Bella’s friend, who were almost done eating. I sat Bella down next to me and commanded her “Eat.” After I sure she was going to do so I turned to the rest of the table.

“That was some way to begin my first lunch here, huh? What is with that girl…” I trailed off noticing them staring again. The boy I remembered was named Tyler just glared at this comment. I changes the subject. “Anyways, who here is excited about that new book that’s coming out. The Host?” I thought for sure talking about books would bring Bella into the conversation. Clearly I was mistaken. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought.