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Best Friends Since Ever

Bella and Amanda have been best friends since... ever. So of course that's who Renee turns to when Bella needs help with her post-Edward depression. But Amanda has a huge secret.. one that literally blurs the lines of fantasy and reality. Note- I changed the last chapter a bit to fit better with what I want to write in the sequel, so you may want to re-read it.

This is my first (written down) fan fic, so I'd really love people's opinions (however brutal they may be) to help me improve and make the story better. Thanks for reading, I hope you like it!

7. Alice's Return (Or- Bella the Idiotic Cliff Diver)

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Things got much better once Bella knew. Bella was able to be friends with Jacob again, and we both bonded with the pack. Knowing that Victoria was after Bella helped them out immensely, as did having an extra wolf to help patrol.

One day, we almost had her, before she turned to the water, where she had the advantage. I could have gone after her, but a thought sent me racing for the beach instead. If Victoria doubled back- Bella always hangs out on the beach! I couldn’t tell if the thoughts were my own or Jacobs. I only had a vague connection with the pack, not actually being part of it. If only we had made it back sooner! My idiotic friend, practically my sister, was falling from the cliff, into the water below. She didn’t come up.

“Bella!” Jacob called swimming after her. He pulled her up to shore, but she wasn’t breathing. We pounded on her back until she spit up some water and began breathing.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again Bella!” I cried, hugging her.

“Sorry. I guess I should have waited for you.”

“You think!” Jacob exclaimed.

“Come on. Let’s take her home to rest.” Jacob drove us to Charlie‘s, grumbling, while Bella leaned on me. We pulled up to the house briefly before Jacob pulled out and kept driving.

“What’s wrong?” Bella asked, though I could smell the answer.

“Vampire. I can smell it”


“What?” Jacob and I looked at Bella like she was crazy. Maybe she hit her head when she went under water…

“That’s Carlisle’s car! It’s the Cullens! I know it! Go back!”

“There’s a vampire in your house, and you want to go back?” A tremor rocked his body. I put a hand on his shoulder to steady him.

“Of course! It’s Carlisle! Take me back!”

“No.” I could see how hard this was for him. “Treaty or no treaty that’s my enemy in there.”

“Go Jake. Go tell Sam. I’ll take her back.” I offered. That seemed agreeable to him. He sighed.

“Fine.” He yanked open his door and jumped out, phasing as soon as he got to the tree line. I climbed over a suddenly much better Bella, and turned the truck around.

“I hope you’re right. I don’t feel like killing a vampire today.”

“It’s Carlisle. I know it.” She opened the front door and I followed her in. The Light flipped on before either of us reached the switch. Someone had been waiting for us.

“Alice! Oh Alice!” Bella cried running into her and hugging her.

“Bella?” Why did she sound so relieved and surprised to see Bella in her own home? I hoped this wasn’t another “friend” like Laurent.

I Stood off to the side, not wanting to interrupt their reunion. Bella began sobbing, and Alice pulled her into her lap, just as I would have done.

“I’m sorry! I’m just so happy to see you!”

“It’s okay Bella, everything’s okay.”

“Yes!” It kind of irritated me that I had been taking care of her for months, and this Alice shows up, says a few words, and has her crying form relief.

“I forgot how exuberant you are.” Her eyes were coal black.

“Oh, sorry.” So Bella finally noticed Alice’s coal black eyes.

“Speaking of which, would you like to explain to me how you’re alive?”

“Oh. You saw me fall.”

“No, I saw you jump.” She shook her head. “I told him this would happen, but he didn’t believe me. ‘Bella promised” I snorted. As if a promise meant anything after you abandon that person. “Don’t be looking for her future either. We’ve done enough damage.” Ahh, so he had left to protect her. Stupid boy. Just like I’m a stupid girl, for doing the same thing.

“But just because I’m not looking, doesn’t mean I don’t see.” She continued. “I wasn’t keeping tabs on you, I swear, Bella. It’s just that I’m already so attuned to you… when I saw you jumping, I got on a plane. I knew I would be too late, but I couldn’t just do nothing. And then I get here, thinking maybe I could help Charlie somehow, and you drive up. I saw you go into the water and waited for you to come up, but you didn’t. What happened. And how could you do that to Charlie? Did you stop to think about what this would do to him? And my brother? Do you have any idea what Edward-” I cut her off.

Hugging Bella as if it would protect her from his name I started in on her. “How can you sit there and Blame her? Do you have any idea what you all put her through? No just him, though that was the worst. She lost her family when you left her. And you knew what it was going to do to her! I don’t care if Edwards mind was made up! You could have done something!” I know my anger was unjustified. She just sat there, with a shocked look on her face. “I’m sorry. That was unfair. I know you guys meant well when you left. Anyways, she wasn’t committing suicide. Bella’s all about extreme things these days. Motorcycles, cliff diving, werewolves…” Alice leaned over and sniffed Bella.


“Yes, my best friend, Jacob is a werewolf.” Thank goodness she left me out of this.

“How long has this been going on?”

“Only a few weeks.”

“A young werewolf? Even worse. Edward was right, you’re a magnet for danger.”

“There’s nothing wrong with werewolves.” Bella grumbled.

“Until they lode their tempers. Leave it to you Bella. Anyone else would have been better off when the vampires left town. But you have to start hanging out with the first monsters you can find!”

“Hey!” I said, stung. Alice ignored me. What is it with vampires ignoring me for Bella? I tried again. “Besides, the Vampires didn’t really leave. And if it weren’t for the wolves,” and me I added mentally, “Victoria would have gotten her by now. Well Actually, I guess Laurent would have gotten her first, but that’ snot the point.”

That brought the reaction I wanted. “Victoria? Laurent?” She looked murderously scary.

“I’m a danger magnet, remember?” Bella replied, trying to lighten the mood.

“Tell me everything.” So Bella told her everything, with a little help form me, about Laurent, Victoria, and everything that had gone on since they left. Bella invited Alice to stay, and I slipped out. Bella needed some time alone. I really hoped she would be okay when Alice had to leave again. I don’t think she could handle another crushing abandonment.