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Best Friends Since Ever

Bella and Amanda have been best friends since... ever. So of course that's who Renee turns to when Bella needs help with her post-Edward depression. But Amanda has a huge secret.. one that literally blurs the lines of fantasy and reality. Note- I changed the last chapter a bit to fit better with what I want to write in the sequel, so you may want to re-read it.

This is my first (written down) fan fic, so I'd really love people's opinions (however brutal they may be) to help me improve and make the story better. Thanks for reading, I hope you like it!

8. To Italy

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I tried to stay out of Bella’s way for the next two days. She needed time to be with Alice. I mostly hung out in La Push with Jacob and the Pack. It wasn‘t as enjoyable as normal, everyone was melancholy about Harry Clearwater’s death. I had troubles with empathy, especially not knowing Harry myself, and I was tired of the awkward situations I got myself into. I gladly volunteered to go with Jacob when he decided to go check in on Bella. Jacob and I walked up to the house, Embry and Jared waited in the car. He stiffened when we got close enough to notice Alice’s scent mingled with Bella and Charlie’s. I put my hand on his shoulder.

“It’s okay.” I soothed, while knocking on the door.

“Hey.” Bella said, casually answering the door. She noticed our hesitation. “She’s not here. Do you need something?”

“Can I talk to you a minute?”

“Of course you can Jacob. Come on in.” Her eyes darted to Jacob’s parked rabbit and she muttered “Chicken” as she walked back to the living room.

“You got that right.” I nudged her playfully with my elbow and smiled. “He wouldn’t even come into the house without me. Jacob childishly stuck out his tongue.

“Slumber party?” He asked sarcastically. She got defensive, and they began bantering. I just stayed out of it, for once. It was nice to have the old Bella almost back. I nearly slapped Jacob when he brought back the Inquisition over the Cullens. The feeling turned to gagging when they started their mushy “broken promise thing.” I hung out in the kitchen, returning only when the phone rang. Jacob had already answered it.

“He’s not here. He’s at the funeral.” Jacob hung up, muttering, “Filthy bloodsucker.”

“Tact, Jacob. Ever heard of it?” I shook my head. Boys.

Bella was having none of it. “Who did you just hang up in? In my house, on my phone?”

“Dr. Carlisle Cullen hung up on me first, thank you very much.”

“Why didn’t you let me talk to him?”

“He didn’t ask for you. He asked where Charlie was and I told him. I don’t think I broke any rules of etiquette.” I rolled my eyes, and whacked his head. He glared at me, then sniffed. “Bye Bells.”

“What is it?” Bella called, running after him.

“Alice is back.” I answered for him, as Alice appeared at the foot of the stairs.

“Bella,” She choked.

“Alice what’s wrong?” Bella cried.

“Edward.” Bella gasped, and wobbled. I caught her before she hit the floor.

“Bella? Bella, snap out of it. We have to hurry!”

“What happened?” I asked the question on all of the non-psychics mind.

“I don’t know! What is he thinking?” She wailed, then, quick as a flash, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed. “Rose, I need to talk to Carlisle now. Finem as soon as he’s back. No, I’ll be on a plane. Look have you heard anything from Edward?” She stopped, whatever she was listening to was clearly upsetting. “Why would you do that Rosalie? Well, you’re wrong on both counts, though, Rosalie, so that would be a problem, don’t you think. Yes that’s right, she fines. It’s a long story… Yes, that’s exactly what I saw. It’s a bit late for that Rose. Save your remorse for someone who believes it.” She snapped the phone shut furiously.

“Alice” Bella blurted out. “Carlisle is back though! He called just before..”

“How long ago?”

“Half a minute before you showed up.”

“What did he say?”

“I didn’t talk to him.” She turned to Jacob.

“He asked for Charlie and I told him he wasn’t here,” Jacob spoke acidly.

“You told him Charlie was at a funeral you idiot.” I hit him upside the head again, with much more force.

Alice jerked her head. “What were his exact words?”

“He said, ‘he’s not here’ and Carlisle asked where we was, and Jacob said ‘at the funeral.’”

Alice moaned sinking to her knees. I smacked Jacob again, for good measure.

“Tell me Alice.” Bella whispered.

“That wasn’t Carlisle on the phone, was it?” I asked. “It was Edward, disguising his voice. Rosalie told him Bella committed suicide, didn’t she?”


“So Edward thought Jacob was talking about my funeral.” Bella sighed and seemed to relax. Alice gave her a strange look.

“You’re not upset?”

“Well, it’s really rotten timing, but the next time he calls, someone will tell him…” Alice cut her off.

“Bella, he won’t call again. He believed her. He’s going to Italy.” Bella’s gasp told me she understand what that meant.

“No!” She shrieked. “He can’t!”

“Well what are we sitting around for? Lets go stop him!” I cut in before we wasted anytime with the guilt/blame game.

“Do you understand what I’m asking?” She asked both of us. Bella looked confused.

“Bella, going to the Volturi… if we’re too late. We won’t be coming back.” Alice was so stressed it didn’t even register with her how much I knew.

“So? Let’s go. I’ll go alone if you’re afraid.” My brave, selfless friend.

“I’m only afraid of getting you killed.” Bella snorted.

“Tell me what to do.”

“You write a note to Charlie, I’ll call the airlines.”

“And I’ll grab us some clothes and toiletries.” I added.

Alice stopped. “You don’t need to come with us. I’m not having another life on my hands. Besides, someone has to take care of Charlie.”

Now it was my turn to snort. “I can take care of my self, thank you very much. And Jacob can take care of Charlie. Besides, who’s going to drag her away if we’re too late? Certainly not you, Ms. Sparkle-Shine. Not in sunny Volterra.” She hung her head in defeat. “Lets move it people!” I added, rushing up the stairs. We were off.